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Adam Lambert To Appear on CBS' The Late Late Show With James Corden On Wednesday, June 10, 2020 (UPDATED WITH VIDEO!)

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Posted at : Thursday, June 11, 2020

UPDATE (6/11/20): Here are the videos of Adam's interview with James Corden and his performance of "On The Moon."

Thanks to a late tip from our reader Dee R Gee and mentioned in Headline Planet as well as on a site called Interbridge, Adam Lambert has just been added to the Wednesday, June 10th guest line-up on the CBS late-night television talk show series, The Late Late Show With James Corden.

Wednesday night's guests were supposed to  have been singer Kehlani and Chef Gordon Ramsay but, to our great fortune, they've been replaced by Adam and co-anchor of CBS The Morning Show, Gayle King.

Adam has appeared at least three times on Corden's show, with the most recent being last November when he participated in a sketch with Corden and actor Josh Gad spoofing the show The Masked Singer and then performed, "Closer To You," a track off his latest album VELVET.

Check your local listings for the exact airing time of The Late Late Show.  We'll post the video late Wednesday night or Thursday morning once it's up on YouTube.






Mi Re La said...

NEW VIDEO! Adam Fan Club Re-Launch!
Adam is inviting us to the NEW FAN CLUB!

Patria said...

I'm in the Central Time Zone in the USA. This will come on at 11:30 pm. Right after the Stephen Colbert Show. So if you watch Stephen just stay put. Hope this helps someone.

Dee R Gee said...

I'm in the Central Time Zone, too. I'll DVR it just in case, although I intend to stay up late for it. I'm a Colbert fan, too. Wonder what Adam will sing?

Nanbert said...

Love revisiting Adam's appearances on the James Corden shows! Can I assume he'll be on tomorrow night's show in person...not digital?

Dee R Gee said...

I don't know when Corden tapes his shows. I don't think they're actually live. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. I assume it will be tape later in the daytomorrow. Adam will be at home, of course. I's sure they'll chat a bit and then Adam will perform.

I know Colbert tapes his show @5pm or so.

VERY EXCITED to see Adam!

Patria said...

Come on, come on 11:30. Hurry!

Patria said...

The Late Late Show with James Corden
Tonight on a new #LateLateShow: James chats with

treats us to a beautiful performance of "On The Moon"

Patria said...
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Patria said...

Adam's versatility is astounding. His vocals are always excellent. Tonight was no exception.

Dee R Gee said...

OK! Let's just say I was blown away by this performance! On The Moon was NOT one of my faves on the album, although I liked it well enough. But this performance brought it to a whole new level, and I LOVED it. He really played with the melody and gave it more of a jazzy, bluesy feel. And his soaring voice was so clean, so immaculate. PERFECT! And his hair? Well, that goes without saying.

Adam and Jamee are so comfortable together. I like when James mentioned Adam's meticulous planning when hwhas been on his show before. It's a real compliment. And they talked about important things, too, like Adam foundation and the current strife in our country.

I hope Adam's Velvet songs get a bit of a boost from this appearance. It was fantastic.

Dee R Gee said...

And thank you for the older vids, too. Great memories!

Nanbert said...

Wow! Adam really put a new and fantastic spin on "On The Moon"! This was my least favorite on the Album, but now I can't get enough of it.

What Adam can do with that brilliant voice of his is miraculous. I don't understand how he avoids getting lost in that convoluted melody, but watching him soar through all those runs and "side-trips" is a real treat. Truthfully, I like this much better than the song on the album , and I'll lay odds that in concert, it will vary enormously each time he sings it. He really lets that gorgeous voice "loose" to run on this one!

Exquisite! You can see James Corden was REALLY impressed...and he said as much after Adam finished...but unfortunately, his comment wasn't included in this video.

Oh my, Adam, you just keep getting better and better!

Dee R Gee said...

I think this version much better than the album version, too. It's kind of monotonous, TBH. But Adam is a miracle worker with any song he touches.

I read this theory elsewhere today, so it's not my idea, but I have a feeling that when he sings this song live in concert he may turn it into a kind of "stage story" where he takes his time and improvises with it a lot and uses interesting instrumentation with it. Could happen. Kind of a new-era WWL. He is a miracle worker with any song.

Sunflower said...

I have found On the Moon and Loverboy were the 2 sexiest songs on Velvet for me. He killed On the Moon with this acoustic version! Wow still sexy and jazzyish sounding! I hardly heard the guitar but how gorgeous nevertheless! Oops their conversation was also good, especially James had mentioned Adams poofy hair, I wish I had Adams hair, mine is so "blah"! Hahaha

Nanbert said...

For what it's worth....I've already replayed this Late, Late show rendition of Adam's "On the Moon" dozens of times! I can't stay away from it. It's simply a vocal tour-de-force....brilliant! If anyone hears about it being released as a single...or whatever... please let me know.

Humm... not only can Adam take someone else's song and make it his own....but he can even do it to his own music! The way he "reinterpreted" "On The Moon" is absolute genius!