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Sasha Mallory - Evacuate the Dancefloor

Filed Under ( ) by Admin on Monday, December 27, 2010

Posted at : Monday, December 27, 2010

From AdommyLambliffLove:

"This video was made for Sasha Mallory, one of Adam Lambert's dancers. She is a very talented dancer."


Anonymous said...

nice and very talented girl , i hope she will work with Adam in the future

Anonymous said...

i remember her from so you think you can dance! She got the best job ever even though she didn't make it to far on that show!

The Dark Side said...

Kind of that age old 'a star is born' story--overlooked than big time. Wish her the very best in years to come. Hope Adam tours every year, and has his dancers with him. Just a thought, these dancers probably have to work more than half the year.

Anonymous said...

Sasha's not only a great dancer,she took great, funny pics of the glamily and posted them on twitter for the fans. She also auctioned her GNT mask and cane on E-Bay to raise funds for her cousin Mia who is very ill to help with medical expenses. Brooke Wendle is engaged and spent Christmas with her fiancee in N.Y.I don't know what terrence and Taylor will do next.They're such a nice bunch. I hope they'll all be available for Adam's next tour. I think Neil is going to South Korea, but don't know in what capacity. Looks like Monte and Tommy are in L.A. getting gigs and hope they will stay in contact too. I really became attached to all of them and wish them well. funbunn40

Dinah-mite said...

That is one bad ass woman! I agree that the whole crew was SO talented, we are spoiled for sure! I wish someone would post individual vids of each dancer. (Hint, hint...) I am so glad to feel like I have been let into their world, it is WAY too mucho fun! :-)