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Adam Lambert's Twitter Party: Complete Questions and Answers

Filed Under ( ) by Admin on Saturday, May 21, 2011

Posted at : Saturday, May 21, 2011

adamlambert Twitter party!!! Ask me something good?

@adamlambert How do you feel about popsicles?
@Ollipop_ I have a deep love and nostalgia for Otter pops. Do they still make those?

@adamlambert Why did you choose that image for your latest tattoo?
@Azrielenish I just really liked it! Hah. It balances well with the other two I have.

@adamlambert what's your favorite place you've ever had a concert at? (:
@TeamScottyJames i think my best shows last summer were: Nashville, new Orleans, Montreal, San francisco, San Diego, Providence, Boston...

@adamlambert Who is your favorite indie rocker?
@Idol360 Matt Bellamy is amazing... But I that indie?

@adamlambert Are you going to buy Gaga's new album?
@HausOfHamza freak yes! Her creativity, fashion, bravery and biz sense are inspiring.

@adamlambert who do you think really deserved to win American idol??
@kashiny9 in regards to Idol I've said way too much. Media turns non-personal, honest opinions into "feuds".
@kashiny9 like mom taught: "if u don't have anything nice to say- don't say it all" sorry if I hurt any feelings- not my intent.

@iseverybeenmyTK I want to come to brazil!!! Next tour I hope!!!

@adamlambert if you could do a duet with any singer dead or alive who would you choose? X
@LambriniBird Freddie

@adamlambert are u going to the Idol finale?
@lucia_glambert yup!! I will be there for the results show! So excited!!

@Adamlambert will your album come out in 2011? We are all so excited!!!
@islandgirljams album will be out in the fall. So excited! Been making a lot of music and coming up w ideas for art and style. #nextlevel

@adamlambert Love Japan???
@nappyonpyon I adore Japan!! I miss glamajuku!!

@adamlambert would you ever consider having a concert in Egypt on your next tour maybe? ;D
@ElleSecrett that would be surreal to do a concert at the sphinx. Can u imagine? Wow.

@adamlambert thank you for being real!!
@iloveadam67 thank you for appreciating it. So Sometimes gets me into trouble.

@adamlambert Where did you get those glittery zebra pants you wore last year ?!
@xIIHY4lyfx had them made. My stylist Trish designed them.

@adamlambert r u ever gonna do a collab with Kesha?? I love u guys!!!
@HazMad13 would love to. Her and I have so much fun together. One of the most sincere and grounded stars I've met.

@adamlambert why the 'drastic' change in hairstyle...?was it overdue?
@Dewald_vTonder yeah needed a change. Wanted a style that was less 'done'. I can just roll outta bed with this cut.

@adamlambert did you write. Or co-write any songs on your new album?
@DanielzROTFL I've been co-writing on almost EVERYTHING! feels so great to be more involved this time. #luxuryoftime

@adamlambert what do you do on days when you feel insecure to feel better
@xoTracyyyxo eat
@xoTracyyyxo j/k. Lol

@adamlambert does your stylist make your outfits everyday? or just special appearances?
@AdamAdamAdam3 only special occasions. Ive been shopping and dressing myself the past few months.

@adamlambert my musical theater class is doing grease tonight...can u wish us luck?! Love you adam!
@MusicLover358 "tell me more tell me more..."

@adamlambert what do you love about ur fans?
@NOH8_Durbinator I love my fans' passion and positive energy.

@adamlambert Last show you DVR'd?
@channy_lace1 united states of Tara. Brilliant show.

@adamlambert Didn't ya say in a interview you were excited about GNT in Milan coz you'd never been before? Coz Hair tour went to Milan... ;p
@argeneau I was speaking of the N American shows. Milan, Finland, Paris, Copenhagen, London and Amsterdam were European highlights.

@adamlambert Do you trip a lot?
@GrayWhoBoo when I'm wearing my medges.

@adamlambert If you could go back in time 100 yrs or ahead in time 100 yrs for one week, which would you choose?
@Adam_TJRgirl prob ahead. It would be more unpredictable.

