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Cute QAL Fan Art by Creativesharka

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Monday, May 23, 2016

Posted at : Monday, May 23, 2016


fluttsp said...

More gorgeous Chibis! Thank you, CreativeSharka.

Lam-My said...

Aha! Queen Chibis...Why are you folding your arms? Do you know it means Keep off!
Chibi Adam, I thought you were saying goodbye for good; so this time you bring along two old folks.

Chibi Adam:
Lam-My, they're not old folks though their hair is white; they're Rockstars!

I see, okay, now I recall...Dr Brian the cosmic guitarist and Roger the energised effervescent drummer.

Chibi Adam:
We had just completed playing Barcelona; whoa! the crowd was electrifying, I could feel their energy from the stage; they sang ole ole ole when I kicked a banana curved ball into the goal mouth.

Wah! So you must be the Queen striker! Lambearto! Yes I've heard so much about him; great striker but quite funny as well. Like he portrayed Grandma June on Snapchat, so weird.
You still have not explained why you three fold your arms taking photos.

Chibi Adam:
Well, we Chibis have rather stubby hands, not very flattering; also not sure how to pose looking fierce. But we are the kindest wisest Trio; always lending a listening ear; so don't be fooled by our folded arms demeanour.

Chibi Roger:
Hello Lam-My! So do you like my drum skills?

Oh, you bet your bottom dollar; you impress me a lot; sooo strong! What is your favourite food or drink?

Chibi Roger:
I take red wine and tequila, sirloin steak and other nutritious foods/fruit/vegetables.

Have you tried the Singapore Sling; Chibi Adam snapchatted Singapore Sling to signal to me he had touched down at Changi.

Chibi Roger:
I don't think I have but I know Singapore, our long-lost cousin in SE Asia.

Mmm, long-lost cousin indeed; oh but we have a pot of orchid named after Queen Elizabeth our royal, loyal friend. Her favourite Singaporean is none other than late, genius Lee Kuan Yew who wrangled Singapore's independence from Her Majesty.

Hey Dr Brian...why so quiet still folding your arms; ah but I know you are a blabber-mouth lol! Your guitar sound always has this cosmos resonance that filters into my brain. By the way, I like the way you place the shimmering sapphire/diamond crown on Chibi Adam; sure fits him to the letter er circumference.
QAL concerts are in a league of their own, unmatchable; as for Chibi Adam...he's fabuloso fantastico magnifico!

Lam-My: Adios!

Jean Renard said...

@LAM-MY, ... only you would take the time to write us a Chibi story. Super Glambert! Margarita Lady

Lam-My said...

Hey there Margarita Lady... Hiker of Arizona Desert; by the way, I looked up pictures of your desert and lo and behold, it's so beautiful; the orange terrain reminds me of Grand Canyon which I flew over for an hour, very low, in a small plane with 12 persons. The pilots/company were very thoughtful; they issued a certificate/group photo to every participant; that states we flew across Grand Canyon, signed by the pilot. I still have mine.
I will continue to write stories/poems as long as Adam keeps popping up, sings his face off at concerts/gigs, engage in soliloquy talk-shop. lwl! If he stops, it's almost as if the tap gets turned off and no more water for me to soak in!
And you, dear Margarita Lady, dip into this water-pool whenever you pass by; that is really invigorating. Thank you!

Magiclady said...

I love your Chibi's! This one is particularly good!