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FLASHBACK: Adam Lambert Duets!

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Friday, March 12, 2021

Posted at : Friday, March 12, 2021

Adam has performed some incredible duets throughout his career with a variety of his fellow artists — some mega-superstars, some up & coming, and others in between. So, while we're waiting for more wonderful things to be announced for Adam, we decided to compile a number of these terrific performances to delight you with in the interim.
The first is one we've actually never posted before — it's a duet he did with former Star Search contestant, Catte Adams, that was performed in 2005 for the Richmond-Ermet AIDS Foundation in San Francisco. This clip was included in a video retrospective of the past 20 years of this annual event, posted this past December (thank you, Gelly, for extracting the performance from the full video).
The second video is a duet of "Who Wants To Live Forever" that Adam (with Queen) performed with German entertainer Helene Fischer on her television program back in December 2014. We may have posted this years back in some form; however, Helene just posted the official high quality version on her YouTube account this past November. Adam is astounding! 
The rest of the videos are from various periods of Adam's career, although do be aware they are not posted in chronological order.  If your favorite Adam duet was not included, please let us know in comments and we will be happy to add it. ENJOY!

Same song, two different duet partners — first one in 2008; the second, exactly 10 years later! (Note: first video is of the entire show WICKED, which is 2.5hrs in length; however, we have preset it to start right at the beginning of the duet between Adam, as Fiyero, and Teal Wicks, as Elphaba.)


BONUS: KRADISON! (the one "trio" in this post — we had to!)

BONUS 2: We've had a special request from one of our faithful readers, Nanbert, to squeeze in one more trio, which occurred on GLEE:

Here is a request from another of our great readers, Patria — Adam performing "Believe" with contestant Katie Kadan on The Voice in 2019:

Here's a duet we are all intimately familiar with — but back in 2012 in London, it was performed a bit differently than we're used to:

And, finally, here are three duets that we WISH had happened, never did — but, lucky for us, some of our fellow fans' imaginations showed no bounds:


broddybounce said...

Note: I consciously did not post the duet with Gaga doing AOBTD at that Q+AL concert. However ... if you really feel it should be up there, let me know. But not too many good versions on YouTube.

This was a fun project putting together today — hope everybody enjoys!! :)

inatizzee said...

Thank you for putting this together!!! This is amazing!!!

Dee R Gee said...

This is a fabulous feast for the eyes and ears! Thank you so much, broddy! I'm going to spend some time today watching all of these. Adam has had some terrific duets, and I hope there are more in his future. He's a great duet partner.

As for Gaga doing ABTD with QAL, I won't miss it if you don't post it. Just sayin'.

Nanbert said...

broddy.. Thanks for the great collection of Adam duets. And I appreciate your restraint in not posting the Gaga/QAL performance in Australia....I cringe at the memory!

Otherwise, I enjoyed seeing again all your other posts above....especially the real-life ones, which find me walking down memory lane with Adam...again. In fact, I am a little surprised to see how many there actually were.

But you missed my most favorite of all, from Glee..."Gloria". Adam was absolutely charming in that performance, as well as in perfect voice!

Nanbert said...

I'm back with "Gloria" from it is....enjoy!

Adam also showed a great deal of acting chops in Glee...although I always suspected that as Elliot Starchild, he was basically playing himself. Wonder if that part was written with him in mind?

Dee R Gee said...

Watched the vids! Highlights for me are AL and Helene Fischer WWTLF, Girl Crush, Titanium with Angie Miller because it was such a surprise, and ANYTHING with Cyndi Lauper. I have always liked her but I have even greater respect for her now. What a great voice, and so unique and powerful. All the vids here are great choices. Love the pre-Idol ones, too, along with the Wicked ones. So much of Adam talent is not known outside his fanbase. I really hope he gets to act in the future. I think things like Moonbase 8 are fun, but I sure wish he'd get something of substance to do. His theater roles have proved that he can act.

broddybounce said...

Glad I have consensus on the Gaga appearance at QAL! Phew! lol

Nanbert, thanks for your comments. "Gloria" was actually not a duet but a trio ... BUT ... I decided to add it in as a bonus following the one 'trio' bonus I already put in (Kradison). Enjoy!

Glad you enjoyed all those clips, Dee! Great hearing what you loved. Yes, the Titanium one is really good.

There are a bunch of other ones where Adam is duetting with contestants on The Voice, Idol, other shows, but I didn't want to flood the post with those types of duets, and especially since several are of him doing Queen tunes with the contestants — no thank you!! The only Queen duets I cared to add were the one with Helene and the one with Nate Reuss.

broddybounce said...

Oh, sorry, and Kris Allen, of course, and Roger, of course! lol

Patria said...

Adam on The Voice with Katie Kadan

Patria said...

Oops, I forgot to say the song is "Believe"

Nanbert said...

Broddybounce.....thanks for posting "Gloria". I thought it was cleverly conceived....turning a performance into a fight between the two girls....each wanting to have Adam for her "Best Gay"....a concept I never even knew existed until Adam's "Glee" stint.

I loved Adam on Glee!

broddybounce said...

Nanbert — agreed! Adam did some really wonderful things on that show. For me, his being on it was such an unexpected pleasure, given that the show was already one of my very favorites.

I had to smile mischievously at Lea Michele tho, now that revelations came out several months ago that she was a horror to work with (reportedly). It made her competing against Naya Rivera in that number all the more REAL! lol

Thanks for your suggestion, Patria — great one! I will try and post that late this evening or tomorrow.

broddybounce said...

I've had to replace the 2008 WICKED duet video because I guess we somehow tripped an alarm and not only was the video removed from YouTube but so was the user! I found another, although it's of the entire show, 2.5 hours in length! But, fortunately, YouTube allows you to preset a start point, which I've done. However ... feel free to move the slider back and watch the entire show if you wish!

And Patria ... your request for the duet of Adam and Katie is now posted!

Patria said...

Thank you Broddy. You've put up an impressive list.
I was watching "I've Got You Babe" (really fun duet) thinking too bad "Believe' isn't a duet, followed by 'ah but it is'. So I searched and shared.

btw I would have scrolled by the Gaga duet had it been there.

Rosemary White said...

Many thanks, broddybounce for posting all these duet clips - a Herculean effort!!

In no particular order, my faves are "Welcome To My Life" with Laleh (as an added bonus, Adam looked a treat!!) & "As Long As You're Mine" from "Wicked" (Adam the actor!!) with Teal Wicks.

Rosemary White said...

Oh, I almost forgot, "Sleepwalker" - Adam Lambert and Ryan Tedder - because it's one of my (many) fave Adam songs and written by Ryan Tedder.

broddybounce said...

Thanks, guys — it means a lot that you are enjoying this post so much. It did take a whole afternoon to research and post, so I appreciate it.

I LOVE my AL 24/7 News family — 💓 — and I know Glitzy feels the same!!

Nanbert said...'s obvious we Glamberts appreciate all your hard work. Thanks for those gems you've brought here for us.