@adamlambert does sauli inspire you?
@squishfish_jess YES.

@Adamlambert can you share a lyric from a song you wrote for the new album?
@seeinstereo_ "Now I believe in more than I can see"

@adamlambert will you ever re-hash your pre-idol songs?
@xGlitterBabyx prob not. I want to release music that reflects where I'm currently at in my life.

@adamlambert If you had a child who was lying on the floor throwing a tantrum, what would you do?
@Christine5850 probably try to reason with the child and make him or her smile.

@__CrazyLove thank u! So thrilled to be nominated for a Much Music award! I love Canada!!

@adamlambert Did you cry at the Gossip Girl finale?
@westerosredsock no tears. Lol. But I have to say- Leighton Meester has really given Blair a lot more depth w her great acting.

@adamlambert do you like spicy food?
@LoveLambert1877 love spicy.

@adamlambert What kind of girls do you like?
@darya_ilina my favorite women are strong, confident and funny women. (gay stereotype)

@adamlambert favourite male singer of 2011?
@brandywhitford Bruno Mars is really talented. Beautiful voice and a great writer. I'm a fan. Liquor Store Blues is one of my favorites.

@adamlambert have you ever struggled with not believing in yourself?
@G_Menchaca everyday. Constant battle. But I feel like I'm on an upswing. Being in love and creative in the studio feed my soul.

@adamlambert What's the ringtone on your phone right now?
@kingfan221 a bassnecter track.

@adamlambert Soooo ..... nipple rings..... discuss please ;-)
@kiwiglambert took em out last summer. Not all it's cracked up to be.

@Adamlambert would you ever get your hair cornrowed? haha(:
@mallorielambert I did once. Lol. The sides and the top was pompadour. Wore it that way to burning man when my hair was longer and blonde.

adamlambert Btw- it's my amazing mother's birthday today! Happy birthday mom! I love you!!!!

@adamlambert your strongest inspiration right now?
@Mickey1227 how we all are on a personal journey of self discovery and constant evolution. Searching for liberation. Why we do what we do.
@Mickey1227 these thoughts are my main fuel for writing my new album.

@adamlambert Do you have an overused word or phrase?
@babashuchan GLAM. haha it's getting a little old.

@adamlambert we still cannot believe you found love in a shady bar. Only you, sir. Only you.
@ToxicLED Jenny Woo ain't shady!!

@adamlambert 3 words to describe the music you've been writing so far?
@riley1877 melodic, honest, and dreamy

@adamlambert If you could go back to any grade in your school days which would it be and why?
@Crazy4glambert1 7th grade. I was really lonely and awkward. Wish I knew then what I know now.

@adamlambert What's the best thing about being a singer?
@_kandyal being able to communicate a thought or feeling through song.

adamlambert Glamberts. That name is here to stay. Because you sexy bitches where the name proudly!!! I love you!!

adamlambert I don't really like classifying music into genres lately. What's the point? Pop music is a bit of dance, rock and hip hop these days.

adamlambert I personally believe that rock n roll is just as much a frame of mind and attitude as it is a musical style. Rebellion.

@adamlambert did you get bad grades in english as a kid?
@JanaTheUnicorn no. Really bad grades in math though. Lol

@adamlambert do you like boobs?
@P0NDWATER boobs are very pretty.

@adamlambert 'bout Katy Perry boobs? ;D
@squishfish_jess some of the best out there.

@adamlambert do you believe in ANY apocalypse theory?
@alexanderenrico I think the end of Mayan calendar signifies an end of an era. next generation will bring about great change. Good I hope

Thanks to Madamimadam for compiling this!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting.....someday I may get brave enough to join twitter...however you may have noticed I'm rather "wordy" ! That could be a problem.

I'm very encouraged by the words he used to describe the music he's writing and liked the snippet of lyrics. I have Great Expectations!

glitzylady said...

