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CONCERT REVIEW: Queen + Adam Lambert, United Center, Chicago, August 9, 2019

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Posted at : Saturday, August 10, 2019

Chicago Tribune:
Review: Queen and Adam Lambert reigned triumphant
during a dazzling United Center performance

credit: Rob Grabowski/Invision/AP
Beautiful review by freelance critic Althea Legaspi in the Chicago Tribune of the Queen + Adam Lambert concert at The United Center in Chicago, August 9, 2019.
"...while Mercury remains irreplaceable, Lambert’s talents and interpretations have proved to be a formidable match since he began touring with Queen in 2014."
"...Lambert was one focal point with his showmanship, sparkly costumes and compelling vocals, which perfectly melded with May and Taylor’s harmonies..."
"...Taylor...duetted with Lambert during the riveting 'Under Pressure.'  May, Taylor and Lambert’s harmonies buoyed the set, particularly on standouts such as the a cappella openings of 'I Want it All,' 'Fat Bottomed Girls' and 'Bohemian Rhapsody'..."
"Queen didn’t need a victory lap... Still, the United Center encore...was triumphant."


Dee R Gee said...

Very good Tribune review! I could always use a bit more Adam-gushing, but still, it's a very positive review. Gives everyone their due and BOY, it was a masterpiece of a night!

We left home early, got a good place to park. Bought a program. I now have my set of three, one from each tour. Treasures!

Our seats were high and a bit to the side, but our sight-lines were perfect and no one was in our way. I was with DH and three other QAL first-timers. You could tell that the crowd was REALLY feeling the tension as the show got closer to starting. People were cheering and clapping. I LOVE that video of Adam just before he comes up on stage. What a treat to see a behind-the-scene moment like that! And YES, those first lines of the song were LIVE!

Every song was so perfect. It makes such a difference to see the whole stage with whole set. After constantly watching videos, great as they are, you don't get the whole perspective. Adam and Brian and Roger were on fire! Adam went for the glory notes like crazy!

I especially loved Brian's whole solo portion, Love of My Life, etc. People sang along and it was magic. But I absolutely loved his planets portion, with all the orbs floating around. And I believe he played a bit of Holst's (?) "The Planets," while sitting high in the sky. It was stunning. Everybody was really quiet and nobody around us was chatting or fidgeting He held that place in the palm of his hand.

Adam included TSMGO in the encore along with WWRY and WATC. Gotta hand it to him. Those songs each take lungs of steel not to mention the vocal chords. But he was magnificent. My first-time friends were highly impressed with the whole show.

One observation about the big screen. I think sometimes there were just too many images going on at the same time. It seemed a bit muddled sometimes. I would have liked to see one image on the screen by itself more often. But that's a small observation. Not even a complaint. The show was fantastic beyond all my expectations. I think some new Glamberts were born last night.

And thanks to the great fan videos, I can now enjoy the show more close up and personal. Thank you!

broddybounce said...

Wonderful review, Dee! Very descriptive, and you obviously had an amazing time (but how could you not?). Yes, you do get a more whole perspective when you see it live -- it's hard to completely capture on video.

I think it was a great choice to move TSMGO to the encore. Given that, did they do another 'fake bye-bye' and let the audience stomp for them some more and then come out for WWRY/WATC, or did they simply go right from on to the other?

Did you notice how the first half, or maybe the first third, was sort of a tribute to the 2014 show? Starting with "Now I'm Here," and then several songs in a similar order. Because of that, and not sure if I mentioned this in another comment, although I thought it was absolutely darling that he was on top of the piano for KQ and did the great little bit with the fan, I do think one opportunity was lost with bringing back another element from 2014: the divan. I know Adam doesn't like to repeat his 'schtick,' so to speak, but that was one of the EPIC "scenes" Adam has done in his entire career. Those who saw it in prior concerts would have loved to have seen it again, those who only got to see it on video would have been able to see it live, and all the newbies would get to appreciate Adam's wonderful humor even moreso for the first time. But, most importantly, it would have given Adam one more song to have some "intimate" time with the audience, up close, and would have endeared him to them even more. Just sayin'....

But, that aside, yes, the production and performance was just pure perfection!

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee....have to agree with your opinion about the background sometimes being a "bit busy". Thankfully, there were many huge close-ups of Brian, Roger and Adam to compensate.

It's startling to think of TSMGO being carried over to the encore, because that is one of the most "voice-shredding" songs in the set list. Maybe it might have been left out earlier because Adam was sensing a bit of voice strain...but by the time of the finale, he realized that he still had enough "gas" to include it after all. Just a'll be interesting to see how that's handled in the rest of the tour.

