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Queen + Adam Lambert Performed Private Concert in Florence, Italy, September 21, 2019 (UPDATED)

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Posted at : Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Surprising us all, Queen + Adam Lambert, plus fellow rock legends The Beach Boys, performed at a private 400-person birthday party for the wife of Texas billionaire, Rapier McCarroll, today, September 21, 2019.  It took place at McCarroll's estate in Italy, Villa Bibbiani, located in Capraia e Limite, a municipality that is part of the city of Florence.  McCarroll is Chairman and CEO of two healthcare companies based in San Antonio.

Fortunately for us, our friend gelly414 has already posted three videos of the event on YouTube (and if she posts more we will certainly get those up):

UPDATE: BoRhap added.

UPDATE (9/25/19): More videos added (some previously partial songs replaced with full versions; also, please note that these all are not necessarily in the order they were performed). Also, Adam dedicating "Don't Stop Me Now" to birthday gal at the top of the song; meeting with party-goers after the show (first one on the video is the legendary Mike Love of The Beach Boys); and Adam, Brian and Roger meeting fans outside their hotel.

Here are a couple of news items on the event, one from the Virgin Radio Italy site, and the other from a local Italian newspaper, Corriere Della Sera, the links below of which are being run through Google Translate:


Angeladam said...

I knew there was a private gig in Florence, but thought it was just Adam, not QAL, wow I bet hat cost a small fortune to hire them for a Birthday party) mind you the person who's Birthday it was ,is married ton a billionaire so ..... !!

Dee R Gee said...

I believe this is the same Kym who Adam performed for at her private party two other times, and he performed solo with his own songs. She adores him. There is that one vid of her kissing his hand. At first, I also thought that this event would be just Adam, as it was before. But she hired QAL and the Beach Boys to perform at her private party.

My party budget leans toward the Pin The Tail On The Donkey side. But apparently this wealthy family has given millions to charity. So whoever they want at their party is fine.

And Adam looked and sounded great, as usual.

Angeladam said...

Dee R Gee he certainly did !

Mi Re La said...

Adam is singing to the hostess
She's kissing his hand

Sue Smith said...

I was born and raised in San Antonio Texas and lived there for 22 years. While my parents were alive I was back and fourth helping them for years until we brought them to live here until they passed. My Fathers sister was the administrator of Santa Rosa Hospital for many years. I remember I guess at this lady last bday party Adam just singing to her. Adam is most likely the link to the band doing this party.
Yes I'm sure they were paid handsomely do not believe QAL does that often or Adam either. If they are generous people to charity then I'm very happy for them that they were afforded such a priviledge of seeing QAL in such a smaller environment although big for a Bday party. Adam looks great and sounds wonderful as well as the entire band. DEE R Gee I'm a more take out to lunch at a mexican food place kind of girl myself for my bday.

Angeladam said...

Must have been one helluva party, what a lucky lady she is !! to have them perform for her !! I've read that her and her husband donate millions of dollars to various charities each year, also on Brian's IG post they and their party guests had an 'on the night' charity collection to go towards Brian's never ending relentless awareness for the conservation of badgers over here in the UK, and raised lots of money, what lovely people indeed.
The Beach Boys I hear were also performing,I was lucky enough to meet the Beach Boys a few years back courtesy of my sister in law (who lives opposite their tour manager in West Chester Philadelphia) she got backstage passes for us all whilst visiting them, they were absolutely amazing and nice down to earth guys (although they were slightly before my time!)I think Adam is in the UK this coming week probably for promotion interviews, then onto Germany or could be the other way round ?

blugram said...

Only in my dreams . . . . Italy, castles, Adam, Queen . . . .

Sunflower said...

I'm grateful that we got to see something from this "private party"! QAL was amazing of course! Beach Boys part of my little girl years! Lol I'd like to see any videos of The Beach Boys too, guess I have check with Youtube! :)