I think it was so sweet that Adam's first official public announcement that he is indeed in love was to his fans on Twitter. I think that was incredible really, that he would share it in that way! My heart just skipped a beat to see it. I was following the twitter party and submitting questions too, while on a long road trip today..not driving of course! Out of town with mostly just my phone and occasional computer certainly made the miles fly by! Soooo happy for Adam and Sauli..

glitzylady said...

Re: Twitter and being "wordy". It hasn't stopped me! LOL! Be brave and go for it. It will challenge you to say what you want to say in fewer words, not always an easy task! At first, just "lurk" (Adam does...) and then go from there. I truly love it and learn things instantly. Most of all, its FUN! Really....

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much to all the fans for asking all these fantastic questions!! Wonderfully sincere answers from Adam. Feeling the flow of the Infinity Energy!!!

Lizard Eyes

Anonymous said...

He should be giving Kesha voice lessons. Boobs? that was an awkward question.

Anonymous said...

wow that was great!! Just the best. woo hoo and we get to look for him in the audience at the results Idol show. Isn't he cutting it very close with the Moscow show? Thanks to the fans that had such interesting questions too.

Anonymous said...

Wish I had known about the twitter party, but I was watching NASCAR--well hopefully next time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Leila, you raised a nice boy there. Sometimes he is misunderstood but gets it cleared up.Good luck to all the guys in the band and Adam in Russia. #staysafe

Anonymous said...

Lots of great questions and lots of great honest answers from Adam. My favorites were about his album. Just sooo excited for it and even though it won't be so glam it's good we don't have to change our names from glamberts.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he's doing some internal searching, maybe discovering spiritual truths. Hope the music isn't all dreamy, but honest and melodic sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I thought the questions were more interesting than the ones most interviewers ask...

At least there was some variety...JAK

Honey said...

Finland one of the highlights of European stops? He threw the standard one song Mad World encore in Helsinki. Though it might be that he remembers Helsinki for whole different reasons ;)

Anonymous said...

re: the picture posted above his tweets - there's another one where Adam must have taken off his boots so he didn't look so much taller than Sauli. There was a translation of a Sauli interview, where Sauli commented about the fun being made of the size difference between the two. One of his comments was about Adam's tall boots!! Ha!

Hk fan said...

Love these questions and answers...
What is cornrowed hair?
p.s still raining, red rain storm warning up

Anonymous said...

Just started my Twitter account in time for Adam's Twitter party....I think I understand how to send a tweet to him but I don't know how to see if there was a reply? Anyone, will you please explain? I'm just a novice at this! Thanks to y'all. BTW, I love Adam's honesty in his answers and more than that I love his willingness to share his time and private thoughts with his fans. It's amazing that he is so giving to us. He's such a love! Muah!


glitzylady said...

Perfect timing on the twitter acct!

As to seeing his reply to you..or any other reply...two ways. First of all, you would see his reply to you on your main twitter "feed" can scroll back through to see what you missed

The second way is to click on the "mentions" tab athe top of the page right above the running lists all tweets that contain your own twitter name, both those specifically sent to you and if your name is mentioned within any tweet. Hope this helps.

I also have twitter on my Android phone, which alerts me to any tweets mentioning me,and I have it set to alert me to any of Adam's tweets as well! Don't want to miss anything!

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Adam didn't have high heels nor high hair in Disneyland. If you look at those pictures, you can see that there is not that big difference in their sizes:

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Leila.

Hope your birthday celebrations were very special.

Anonymous said...

Adam is 6'1" and it seems Sauli is 5'6" so if that's true, Adam is 7" taller than Sauli.

Lovely things can come in small parcels. :)

Bing said...

I am soooo happy with this thread! Adam thank you so much for being kind enough to do this Twitter Party. It's always a pleasure learning new things about you. Savour each moment with Sauli because you deserve to enjoy life. It is just wonderful to know that this time around, you are the one who is in love and soooo inspired. May you both find joy in the simple things around you and never get caught up with fame. Stay grounded, safe and well.