A thought!....did your "program" or set list indicate the move of TSMGO to the finale?

Broddybounce... Yes.. Who didn't love the "divan/champagne-spewing" episode? It was enhanced for me because Adam always wore those amazing black, gold studded, gold fringed sleeves that I loved (and often mentioned)...that he would do a dazzling spin in at the end of his song! Iconic!

Something else about always amazed me to hear Adam sing in ANY position...flat on his back, propped up on an elbow, lying on his stomach....including doing it while changing those positions!

An aside about the "champagne" spewing during that "divan" period. I always thought it would be hilarious if a Glambert in that front area would carry a bunch of plastic showercaps to distribute around the front....for concert goers to put on just before Adam was about to "spritz" them. He would have loved that!

Sue Smith said...

Thanks Dee R Gee glad you had a great time. Broddy I did go to the 2014 concert. That was the one I went to with my daughter. I agree that the divan performance was great. However I enjoy the piano one as well even tho I am only seeing it this time from video.
Adam and the band Brian and Roger mines never stop working I think with new fresh Ideas.
Thanks for the review. I just now read what was on this post I'll read the entire one. Always great to read very nice reviews instead of USA Today utter garbage.
yes being there and the excitement of the concert you can't capture on videos. Adam voice just feels the arena. His voice is so strong and commanding. It was that way even on the first concert he ever did the Glamnation concert I saw that it was so amaizing. However one thing you can see on videos and I think even more close up now is his command of the stage. Adam has always had that but now he has gone on to being an icon you will never forget. His larger than life command of the stage and huge vocals are one of a kind. I am grateful for the videos they dont have the same electric excitement of being there. However in most cases you can see Adam and B and R even better.

Dee R Gee said...

Yes, TSMGO led right into WWRY and WATC in the encore. It just seemed so effortless for Adam. Amazing.

And I also have the fondest memory of the KQ divan and the exquisite fringe. He just flowed atop that divan with the grace of a very sexy swan. A sexy swan with a sly smile.

Sunflower said...

My comment was too long, here's a short version. The show was spectacular, Brian and Roger are young at heart performing like 20 year olds, Adam the ultimate showman with impeccable vocals! All the visuals and colors are more vivid in person than in a video! I had left side stage club level seats! Great view actually no one in my way. Lol. However it sucked with the screens, my side didn't benefit them. We barely saw a bit from one amgled screen. A bit disappointed but I took a small pair of binoculars in case! Hahaha. Brian's Love of My Life, the flashlights made it look like brilliant stars from the sky, so breathtaking!

Sunflower said...

Part 2 of my concert. Adams costumes are stunning with all the glitter and gems and fringe, it looked to me he was wearing Diamonds! Because I had side seats we got to see Neil's,Spikes and Taylor's backs. When they sang Now I'm Here Neil was encouraging us to keep clapping and their final bow and leaving, all the guys wave to our side to say goodbye. Had an amazing time, only downside for me anyways was the screen time, I felt cheated. So NO Freddie for us. Got tearyeyed for SMGO! Wanted to see Adam in his Red/Gold suit but still looked good.

Sunflower said...

Part 3 of my concert. I want to praise the work of all the stage crew, lighting, sound etc.etc. for what they do to help create these shows! Bravo to them! Queen is blessed to have Spike and Neil and Taylor as fine musicians in their own right! Bravo as well! The 2 hours show just flew like that! I bought my tee shirt after the show, a shorter and faster line. Don't have any programs (boohoo) but happy with my tee shirts from last night and last tour. I said much more in a previous comment but was not accepted. :(. Final thoughts my step niece came with me and said this;
Adam Lambert can sing his a__off!
He is one of the best singers I've heard!
He was killing it!

Mi Re La said...

The Show Must Go On - Chicago 8-9-19

Angeladam said...

Brilliant review, (shame that a few UK fans who had paid mega bucks for their 'very good seats' pre sale through a fanclub site last December), were removed from their seats by the management, after about 4 songs in to give way for other VIP guests apparently , there is as I believe an ongoing complaint about what happened) . Adam to me just gets better every concert he performs so hope they come over to the UK next year at some point

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Thanx Glam Sisters for all your "reviews" of your on the spot evening with QAL last night!! I was here at my computer streaming the audio but the "chat" was not on so all I got to hear is what was going on audio ... you just painted a beautiful synopsis of what it was really like!! Although I appreciate these streamers last night's was very "vocal" so ADAM & QUEEN had a lot of "sing-alongers" right in my ears as was their "appreciation" of the show!! Now I can go to Ytube & watch the videos like I always do!! Without the screaming .. even though I'd do the same thing!! lol

So pleased to hear you all had such a great time ... wish I could have seen it with you but you made it seem like it WAS ... PERFECT!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

broddybounce said...

