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UK's CLASH Magazine Interviews Adam Lambert, October 30, 2019

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Thursday, October 31, 2019

Posted at : Thursday, October 31, 2019

Gorgeous piece on Adam Lambert in the UK's CLASH magazine, October 30, 2019 ⁠— a feature story that includes jumbo-size photos of his VELVET photo session (no original photos from the magazine, however).

“I've found that what I have in common with most of my fans who I've interacted with online and such is that a lot of them feel like outsiders and I've always felt kinda like an outsider too,” Adam explains. “When I was writing these songs, that was always in the back of my head and I wanted to write songs that they would find themselves singing sorta like mantras.”

Kudos to our reader Mi Re La for this excellent find!


Nanbert said...

Oh my! What a knowledgeable, intelligent and insightful article by the interviewer! He/she really paid close attention to each song, and aptly described them to the uninitiated. One of the best interviews/articles about "Velvet: Side A" to date.

Nanbert said...

......and certainly MOST complimentary about Adam's extraordinary talent!

Dee R Gee said...

So right! Very insightful interview. Each song is examined on its merits and meaning. And I always love the accolades for Adam's one-in-a-billion voice!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I hope this will put away all the conjecture that ADAM wrote these songs from a past romance that broke his heart!! Some of the comments on Ytube make me so angry ... everybody is an expert on ADAM's reasons for writing this song & that song .. since he's collaborating I'm sure a lot of ideas came from him & the ones he wrote the songs with!! I don't know .. does every song written have to be from experience?? Can't some of them just be fun & fantasy??

Those pictures are too GORGEOUS for words .. I downloaded the whole article so I could save them!! Gorgeous! ... GORGEOUS!! ... G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.!!! Thanx 24/7!!

Well .. I just wanted to stop by to keep everyone voting on the Grammys poll & don't forget the AMA's poll .. vote for Bo Rhap once a day 30 votes per & I'm also voting for Avicii for EDM artist 30 votes per!! You are allowed 30 per day per category .. don't forget Glamberts!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Mi Re La said...

Adam stayed home for Halloween. He posted this on IG

Happy Halloween 🎃! Unfortunately due to Jet Lag and exhaustion from all the work I’ve been doing to promote VELVET, I have made the heartbreaking decision to stay in tonight and rest. Health comes first "

I am very worried . Adam not to attend the Halloween party? Something's not OK with him. And another time he had busy periods but he didn't get so tired. First canceled some shows now Halloween.

I hope it is not a serious health problem and it is just tired

glitzylady said...

@Mi Re La
Adam replied to a fan who asked him if he’s okay..

He said “I’m tired!! Haha!”

He’s been so busy working, traveling and just got back to LA. And he heads off to more events very soon.. makes sense that’s he’s taking care of himself instead of partying on Halloween.

Mi Re La said...

glitzylady, I saw what Adam said and I hope it is as he says.

I wonder if it also has to do with the fact that Javi has been in Spain for a long time. Adam was asked in a recent interview what are the most important events of his life in recent years. He replied that the most important are the tour with Queen, buying a new house and the dog she took. He didn't say anything about a new boyfriend. Is Pharaoh more important in his life in this moment than Javi?
I'll probably be accused of getting into Adam's personal life, but I don't want to suffer for any reason

Rosemary White said...

Mi Re La, big thanks for posting CreativeSharka's digital art for "Halloween Adam" - looks very impressive!!! I hope Adam has as much rest and relaxation as he needs. All that flying together with interviews and events, is very tiring.

Angeladam said...

I really hope he's okay, he's had such a busy schedule no wonder he's shattered, not even going to comment on if he wrote "Closer to You" for any particular reason,he did say on an interview a while back that he'd written some of the songs in the past couple of years, so who knows which ones they were !(as don't look on You Tube to see what's going on with him, only Instagram now and then) certainly wouldn't dare to suggest he preferred his dog to his bf, as I think I would be berated on here !!

glitzylady said...

It’s also important to note that Adam is performing in Napa, CA on Saturday, November 2, just 2 days after Halloween. It makes total sense for him to take a break, stay home, and rest. We all need those moments in time to simply breathe.. and catch up on our sleep. I think we need to trust that he’s okay and is just taking good care of himself. His career depends on him being in top form: in voice, and health and spirit too. ❤️

Dee R Gee said...

Exactly. He has Live At The Vineyard tomorrow. He has to be rested. He knows better than anyone how to take care of himself. His performances are his job. Halloween is a fun excuse to party. He'll wear that killer costume at some point even if it's not till next Halloween. We had cold and snow in Chicago for Halloween. Still had 52 trick or treaters!

Angeladam said...

Glitzy totally agree he needs to rest before his next rounds of proms and performances, more important gian partying after a long haul flight ! He could always wear his new Halloween costume on NYE ! Looks a fab outfit x

Angeladam said...

Promos I mean't to say !

Nanbert said...

I'm looking forward to videos of "Live in the Vineyard"...I still often visit the earlier videos from there. They were much more intimate than most concerts, and Adam always seemed so relaxed, charming and comfortable....simply delightful to watch/hear!

I'm glad Adam is resting before the event. He's very disciplined about caring for his voice...thank goodness!

Actually, I don't know where "Live in the Vineyards" is relation to the terrible fires still raging in California. The thought occurs to me that it's possible that the event might have to be cancelled.

My heart breaks for all the devastation in that beautiful area, and the loss of homes for so many.

Sue Smith said...

NANBERT that is what I was worried about so much Wine country devastated by these fires. So many people loosing their homes. I hope no one life is lost or gets seriously hurt including fire fighters. God bless those fire fighters.
I believe Adam performing in Napa Valley. I did read he was performing this in Napa Valley.

blu said...

love the outfit . . . black is my color for Adam . .

Nanbert said...

blu...I agree that Adam looks good in black...probably helps because his hair color is black, too. The ensemble in these photos looks great....except for one thing....what Adam describes in the CLASH article as 70's "real harsh shoulders". I never cared for those "harsh shoulders" back in the 70's either! Adam has such a beautiful shoulderline...wish he wouldn't hide it.