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Adam Lambert Backstage Pic With Fans!

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Saturday, May 21, 2016

Posted at : Saturday, May 21, 2016

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEW


lollymop said...

Very nice! (where's the pretty boys?)

JAK said...

I thought sure the silver hair would be gone.
Lovely girls, not a grandma in the bunch!

Jean Renard said...

I just forced myself to take a couple of hours out of my morning to watch the entire Lisbon concert. Wow, Brian May, Roger, and Rufus were ON FIRE! Adam's voice was totally made for the BIG arena shows. He just never stops amazing me ... oh, his wonderful outfits. They have made the show tighter and now put more of an emphasis upon the lyrics of the songs. That crowd photographed so beautifully and really displayed their enthusiasm for QUEEN/ADAM. You MUST listen carefully to the absolute beauty of Adam's voice when he sings "PLAY THE GAME". OMG, how can I possibly love Adam Lambert more? ... but, I have now reached a new altitude in Rock Heaven! May G-d and the Universe bless and keep these incredibly talented musicians in the QUEEN band and, forever more, our BELOVED ADAM LAMBERT! Margarita Lady

BetsyWas said...

I watched the concert on you tube. It was perfection. Wouldn't have expected anything less. Interesting costumes. All looked fabulous on Adam. He had the gray hair but I was busy observing the clothes and listening to the music of course. Killer Qween costume included a feathered jacket. He asked the audience if they liked it. Someone must have answered no. Adam cracked up laughing.

fluttsp said...

These very attractive girls look very happy.