I already thanked Dee, and now thank you so much, Sunflower, for your excellent review, as well. I'm sorry you wrote your mini-novella of the concert ... and then it disappeared (if you remember, that happened to Nanbert too!) It's a tragic thing, I know! The blogger software is a bit fragile and they don't have enough 'safety nets' for when something like that happens. Lesson for us all for the future to first write it out on a whichever word processing software you use and then copy & paste. Thanks for taking the time to write it all out again.

I know what you mean about it being more colorful when you get there -- indeed! Also, something that can't be captured on video: the palpable excitement and electricity you experience -- and particularly on Adam's reveal, as well as when he hits those high notes! Doesn't matter where you sit, close or far, you get that. And, LOML with all the smartphone flashlights on -- pure magic!

Brian & Roger ARE both performing at peak, yes -- and, not to be selfish, but I hope that energy of theirs keep up for at least another five years! :))))

Also question: when you say you were at left side stage club level -- that's still on the main floor, right? You weren't among those few people actually onstage behind the boys? Well, I guess if you were onstage you wouldn't be able to see ANY of the screens. You meant you were directly under one of the screens so that you essentially couldn't see any image whatsoever, right? On the other hand, Sunflower, you were pretty close up there to ADAM!

Having worked in the biz, I appreciate your giving praise to the crew. They are the underappreciated hardworking bunch and definitely are the cogs in the wheel that help make the magic happen for Adam, Brian, Roger and the band. Also, how wonderful to hear your niece (a Millennial?) sing such praises about Adam! I'm sure every show produced dozens (hundreds?) of new Adam converts. I hope (unlike my own situation with my brother) that there were a lot of people who came, didn't know or didn't care about Adam, they just wanted to see Brian & Roger ... BUT ... stood there with their mouths agape in astonishment at how incredible this man's voice is, became instant fans, and immediately after the concert furiously google'd all his albums!

Angeladam, terribly sorry to hear about the UK fans who got a raw deal. I wonder where they got moved to. ??? If you find out any more info as to the ending of the story, let us know.

Dee R Gee said...

Just want to thank you, broddy, for increasing your presence here. You really keep things moving and keep the conversation interesting!

broddybounce said...

What a nice thing to say, Dee -- thank you! I always get more active during Adam or Q+AL concert season with all the reviews and all. But, also, glitzylady has been carrying the bulk of the load for a long time of late and I wanted to give her a little break, she deserves it, and she's got a lot going on in her life right now. My life has also had its ebbs and flows like everyone else, which is why I was a bit absent in the past year or so. I get a lot of lift and joy from the great people like you and others who visit the site, enjoy it, and comment.

Dee R Gee said...

Was hoping the see that good QAL review in my Chicago Tribune this morning, but NOOOOOOOO! I am disappointed. It was nice to see it online, but it's always good to see reviews in the actual newspaper where casual readers will see it. Oh well.

Sunflower said...

broddybounce...where I sat for the concert was on the second level (between main floor and third level), so no it was not main floor or behind the guys on stage. I think it's called Club Level because on this floor there's a bar and where food is also sold. Funny thing tho, I saw QAL in 2017, I DID have main floor seats and my section was very close to the stage and yes I saw them close but at times my view was blocked by two taller men who had 1st row center seats with their heads. Now I sat away from the stage on an upper level and NO ONE blocked my view! Such a contrast. My sister in laws work boss and his wife also went to the show, so I have to wait tomorrow or this week to find out their thoughts on the show, I think the boss took pictures, his seats were on main floor. My niece is 18 yrs. old, was a huge Justin Bieber fan in early teens and now is into Rap music. Lol. But she likes Queen! I showed my sister in law my tee shirt and she thought it was very pretty, looked like a Walking Dead tee shirt she said, trust me that's a great compliment. Lol. My shirt is the black one with their faces on it. Not sure if they're Adam converts but at least they gave me positive comments. My sister in law and niece both said "It's that Adam has something Freddie had, that he's Flamboyant"! Never thought I would love the word Flamboyant! ❤️

Angeladam said...

Broddybounce, regarding fans being removed from their expensive seats and placed elsewhere,apparently it's happened at a few concerts, All have been pre sales in the UK and so obviously purchased way before the tour , can't understand why, will let you know if I hear anything else.

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee and Sunflower ....thanks for the great reviews...although you told me nothing surprising...QAL are PERFECT!

Nanbert said...
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