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FLASHBACK: Adam Lambert Interviewed by Allison Hagendorf on FUSE in 2012

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Posted at : Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Recently we posted about an interview Brian May and Roger Taylor did with American music journalist, host and interviewer Allison Hagendorf on her podcast, Rock This, where they discussed Adam Lambert and, you may recall, Brian & Roger talked about the fact that they would love to put out a record with him but that the final product "has to be perfect."  
During the interview, Allison mentions that she has interviewed Adam before.  We thought that perhaps there was an episode of her podcast that Adam was on that we had missed.  However, no, she was referring to many years ago when she was a host on the television network FUSE, at a time when it was more music-focused.  This was 2012 and Adam had just released his second album, Trespassing, and the network invited him to co-host its Top 20 Countdown show with Allison.  Between songs, she had the opportunity to interview Adam — and it was quite extensive with lots of great questions.  
Although video of this was nowhere to be found on YouTube, we were lucky to be able to locate one on Vimeo where user Gale Whittington edited down the show to just the parts where Adam is being interviewed.  So, enjoy — it should bring back a a lot of wonderful memories!

BONUS: Regarding the Brian & Roger interview we mentioned above, when we posted that a few weeks ago we had placed a link to Spotify where Allison's interview with Brian & Roger could be found; however, we were unable to embed an actual player directly on the post.  We just discovered that an embed code is now available and, so, you will find the Spotify player containing the interview below.  And, by the way, we listened to the entire interview and, even aside from the portion where the boys speak (glowingly) about Adam, the whole show is wonderful — Allison is a great host — and, as you'll hear during the interview, she is as much a fan of Adam's as she is of Queen's.  After the interview is over, Allison introduces and plays snippets of a few songs from Queen, then more snippets from other artists who influenced Brian & Roger — and then she talks about Queen + Adam Lambert and plays a snippet their pandemic single, "You Are The Champions" (regrettably, cutting Adam off mid-glory-note!).

Do note, however, that, on the Spotify player, although you are able to skip ahead in 15-second increments, you cannot move the slider to a later portion of the show to jump ahead.  Therefore, if you'd prefer to listen solely to the portion about Adam, you'll have to listen via the YouTube version of it below which allows you to use the slider.  Adam is first mentioned by Allison starting at approximately 27:00 on the player, where the conversation about him goes on for about 3½ minutes.  Do note, however, that the audio quality has been severely compromised as it appears that the YouTube user recorded it directly off a speaker, rather than perform a digital transfer, but there is no other version available on YouTube.  Also, the additional songs mentioned above, including "You Are The Champions," are not on this video.


Angeladam said...

Awh what a beautiful interview !!

Dee R Gee said...

I love these old interviews. Adam was so young and fresh, but honest and thoughtful, too. Just like he is now. He's come a long way, but I think he's is as great as ever. The ups and downs and twists and turns have been crazy, but I think his legacy will be long and well respected.

Nanbert said...

Adam has ALWAYS been "Mr. Charm" in his interviews...relaxed, intelligent and articulate. And this 2012 interview reminds us of that. It's not a learned response, but the innate ability to express himself forthrightly and thoughtfully that makes him such a delight.

In the second interview, Brian and Roger's praise of Adam is no surprise, of course. They are indeed fortunate to have secured the ONLY VOICE on earth capable of performing the entire spectrum of their astounding catalog. What a thrill for them to be able to "come back" bigger than ever!...thanks to Adam.

Patria said...

Off topic

From Oliver's stories , Oliver was accepted at UCLA
great news!

Nanbert said...

BTW...In his remarks, it is encouraging to hear from Brian that he has been dutifully rehabbing (sp?) himself after his heart attack ...and is probably in better shape now than he has been in a long time... and intends to continue staying more fit.

Roger's "drumming" in itself is a cardio workout....and I marvel at how fiercely and energetically he masters those drums during an entire performance. It must require a lot of stamina, because there's NO rest for the drums in Queen's music!

Dee R Gee said...

That is great news about Oliver getting into UCLA! He will be very bear Adam. And Adam will likely be home for a while now while he's working on his projects. I wonder what Oliver will be studying at UCLA? Business? Marketing? Fashion? Design? Maybe we'll find out. Just glad that the two guys will be close together for a while.

This will be an interesting year.

broddybounce said...

I really enjoyed reading your comments on this, Angeladam, Dee and Nanbert! I couldn't agree more. And, yes, Nanbert, glad to hear Brian is feeling at his best and is continuing to rehab — not only for his health and longevity but, selfishly, we need him to continue to be fit & chipper so he doesn't even have to consider retiring — Roger, too. I'm glad Brian says that he misses performing onstage — that energy transfer between the artist and the audience. Well, Adam has referenced that many times too.

One thing, tho — given the progress made with the pandemic, couldn't they schedule a few, say, American dates in the late fall, or even Spring before the summer tour? I mean, the postponed gigs don't start until May 30. ­čĄö

Lynn said...

I remember this show. It was called " 100 Sexy beats". It was one channel H1. He was on for 3 different shows. It was not long after Idol. Enjoyed every minute of it.

BettyC said...

You know I am always very careful about Adam's romantic relationships. It's her private life and just wish her happiness. I hope he is stronger mentally than in the past. Some of these ruptures destroyed. So I wish him with all my might the true love he deserves.