Adam's reply re a child throwing a tantrum embodies his gentleness when it comes to kids. Where i grew up, this approach will seldom be used.


Anonymous said...

Was sleeping while Adam had his twitter party, but so nice to read afterwards how it went on. And we are still Glamberts. This time Adam was relaxed with Sauli questions. Good atmosphere in all. Thank you dear Adam! Ronnie

Anonymous said...

3:26 AM -Do I count wrong when I get 6.1 - 5.6 = 5 inches? Not that this matters. They are gorgeous guys as they are. But I sometimes (quite often, must admit) split hairs. There has been a nice twitter party.

Urethra_Franklin said...

some pics of his corn rows. theres a better one of him performing

Anonymous said...

Geez! Some folks still regard Sauli as a poor Cinderella whom Adam saved from a shady bar as a Prince of America. Jenny Woo is one of the IN places in Helsinki night scene. Thanks Adam for the correction! Just saying. Sanni

Anonymous said...

I reckon in those Disney pictures Sauli looks at least 5'9"

Anonymous said...

3:26 AM

A stupid comment.

Anonymous said...

Sauli is 5'8 , he is same height as me.

Anonymous said...

Inch here or there, the main thing is THEY ARE IN LOVE! Sanni

Anonymous said...

he needs to stick his face between them boobs. it's nice actually!

Anonymous said...

@5:48 am - There are 12 inches in a foot - not 10.

Just sayin..

Anonymous said...

It's very handy that Adam can just roll outta bed with that hair cut and it looks good too.

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting this together. I seem to always miss these twitter parties. I'm so happy he used the word 'dreamy' as description of his new work.

Anonymous said...

Just read the twitter party. Some of the best questions and answers ever.I hope Adam get to bring Sauli to the AI show and show him off and we get glimpes of them in the audience. I don't want much do I? LOL

Anonymous said...

Sligo lambert ^______^cute:
adam so handsome and cute

Anonymous said...

9:13 AM - Sauli mentioned in an interview that it's possible that he is going to AI finale, so I suppose they both will be there.

Anonymous said...
cover of Strut by Daniel Schumacher

Anonymous said...

totally ot, but if anyone's wondering :
an inch is 2,5 cm & a foot is 30cm.

So Sauli is 170 cm ( 5'8 )
& Adam is 182,5cm ( 6,1 )

if anyone would ever be interested :-D
ok, carry on..

Anonymous said...

They are a good match. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh....deja vu....remember when everyone was jumping in to figure how many decades I had lived? Math answers all over the place!!!!LOL

However tall Sauli is....he's just right!..JAK

Anonymous said...

They are on the same wavelength and that matters. :)

Adamluv said...

His answer of "Bruno Mars" to your favorite singer Q. shows what a classy guy he is since Mars received the grammy instead of Adam. Wonder how many other artists would be so claritible? Liked his description of Kesha too. And I believe him about 7th grade being so difficult. Taught that grade for several years and IMO, it is one of the hardest. So love and respect this man!!!!! ... Adamluv

Anonymous said...

"Big things come in small packages." Sauli is a big part of Adam's life,inspiration, boyfriend and trusted parner. It's great that Adam feels comfortable and trusting enough for him to acknowledge their relationship to his fans. He's proud to have Sauli in his life as he should be. They make each other happy. What could be better? They both make me smile. Happy B-day Leila! Without you there would be no Adam! You gave him the best parts of you and he values and loves you for it. You did your job well! funbunn40

Anonymous said...

Oops1 typo, partner. funbunn40

The Dark Side said...

Adam is by nature tall, and usually adds inches here and there. Think the difference in their sizes makes for a very cute couple.

Anonymous said...

Oh Adam we can't wait for you second album and new singles to call radio stations and vote for your MVs on different music sites escpecially MTV and VH1. Another epic concerts around the globe with DVD/CD. Thanks for all the hard work you are doing to please your fans. You deserve the best that this world can offer you. As you said nothing matters if you don't have love in your life. Good to know you found that special person to love in your life. You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Amazing to hear that Adams struggles with not believing in himself every day. I guess he IS human after all! Don't worry, we believe in you!

