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PICS! Adam Lambert TOH Tour Zurich, Switzerland 5-5-16

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Posted at : Thursday, May 05, 2016

what a man! what a voice!­čś▒

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Lam-My said...

Ah, Adam's teeth, so straight and sparkling...I notice in the last few shows, Adam let his hair down and enjoyed his shows a bit more. The end is near and he knows he has brought a huge undertaking to fruition.
In Rome, do as the Romans do...he was so off-guard and friendly at the Milan concert; oh he said Amore! Aha, that brings to mind my Halloween story; Amore his masked mysterious boyfriend.
Okay, Switzerland...Yes! My tour group was at Lucerne, close to Zurich; the coach wound its way up the Swiss Alps went through a tunnel. Panoramic view of Mont Blanc and Matterhorn, beautiful snow-capped peaks and the air was so pure. It was breathtaking standing close to the edge of the Swiss Alps looking down the steep ravines crisscrossed by streams below.

Lam-My said...

Jul 31, 2012 - Uploaded by hyunyoung JOO
The Vienna Boys Choir - Chiquitita(Musical Mamma Mia!)

By the way, from Switzerland it was onward to Innsbruck Austria, home of our coach-driver who cutely pronounced, highway as highware. And so, every morning, he would announce to us: After breakfast, we will hit the highware. I was not so alert nor critical then and thought nothing of it but it stuck. lol!

Dee R Gee said...

Lam-my, you are so well-traveled and so informed about so much of the world. I am jealous! I'm just a suburban Chicago girl. I've seen a good chunk of the US, and took a few SHORT trips to London and Paris, but would love to see more of the world like you.

As for the Zurich show, it sounded great, but I just read that Adam seemed to have some vocal issues (strain?) close to the end, and he didn't do the encore. Hope he stays SILENT and rests those vocal chords for the last show in Munich. I'm sure he wants to pull out all the stops for the last show on the tour. And it won't be too long before the QAL tour starts. He's got to be in top vocal form by then! He'll be busy up through June.

Lam-My said...

Hey there DRG...I thought Adam sounded upbeat in the last few videos; but I think you may be right, his vocals weren't as powerful as in the earlier shows. But I thought the Berlin microphone/mixers got his vocals flying from low to high like crazy. Well, the vocal cords are live tissues not machinery. Adam can rest them now before he starts again on QAL.
I can't travel anymore, it's my phlegm issue that exacerbates when it's cold or on a hectic schedule like travelling. It's okay at home where it's slower and warm.
US is such a vast beautiful country, if you cover it extensively, you may not even have to travel outside. I have covered the Californian area / Disneyland / Universal / Hollywood where they showed us how an instant flash-flood or raging fire can simply be turned on/off within seconds. lol! , been to Adam's hometown, San Diego, Sea World/saw Shamu whale RIP; flew very low in a small plane across Grand Canyon, so breathtaking! went as far as Las Vegas but not Chicago.
Actually, the way Adam is going...his energy output is inconceivable; he is totally in charge physically, mentally, vocally; a lot behind-the-scenes procdures we don't hear about. The QAL tour has less mental stress on him because Brian and Roger are top-class managers/entrepreneurs/musicians, always there to shore him up and vice versa. Their backing voices sort of relieve Adam on stage, by giving him greater power and yet doesn't overlap his singing; also taking over the stage to give him some breathing space between acts.
Thanks DRG!