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CONCERT REVIEWS: Queen + Adam Lambert, Xfinity Center, Boston (Mansfield, MA), August 4, 2019

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Posted at : Tuesday, August 06, 2019

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And, finally, the concert reviews for Queen + Adam Lambert at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA, just outside Boston.  Oddly, the Boston Globe, despite having reviewed the concert for the 2014 and 2017 tours, and with this tour on the heels of the massive success of the Oscar-winning Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, decided to not send a critic this go-around.  Big SMH!  But we'll just enjoy all the wonderful ones below ⁠— lots of great stuff here!  (In the interest of keeping this post at a more normal size, we're leaving out the usual photos since there are so many reviews.)


Bucks County Courier Times:
Adam Lambert hitting all the right notes for Queen

"Adam Lambert has been the perfect addition for Queen. The 'American Idol' alum, who is on his third tour with the iconic band, is charismatic, campy and hits the ridiculously high notes."


Worcester Telegram & Gazette:
Queen + Adam Lambert are still ‘Champions’ of arena rock

"...Lambert (is) no longer playing second fiddle to Freddie Mercury’s legacy.  Lambert proved he is a bonafide superstar in his own right."


Digital Journal:
Review: Adam Lambert and Queen put on amazing show at the Xfinity Center

"...Adam Lambert embodied the music of Queen and made it his own ... He is one of the most dynamic and charismatic live performers of our generation and being in the company of Roger Taylor and Dr. Brian May was sheer magic. Freddie Mercury would have been proud ... A+ rating."

~π„žπ„žπ„žπ„žπ„ž~ (Mansfield Edition):
Still The Champions: Queen Rocks Xfinity Center

"...some of the band's most energetic songs like 'Don't Stop Me Now' really stand out.  ...  It helps...when the singer replacing Mercury (Lambert) has the range to do those songs justice."


107.3 WAAF-FM Radio:
 GALLERY: Queen + Adam Lambert at the Xfinity Center

Photo Gallery: Queen + Adam Lambert live in Mansfield

Photo at top is from this gallery.


Nanbert said...

These reviews! Adam is finally getting the recognition that Brian (and we) said he so richly deserves. Wonderful!

broddybounce said...

Nanbert, as Adam would say, "Right...?!?" Yes, he IS!

My favorite of the quotes above, and which, yes, definitely covers what we've talked about and which you, in particular, have so richly advocated for...

"...Lambert (is) no longer playing second fiddle to Freddie Mercury’s legacy. Lambert proved he is a bonafide superstar in his own right."

Sue Smith said...

He never been second fiddle he always been remarkably Adam. It's just finally time that these reviewers started to grasp that and give him his do. I admit even in just the videos because I have not been to a show Adam has upped his game even more so. The show is just phenominal and Adam is his fantastic self. He needs not mimic anyone He is Adam Lambert a superstar in his own right. To quote a reviewer and myself. I need to find time to see all the vids I will eventually get it done. Just having a hard time right now. Watching as many as I can. Great reviews and so dederved.

Sue Smith said...

Thank you broddybounce for all you do and others. Maybe she been here and I have not noticed but Mirela I dont believe I've seen her in a while. Hope she is ok.

Sue Smith said...

That was so deserved.

Nanbert said... and I seem to often be on the same wavelengths....because, yes, that was the SAME quote that caught my eye. There was a similar remark in one of the other recent reviews that was noteworthy. It appears that Adam is finally being allowed to come out of Freddie's shadow.

As I mentioned earlier....I feel that all this effusive praise for Adam is somehow related to the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody". Funny, I'd have expected just the opposite...that it would bring out more "Freddie only" people...but it hasn't. Seems to be just the opposite. Maybe it has to do with a lot of newbies...particularly the high school and college aged group of people, remarked on by more than one reviewer, who are seeing a "Queen" performance LIVE for the first time, and are NOT reacting with nostalgia.....but DELIGHT! Of course, that can't escape the reviewers notice.

Ahem....It's obvious that a SEQUEL to "Bohemian Rhapsody" is in order. What do you think?

broddybounce said...

You are welcome, Sue!

And, yes, lots of newbies who have newly discovered Queen from the movie. They were wowed by Rami, then probably went to YouTube and got wowed again by the real Freddie, and then came to the concert not being completely sure what to expect, but were WOWED a third time, this time by ADAM! And Adam is alive and in the flesh and he will be around for a very long time, and will be able to be seen in performance for a very long time by all these new fans! Adam has done GREAT with Brian & Roger thus far and if BoRhap hadn't come out it would still be ALL GOOD. However, BoRhap now has only helped Adam's profile even more (and don't forget, a lot of the venues were already sold out before the movie came out, so there are a TON of people who haven't gotten to see Adam live yet -- but they eventually will!).

And, yes, a BoRhap, Pt. 2! lol

Angeladam said...

Definitely 'eventually ' !! Getting the recognition that we all on here knew he SO deserves !!!

Sunflower said...

Bravo bravo to Queen and our very own Queen Adam!