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EXPRESS (UK): Roger Taylor Interview: We Are "Thinking About" New Queen + Adam Lambert LIVE Album

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Thursday, June 25, 2020

Posted at : Thursday, June 25, 2020

Queen's Roger Taylor spoke with the UK's Express newspaper about the possibility of a new Queen + Adam Lambert LIVE album, based on the response of the various Q+AL projects of late ("You Are The Champions," The Show Must Go On documentary, Q+AL Tour Party on YouTube, etc.) that have been met with wide acclaim.  He also mentions that there is planning for Queen's 50th Anniversary next year.


Dee R Gee said...

Wow! That is very interesting news. Roger says there is a chance they will put together a QAL album of live concert highlights! I think it's a great idea.

I have my doubts about QAL eve recording any original music together. If they did, it would be great, of course. But I just don't think it will happen. They recorded some original music with Paul Rodgers and it was met with "Ok" reactions. It's a major investment of time and effort. Just don't see it happening.

Sue Smith said...

This is great news. I hope it happens I would love it. Thanks to all for your best wishes. As far as therapy right now my insurance mostly paying for a therapist 2 times a week for a month. I am having alot of trouble with severe spasms from my back. They were a bit better yesterday.they said for 2 weeks are so I would be in alot of pain. So hopefully it will get better. It has been really rough. Thanks again for all well wishes it means alot to me. When I feel a little stronger I'll post more.
Covid 19 has gotten a new swing upwards in Texas so good thing I got this operation over with. I was afraid it would happen with all the demonstrating ect. Houston been hit hard again. I live a good 90 miles from there but 2 of my girls and family live there.

broddybounce said...

Dee, funny you should mention about an album of original music. As I was putting the post together I was thinking ... the exact opposite! I was thinking that this could be a test to see how well a Q+AL album would do in the market and, if it would sell well, which I think it will, that would give them the confidence to give an album of new material at least one shot — not to mention, the three of them have A LOT of time on their hands right now. Adam said in that recent interview that he's doing a lot of digital collaboration right now so ... you never know.

So... I'd like to take a more optimistic view of this and ... forgive me ... refute your doubts! Just for me, I think using Paul Rodgers as an example is an unfair comparison. Paul was there a relatively short time and there was little other fanfare, such as the BoRhap movie. But, even movie aside, Adam BREATHES new life into Queen in a way that Paul Rodgers couldn't. Rodgers is a legend and very accomplished. But when he was with them he was, more or less, an "oldies act." He also really couldn't do the entire catalog justice the way that Adam can, who can handle ANY song he's given. And, I'm sorry, there is something about Paul that exudes ... well, "boring." He's a great rocker, but he's not a showman. So, it's no wonder that people weren't interested in their album all that much, except Queen purists.

Adam coming in was something NEW for Queen and has made the band feel NEW and most definitely not an oldies act. I think Queen has worked their 'resurgence' much better in bringing on Adam than, say, Journey with Arnel Pineda, as great as he is, and several other groups who've come back with new frontmen. Adam also brings in a TON of fans into the Queen world. Unlike a Queen + Paul Rodgers album, I think a Queen + Adam Lambert album would be taken up with quite a force. And the media LOVES Adam and will gobble this all up with glee.

I hear what you're saying insofar as it being a major investment of time and effort: but, well, right now they got nothing BUT time, and time to spend time making an effort since they are off the road another year. And, financially, they are rolling in the dough, so no problem there.

C'mon, Dee, let's put some positive vibes into this ... we want NEW MUSIC from Brian, Roger and Adam!! :)))))

Nanbert said...

Sounds like my fondest dreams will come true!....hope they put out several DVDs! Even if there would be repeats of some songs (which bear repeating), they could have separate stagings, different Adam costumes, and unique features/locations.

And, I hope that "The Show Must Go On" will eventually be released in DVD form....and also the recent concert "excerpts" that they just made available for 24 hours (Superb! I watched it 3 times!)

Hurray, something to really look forward to!

As far as recording something new with Adam, it would be great, but remember that most all
of Queen's music has been absorbed by osmosis by humanity over eons....and it will be hard to compete with that...just like music with Paul Rogers. Queen's music is like "old friends"...much loved and comfy!

