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"It Got Better" Cute Chibi Adam Lambert Fan Art By Creativesharka

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Posted at : Tuesday, May 24, 2016

 Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Lam-My said...

Helloo Chibi sure look handsome. Yea, thumbs-up for you. Right now, not only "It Got Better" you are breezing through the wind taking you higher and higher.

Hey Chibi Adam...there's always this question at the back of my mind. Here goes:
Do you feel or think more like a man or more like a woman? I ask this because I've read, a male brain is quite different from a female brain, in regard physical as well as mental capabilities.

Chibi Adam:
Whoa! That sounds complex; I think I have both male and female brain, like 2-in-1. Depending on the actual circumstances...say, I don't quite like soccer, that could be my female area of brain in dominance. On the other hand, I'm a rather good driver; you have seen me swerving in and out of the traffic to lay off the paps and they lost me; my spatial male brain kicked in, survival at stake. lol!

Okay, that's really well explained; but I still want to you as a person feel more like a man or more of a woman? I've seen some gay men who behave more like a woman like in their gait, the way they walk or the way they tilt their head or smile; people often label them sissy! But you are so macho, let alone sissy.

Chibi Adam:
There are many kinds of gay people just like so-called normal people; for instance some girls are also labelled tomboys.

Back to my initial question then. Are you more of a man or a woman in your thinking and emotions?

Chibi Adam:
I think I am both, like I said, depending on the urgency and circumstances. For instance, I might actually kick down a door to rescue someone; that's male behavior; a female would most likely scream their lungs out; though I can do that pretty well too!

Thanks Chibi! You have made a lot of gay people, happier and safer by helping them be less confused of their sexuality. Like you say: "You got to let go; that's the thing that is in your way."

Actually your last advice is applicable to everybody, gay, straight, whatever...Let go of one's inhibitions and then it dawns, it's not as difficult as perceived.

Anonymous said...

Another thoughtful, delightful Chibi. :-)))

Lam-My said...

This video is more about the Barcelona audience...their energy is fierce and they enjoyed I Want To Break Free every sense of its meaning. I think Adam just allowed them to enjoy their singing. But when he took the untouchable notes, 'I Breeaak...', they stopped and Adam climbed the summit and planted his freedom flag. lol!

Interesting video but you can only hear Adam at the end. lol! Adam must be thinking he had better sing his high notes or some people might complain. lol! Queen Band very fierce! I really enjoyed it, it's different.

2 days ago - Uploaded by Edu MoCa
Queen + Adam Lambert performing I Want To Break Free live at Barcelona. 22/05/2016.