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Adam Lambert: "RIP Naya"

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Monday, July 13, 2020

Posted at : Monday, July 13, 2020

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Linda said...

So very tragic. Naya (Santana) was an incredible talent. I grieve for her little son and Naya's family. Just so sad.

Patria said...

You said it perfectly, Linda.

Dee R Gee said...

Such a tragic accident.

Dee R Gee said...

There is a cool Billboard poll out there about who we'd like to sing with Tina Turner. Apparently, she's got some plans to perform again. I don't think she lives in the US right now. But on the poll, QAL is right there on the list and is winning. Talk about two vocal powerhouses!

Dee R Gee said...

Sorry, here's the link:

Patria said...

I just voted for QAL for you Dee.

I'm helping you in your quest to keep Adam working nonstop (that's a joke).

Dee R Gee said...

LOL! Yes I want Adam working nonstop! Adam and Tina singing together would be EPIC. It would be very memorable and would get LOTS of attention, just like his Believe for Cher. I know that these polls don't really determine anything, but it sure is nice to see QAL on that list just ready for us to vote for them. It just might have an impact.

Patria said...

My first thought was that she may not want Adam in the mix.

Nanbert said...

haha, Dee R Gee....looks like Patria's got your number! Adam's lucky you're not his agent! And I'm NOT joking...heh heh.

Everyone's always so anxious for Adam to do duets with various celebrities. Truthfully, I'm not so sure that would be a good idea. First, we have all noticed how Adam is such a generous duet partner. Of course, that has been with contestants/amateurs. But, frankly, I wouldn't want him to pull his punches while singing with Queen, in order to defer to another powerhouse singer. I feel it might "cramp his style". Anything that detracts from Adam being Adam can't be good! IMO. I am remembering that awful (I thought) combination of Adam and GaGa during a QAL performance in Australia.

Of course, I could be wrong!

Patria said...

Whew! I thought I was the only person that thought the QAL and GaGa combo was a bad thing. The only duet with Adam I've liked is Cindy Lauper and him singing 'I Got You Babe'. I'm counting on this poll determining nothing.

Dee R Gee said...

Ok, here's my take. The poll says "Queen and Adam Lambert, " so if QAL was chosen to perform with Tina (her decision, I'm sure), Adam would be included as the frontman.It never really occurred to me about Adam "holding back" with Tina. Tina is a lot older now and likely is not the super belter she used to be. I really don't know. But I would just love to hear these two vocal powerhouses do some songs together. I don't see a downside for Adam. It would be a real attention-getter in the media. And they would sound great no matter what.

The QAL/Gaga thing was a complete fiasco. I don't think they really rehearsed it. The way I remember it is that she wanted to do it and they said ok and she just kind of arrived and did it with very little preparation. She TOTALLY ruined the song. Adam and the band did their best to adjust to her nonsense and they got through it ok. It was really bad, IMO.

If Tina and QAL did perform together, I'm sure they would rehearse and make it really good. Not just a thrown-together, last-minute thing. I'm going to keep voting on the poll just to keep QAL up there and keep Adam's name out there.

Nanbert said... too? So, I'm NOT alone! All I could think of was "trainwreck"! IMO, Gaga just "went Diva", took over, meandered all around, and practically ignored Adam...who was trying to keep the choreography under some control! She was also occasionally off-key!

However, in all fairness, that was probably pretty impromptu and unrehearsed....unlike "I Got You, Babe" at the Kennedy Center...which was delightfully warm and charming!

Patria said...

It's pretty simple for me. If I have an opportunity to hear Adam sing, I don't want to hear another person singing along.

broddybounce said...

Regarding Gaga's impromptu appearance with Q+AL:

For me, it was an EPIC moment and I think Adam was thrilled that he got to sing with one of his idols (and former producers!). But I just watched it again and will comment on two things:

(a) yes, there was a moment or two there when Gaga appeared to sort of just walk away from Adam — although Adam realized he was being challenged a bit and bravely kept up pace. But, then there are quite a few times where Gaga is definitely working collaboratively with him.

(b) But her biggest sin: the costume and wig. I remember this so clearly when I first saw the video, too. I mean, you've been invited to sing with your all-time favorite bands, you're gonna be given this grand opportunity — and you come wearing this horrendous black wig and not-very-flattering jumpsuit (or bodysuit?) — albeit it does have the Queen crowns on it. I mean, it would have been much more respectful had she just worn street clothes and pulled her hair back, you know, like she was attending the concert and they called her up onstage. She's become a lot more gracious in recent years and I wonder, if given the opportunity now, she would do it a lot differently — or if she regrets what she did back in 2014?

Also, I was a bit surprised they didn't sing the obvious, Radio Ga Ga, but I guess it's a bit too easygoing and not enough drama. ???

One thing I will say: Adam looked HOT! I mean he looks as wonderful as he ever did in that tight leather suit. He was in his ELEMENT! And that's what made Gaga's get-up all the more tragic.

But, that all being said, and despite our quibbles, I still think it was one of the most epic moments in Q+AL history, and I'll bet Adam, if asked, would definitely put it in one of his Top 10 moments of being in Q+AL.

And, oh, I think Adam & Tina would be incredible!!

Angeladam said...

Broddybounce totally agree,Tina would be good singing with QAL, I really liked Cindi's "I got you babe",( but would love to hear him sing that song with Cher !) and even though I think Lady Gaga is an incredible performer, she really didn't cut it in that performance with Adam IMO,I think she probably just fancied singing with him however he definitely outshone her big time,and agree you're spot on with him definitely putting their performance as one of his top 10 performances with QAL,had David Bowie still been around, I bet he and Adam would have done an incredible duet also !

