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SET LIST For Queen + Adam Lambert Jelling Musik Festival Denmark Sunday 29 May

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Posted at : Sunday, May 29, 2016

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Nanbert said...

That is a huge repertoire of songs for Adam (or any singer) to sing per concert, let alone per tour. Thank goodness for his technical ability, which is so important in preserving his voice, but still it has to be very demanding on him. In most cases, there's only two days between concerts...little time for rest... mostly used for travelling/relocating.

If his "Snapchats" help him "blow off Steam" and relax so he can sleep, I say, "Go to it, Adam"! Besides, there are many "gems" in there well worth seeing. Sometimes I cringe, but mostly I laugh at his fancy and playfulness. What a crazy, wonderful sense of humor!

May he always be able to SING AND LAUGH through life.... and find SAFE ways to "get out of his head"!