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Adam Lambert: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube (compiled May 8, 2020) (UPDATED)

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Posted at : Friday, May 08, 2020

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MAY 8 2020

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Relatively new profile photo on Adam's IG...


Dee R Gee said...

Love seeing how much money Adam's stage outfits brought in! Great fundraiser! And the dancers doing the Velvet steps was a nice bonus. Lots of very talented dancers out there. BTW, no one sings Feelin' Good like Adam. But there are a few out there who are close. Right after Adam was on Idol, some interviewers said to him that maybe he had "broken" Idol. Of course, he said no, but I tend to believe that after Adam, Idol was never the same. He broke it, IMO. And I am glad he did.

Dee R Gee said...

I forgot to say that I really love that picture of Adam and Leila. She's is a beauty.

And RIP, Little Richard. A true rock legend who was in it from the beginning.

broddybounce said...

I agree with you, Dee, about Adam breaking Idol. Yes, definitely! The only exception perhaps was Phillip Phillips, very talented — although 180° from Adam stylistically. But that's it. Adam done broke it!

(I'm still crying about Adam+Xtina! They have GOT to still make that happen! Can you imagine the "Breaking News" that would have been...?! I'm sure Shosh was in tears, probably had big rollout planned...)

Dee R Gee said...

Broddy, I like PP well enough but he really hasn't become a major star. He got lucky with "Home" when the Olympics picked it up, and I think that song is very good. Then he had that unfortunate lawsuit that kept him tied up. I guess he's just not "different" enough for me. Nice voice, though. Seems like a good guy.

And yes! I pray that the Adam/Xtina tour gets rescheduled sometime next year. It would be a very high-profile tour with lots of media coverage. I KNOW I would be buying a ticket for that one!

Mi Re La said...

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Nanbert said...

Xtina's above rendition of "Feelin' Good" couldn't be more different from Adam's...but lovely. However, even better than hers...and his own in his iconic American Idol rendition is Adam's breathtaking studio recording after AI. Listen to this brilliant gem...the whole song:

Absolutely pristine!

Nanbert said...

BTW....that first photo above of Adam is scrumptious!

Mi Re La...thanks for the link to the Best Global Fashion poll. I voted. Johnny Depp has stolen the lead from Adam in March and April...but if all Glamberts start voting, that won't happen again! Fingers crossed!

Nanbert said...

BTW....after voting for Adam in the bgfashion poll (link by Mi Re La above)....I just found out that if you scroll down, you will see a short article entitled Celebs at Home- "What the Most Stylish Men do during the quarantine" with a brief article about Adam....and a photo of him dressed from head to toe in the Gucci sweatsuit we've seen him in... and wearing a face mask....out shopping.

You guys haven't been voting often enough! Johnny Depp is pulling slightly ahead of Adam. Don't let him get away with it, Glamberts....VOTE!