Angeladam said...

Such sad news about Naya

Dee R Gee said...

broddy, I like the points you made. I think Adam was lucky to get the chance to perform with Gaga. She is at the top of the A-list, after all. But I still say she blew that performance. Adam tried to hold it together and so did Brian and Roger. But she didn't seem to care how it went. I still they they hadn't rehearsed it. But she still should have known better.

I like Gaga well enough, and I respect her talent. But I'm not a huge "fan."

And I agree that Adam looked fantastic in that performance. Great outfit! Much better than Gaga's giant faux pas. LOL

Nanbert said...

broddybounce....agree wholeheartedly that Gaga's outfit was the worse....and Adam's was the BEST!...those black leather pants, and long, strong elegant legs!!! Oh my!

But besides that, GaGa was rude, IMO. She did not seem willing to share the stage with Adam, but seemed to deliberately draw attention away from him by moving away, and forcing him to follow. He, on the otherhand, tried to maintain contact while keeping the choreography under some semblance of control. I did not like her body language! A-List or Z-list...I have never been a fan of hers.

Also, I wonder how many singers would care to duet with Adam, LIVE ...most couldn't stand the comparison. And I would hate to see Adam have to "pull back" or "tone down" his performance in deference to another singer. He excels in LIVE spontaneity!

broddybounce said...

No, all your comments are valid indeed, Nanbert!!

Nanbert said...

Thanks broddy....I think we see eye to eye a great deal. But I do often get opinionated when it comes to Adam. Surprisingly, I'm not really as opinionated in real life...just Adam brings it out in me!...oh yes, and Trump! Completely opposite subjects! I'm pretty easygoing about most everything in the middle, haha.

Is everyone staying safe and "wearing your effin' masks"? (paraphrased from Adam's hilarious counsel...but slightly more ladylike...heh heh!).

broddybounce said...

I agree, Nanbert!

Yup, here, very much mask wearers! And I got a 90yo Dad and an 86yo Mom — both doing wonderfully, thank goodness. They're in San Jose, which was the first place in CA to get COVID cases. Fortunately, have no one in family or friends who has gotten it, to my knowledge. So sad reading about others' situations, however.

And you? What state do you live in again (if you don't mind me asking — and ok to not answer!)...?

Nanbert said...

Broddybounce...I live in outside Pittsburgh, PA secret. For a good while, we had a comparatively low incidence of COVID-19 (compared to other cities), but now the number of cases have been increasing here, too.

I've been staying isolated since early March...and only going out for curbside pick-up of groceries or window pick-up for meds at my pharmacy..never leaving my car. Anything else is brought to me by my son, who leaves his "deliveries" on my front porch, and hurries off. He is VERY STRICT about my confinement, because I am one year older than your Mom, and have COPD (although not a very severe case, so far). We have only gotten together for 2 birthdays and Mother's their house, but with masks and social distancing! I am otherwise in quite good health, but would never survive COVID-19 if I got it. No one in my family has become sick...but we've all been very careful, stayed isolated, always wear masks, and disinfect anything that comes in (groceries, etc.)

What I miss most of all is "hanging out" with either of my two grandsons here, ages 22 and 24. The younger is as silly as I am, and we laugh together a lot. The older is more serious, but just seems to want to be with me, and we enjoy each other's company. He recently came by, parked at the curb in front of my condo....and I sat on my front porch to distance-chat with him while he sat in the car...better than nothing! But I miss getting hugs!

At first, it looked as though if we all "locked down" we could eventually beat this pandemic....but now the country is fallin apart, everyone's losing ground, and the results look very ominous. My other son and his family live in Florida...a newly formed epicenter...and I'm terrified for their health as well. And my youngest granchild just had her first birthday....without me down there. And I couldn't go down for her 16 yr. old sister's birthday either.

So, I seek human contact (albeit digital) and solace here on 24/7, which you and glitzylady so ably supply, with Adam and his music to lift my spirits...and other fans/friends here to visit with.

Sorry, shouldn't be so longwinded...and gloomy. Everyones's got their own problems to worry about and fret over.

But I have been/would be here anyway....with or without the Pandemic! I'm a Glambert!

broddybounce said...


Oh, yes, yes, you have mentioned you live outside Pittsburgh, sorry. I've been there a number of times, and a dear friend of mine went to CMU, majoring in Theatre.

Glad to hear you are staying very safe! So, you are a contemporary with my folks! Well, my folks, my Dad in particular, has a very youthful attitude — and, oh my, so do you! Glad you didn't let that inner child go!

Sounds like you have very nice grandsons!!

No apologies ... this is REAL conversation, which is good and necessary. Great to reach out to friends, even ones you've never met before, but we know each other a bit, don't we?

Stay safe!

Nanbert said...

Broddybounce..... yes, we have grown to know each other...perhaps more than a bit. Common ground, interests and values tell us a lot. Age is often more a state of mind than of body. The only thing I regret is that I don't have the wisdom that I expected to by my age! Bummer!

On the other hand, a sense of the ridiculous is invaluable as one grows older...just looking in the mirror will confirm that!

Thanks for your kind comment. Stay safe!

BTW....I just finished watching "The Show Must Go On: The Queen and Adam Lambert Story" for the umpthteenth time on Netflix on my computer. I know it so well by now, that I can fast-forward it to my favorite parts!