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Rolling Stone Top Artists of 2009 (Adam Lambert #1)

Filed Under ( ) by Admin on Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Posted at : Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Adam is #1 on Rolling Stone's Top artists of 2009! This is amazing! Congrats to Adam for having a very successful year! Here's wishing you a much better year next year!

Top Artists of 2009

10 | Taylor Swift

9 | Wilco

8 | Animal Collective

7 | Bruce Springsteen

6 | U2

5 | Green Day

4 | Kings of Leon

3 | Lady Gaga

2 | Pearl Jam

1 | Adam Lambert



Anonymous said...

I so agree. Congrats to Adam. He more than deserves it.

Anonymous said...

So perfectly deserved!!! Congratulations, Adam!!!!! It thrills me to death!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!!! That's FANTASTIC news!!! Rolling Stone Magazine rocks!!!!

lily said...

wow! what a choice, go adam.

Anonymous said...

Great news. He is in a class by himself and this is even before he has fully found his voice. God help the rest of them when Adam comes fully into his own--he will be a deadly weapon!(a pleasurable one too!)

Anonymous said...

Of course I knew Rolling Stone would agree with me.

Anonymous said...

Rolling Stone got it all right! I'm glad for Adam!

Anonymous said...

Fanfrickintabulous. All that is necessary is that people open their ears and eyes. "Adam's da bomb!"
Hey Doriangrey, hows that picture going for ya?

LeslieS said...

I am so very happy for Adam right now. No one deserves this more than him. I always knew he would be the best thing to hit the music industry. Now a lot more people know too.

Anonymous said...

He has made me want to lisen to music again! He's incredible!

Anonymous said...

go ADAM !!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well then let's get his song up the charts and his CD to Platinum! NOW!!!