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Charity auction for a guitar autographed by @DrBrianMay & @adamlambert in @rockinriolisboa to benefit #AmazoniaLive

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Posted at : Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEW


Lam-My said...

Aha! Triple Sifu are back in action! When they's super sound from all directions...human vs machine.
This time Adam can confidently look his Sifu in the eye and say: Your 'student' is back with a vengeance! Actually Adam can be their son, look at Brian's hair, you'll agree. Ah, look also at his brain beneath. lwl! Okay, seriously, Adam has brought to fruition his solo concert TOH, almost faultless, almost single-handedly; much like the Queen concerts; the only difference is Queen's sea of audiences is quite hard to beat, but Adam commands them too!

Lam-My said...

The dome-shaped curtain draping over Queen and Adam
On stage, looking like a huge translucent lantern
Dramatically lifted...pulled from above
Revealing his signature thrust, hand in red glove
Clutching a golden mic...ready to do battle
This daredevil unleashes his mettle
The expectant crowd had waited this emergence
Appearing from under the flying curtain
Queen+Adam open the show with One Vision
True to their single-mindedness
To breathe life into a Queen rejuvenation
Adam had just taken The Original High to the sky
Three crouching tigers, hidden dragons lunge and dive
Passionately he sings... Save Me... I Want To Break Free...Who Wants To Live Forever
So poignant and relevant to present times...

(Based on previous QAL poem, with changes) Lam-My

Anne Marie said...

Lam-My, good job. :)

Lam-My said...

Hey there, my fan-friend Anne Marie...Thank you once again!

Anne Marie... Adam+Queen is returning to Finland and you know what that means. Waiting for your ninja skills to spill the beans. lol!

Lam-My said...

Triple 10 Bingo! Mmm, a bit suspicious but it also means Timeslot likes it. lwl!