Urethra_Franklin said...

Forgive me for this one craybert moment (cause it doesnt happen often) but Ad has the OPI shatter nail polish on and Sauli has one pinky finger polished like Adams. Thats all kindsa cute!!!

OK Im dun. Anyone need to be set straight up in here? Send em to me.

Anonymous said...

This is a little off topic, but I just heard - Adam wants Sauli to go to Moscow with him, but may have trouble getting right paperwork, as Sauli is from Finland, but needs a USA/Russia visa. This may be a problem. I don't understand how this works, but we'll soon see how it all turns out. Good Luck, Guys.

Urethra_Franklin said...

All he needs is a passport...hes only gonna be there a couple days. Its called vacay.

Im sure what youre hearing is from the inner sanctum of the crayberts who speculate anything and everything to a disgusting fault.

Anonymous said...

My grandfather came to america from finland and had to have his emigration papers signed by czar of russia. Russia borders on finland like canada borders on america. Finns speak sweedish, finnish, russian and/or english.

Please don't jump me because my grandfather emigrated from finland and immigrated into america.

glitzylady said...

@anon 5:38 PM
Gosh, the majority of us had parents, grandparents, etc...who emigrated from somewhere else! Only native Americans are "Native" to here, and even they emigrated from Asia a while back, so its all good! I have ancestors from at least 5 or more European countries..and those are the ones I know about..

That's a very cool piece of family history for you, the connection with the Czar of Russia!

RE Sauli and going to Russia: I'm sure if he's going they've got it figured out...

glitzylady said...

Don't look now, but maybe some of flailing that goes on here is wearing off on's okay, happens to all of us sooner or later..Can't be helped.....The "cray" just slips out....

Anonymous said...

@ 5:38 PM

There are two official languages in Finland: Finnish and Swedish. Everybody learns English in schools, but Russian speaking people are very rare in Finland. I personally don't know anyone who speaks Russian. Maybe it was more common for 100 years ago??


Anonymous said...

I was at work while you all were have that party. Thanks for sharing it was nice to hear from Adam in such a personal way. No ranting just classic Adam being himself reaching out to his fans. So sweet.

Anonymous said...

Sauli prolly gets his visa to Russia from the Finnish Embassy in LA.

The problem is the volcano in Island. I hope the flights are not cancelled because of the ash.


Anonymous said...

I've always wondered why it is like that with Russia, they're losing huge amount of travellers every year 'cause not everyone (ME) has the patience to fight over stupid visa months before the actual trip... I couldn't go the to watch Adam performance even for a 1 day, without that piece of..paper. ( it's a matter of crossing Russian borders & not being Russian citizen, not the lenght of the stay. It's weird, I know. One has to pay to get into the country.. ) That kinda sucks.

Anonymous said...

loved the Q&A twitter party.The AI finale is going to be so much fun. Knowing Adam in audience enjoying the show. I get to see Casey, James, Pia and haley again and Paul!! Lauren and scotty are the youngest in top two ever and both are country. My nerves are shot already. Torn between the two.

Anonymous said...

Adam is in loooove <3__<3

Anonymous said...

@ Urethra, the "enforcer!" Always a comfort to know you're out there in a time of need! Have to go check out the nailpolish. funbunn40

HK fan said...

@anon 8.54
welcome to Asia where you usually have to pay to enter a country. On our recent trip to Bali we had to pay $250 each for temp visa to get in, and another $120 to get out! Even if I want to go across the border to China its over $400 for a British Passport holder, less for other Nationalities. (this is all HK dollars).
Se BA has cancelled flights from England to Scotland because of the volcano.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Adam for all the twitter parties and keeping us happy while you work on the next CD!! LOVED your answers.

Interesting thread here.


Anonymous said...

@ HKfan, Thanks for update on volcanic ash and air travel, also passport and visa charges. Didn't realize how expensive it is to cross borders. funbunn40