But, just as Queen has introduced an occasional "Adam song" in their concerts, they could also introduce music that they have recorded together...until the public becomes familiar with that, too. THEN, those Queen and Adam Lambert recordings would find a welcoming audience IMO.

All this is SO important to memorialize THIS NEW ERA of Queen...WITH ADAM. Back to the top of their game...and the electrify the world with their united unequalled talents!
As magnificent...maybe even better (Yes! IMO) ever!

Dee R Gee said...

broddy! I love your answer to me! LOL You squeezed every bit of passion you had into it. I think new music from QAL would be a fantastic thing to have. Like I said, I know it would be done well with Adam at the helm. But somehow my hopes are not high that they will do it. I know that Paul Rodgers was nowhere near Adam in interpreting Queen's songs, but he did his best in his own style for a while anyway. No one complained about him "replacing Freddie" because he was so far removed from Freddie that it wasn't even an argument. Paul was truly a "filler" for them. Talented but not at all the bombshell they found in Adam.

If it turns out that they DO create new music together, I will the first to support it. I know it would be great. I am always an Adam cheerleader no matter if it's QAL or solo. If Brian and Roger feel like they have the desire and the energy to write new music with Adam, I will shout it from the rooftops.

Nanbert, I love your post, too. You and I are on the same cheering squad when it comes to positive support for Adam. I just want him to have a long, fulfilling, prosperous career, long after QAL is over. He's already in the annals of music history, IMO.

Nanbert said...

Well, Broddy and Dee R Gee...that settles it! Queen and Adam MUST put out new music together.... and DVD albums from their performances!

I noted one upsetting quote near the end of Roger's interview in that Express article..."Queen and Adam Lambert previously released a live album in 2016 called Live in Japan."

Now we know that such an album was made, and presented in Japanese....but as far as we know was never made available in English or any other language...nor was it ever marketed in any other market but Japan, as far as I know. Wonder WHY!

I did see an occasional one offered on Amazon, but only packaged in Japanese, and VERY expensive! It was recorded from the excellent Japanese TV live filming of QAL's concert at the Super Sonic in Japan in 2014 as I remember. In fact, excerpts from that were recently included in that "Tour Excerpts" that QAL gave a 24 hr. showing to a few days ago...notably the rare "I Was Born To Love You".

Anyway, I've bitched about that album before (excuse my french), as many of you will remember. How is it possible to find out WHY that album was never released to the rest of the world?...and how can we goad them into doing it? That would be a great start!

Immediately followed by an album of the TV show of Rock in Rio!

Duplicate songs would never be a problem. Doesn't everyone go to as many QAL concerts as we're able to....and enjoy all those songs for the umpteenth time? And, conversely, there's a good number of great songs that we had never heard before, and rarely again. Don't know why.

Queen and Adam Lambert concerts are meant to be seen...not just heard. They are a multi-sensory experience!...and how! I'm sure we three "cheerleaders" agree.

broddybounce said...

Thanks for all your great responses, Dee and Nanbert!! <3

Mi Re La said...

Adam performing Roses tonight on HeartRadio CantCancelPride live stream concert fundraiser! Pharaoh makes a cameo!

Nanbert said...

Thanks Mi Re La....I enjoyed seeing it again. Oh my...that suit of Adam's is a dilly!'re welcome. Thanks for yours. And yours, too, Dee R Gee. Like minds and
kindred spirits!

Rosemary White said...

I've just watched Episode 1 of "ROADIES IN LOCKDOWN... A RHAPSODY TOUR LOCKUMENTARY SERIES" about QAL's roadies, and yes, you can see Adam. There's a short article & then the video followed by a paragraph about Andy Bewes, the Show Stage Manager who is in the video. Interesting .............

Rosemary White said...

Here's an article about the QAL Roadies Lockumentary in my previous post .......

Dee R Gee said...

Thank you for the Roadies video! It was very fun to see how the show all comes together. Lots of work and lots of detail!

Just watched Adam's Roses performance from last night! Total HOME RUN! He looked great, totally glammed up in a fabulous outfit. His hair just keeps getting bigger and bigger and better and better! Nice to see Pharaoh, too! Adam nailed the song, as usual. And so cool to see Terrence and Johnny together again!!!!!! Great performance!!