Nanbert said...

Broddybounce...I'm ALL with you on QAL working the U.S. into a few "gigs" before their (finally) Summer 2022 tour. That's still a long time away, and I don't know about anyone else, but I'M HAVING WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS!

Agreed Betty C. I'm sure we all wish Adam EVERY happiness in his private well as EVERY accolade in his public one.

But it's strange to realize that publicity can often damage a private life...and enhance a public one. "Living in fishbowls" is not for sissies!

Dee R Gee said...

broddy, I agree! It would be great if they did some shows in the US before the UK/Europe make-up tour. But I'm not too hopeful, TBH. It's a huge effort to bring all their stage "stuff" over here for only a handful of shows. But hey, anything is possible. And they sure are eager to perform. Brian seems rarin' to go and Roger is in good shape.

I sure hope Adam's current projects pan out well. And that he'll be able to work on new music, too. Boy, am I ever greedy!

BettyC said...

Nanbert,What bothers me is the publicity about his private life. Barely a committed relationship, fans of Adam are carried away. Boyfriend's fan Instagram accounts are created like he's a celebrity, they look happier than Adam himself ... As long as Adam and his relationship don't give the news, let's not speculate and leave them alone.

Dee R Gee said...

Adam's pretty good at keeping his personal relationships only as public as he wants them to be. He learned a lot since the early days. Of course, fans get very excited because that's what fans do. That's kind of their job. While Oliver is in the US, the two of them will decide how public they want to be. We do know that Adam is very social and loves to be out and about. We'll see how it goes.

And Adam is on the cover of Advocate magazine! He's been on their cover before. It's a very nice photo. I'm sure it will show up here.

Nanbert said...

Right, Dee R Gee.....Adam is a young, handsome, single, rockstar style celebrity. He can undoubtedly date almost anyone he wants to....and probably does. Certainly he must date many more people than we've ever seen him with.

Still....a date is JUST a date! No reason for fans to get all bent out of shape about every time Adam is photographed with someone more than once. Just wish them well...that's all.

All we should want is for Adam to be happy and productive, and supported by his fans. Let him handle his private life/romances by himself!

Nanbert said...

Betty're so right about the publicity, criticism, and opinions that follow Adam with every romance. It's very rude and invasive. And what really freaks me out is that many people start "following" Adam's boyfriends...past and present!

Angeladam said...

Oliver had just got a place at UCLA do carrying in his studying in LA hope the visa situation isn’t the samw as Javi’s !

glitzylady said...

Some thoughts: I'm happy for Adam whenever he finds someone to share a part of his life with, someone who makes him happy and vice versa. That's pretty much all that Adam asks of us fans. And quite honestly he doesn't even ask that of us. We do need to be respectful of his choices and his privacy. He's learned to keep his private life private for the most part. As well he should. Being a well known person, a celebrity, is a rough deal. Keeping a private life is difficult at best.

I personally have found his boyfriends to all be worthy of our respect in various ways. They all seem nice and good humans. As to "following" his boyfriends past & present on social media, etc.: I do that because I'm curious about who they are as people, not just as Adam Lambert's boyfriend. I know some fans get a little carried away at times, but simply following them on Twitter, or Facebook, or Instagram is fine by me. In fact I do that with all three: Sauli, Javi, and Oliver. I met Sauli quite by accident back in the day, and he's such a sweetheart. I saw Javi at a QAL concert in Vancouver and follow him on Instagram. He's sweet and still very young but finding his way in the world, just as we all do. And Oliver is smart, educated, soon to be more educated at UCLA (congrats to him on his acceptance to that University!) and he is confident in who he is. And he is nearly 26 years old, not a kid by any means.

And regarding the question about whether Oliver's "situation is the same as Javi's" (and quite honestly Sauli's with the visa situation ie can only be here in the US for 6 months at a time without returning to the home country for a time before being allowed another visiter visa, as it is in many countries): As long as Oliver is attending University here in the US, he'll be able to stay. Beyond that, remains to be seen. Glad he and Adam will be able to be at the same place at the same time for more than just a few weeks at a time.. Gives them real time to get to know each other more and to develop a deeper understanding of each other, and perhaps a stronger relationship over time. Fingers crossed it works out for them..

BettyC said...

I reacted a lot on this site concerning the excitement of some fans on this new relationship of Adam. It is true that I find that it goes a long way, especially for the person who is not known and finds himself in some ways "invaded" by people who can be very intrusive. Although they can be expected when dating a celebrity, it can be difficult especially at the beginning of a relationship. It may appeal to some (Javi looked very happy and interacted with Adam's fans), it is possible that it is complicated for others. When in doubt and without any information, I think we should leave them alone, especially the one who is absolutely unknown and can perhaps badly live this sudden unwanted highlight most of the time.

Angeladam said...

Just really them both luck and hope the visa situation doesn’t cause a problem, have to say at just 25 yrs old, Oliver seems VERY confident, saying apparently on twitter ( on an Adam UK site ) quote “ Don’t worry y’all I have the skin of a rhino “ so already embracing the American ‘lingo ‘ ! IMO and PURELY my opinion !! it seems like ‘Groundhog Day ‘ again.