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Adam Lambert Snapchat - First Class Dream

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Sunday, June 26, 2016

Posted at : Sunday, June 26, 2016

 Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Lam-My said...
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Anne Marie said...

People are for some reason commenting that Adam will have to go shopping for clothes for X-factor. I don't really think so at this point, he already had nice clothes for the tour, PLUS, I am quite sure he knew before this last tour started that he was going to be a judge and is prepared. They don't always dress up too much for the auditions, Adam will most likely have several very nice shirts already packed. After this when he goes home or goes on vacation, he will most likely get his dressier clothes then. He has most of July and all August to do this. Adam is usually not allowed to say what his next gig will be, that has to some form the top suits, before he can say anything. He did mention that he had some stuff he couldn't talk about, this was probably one of them, I hope there are more, this is a very nice little gig, in every way possible.

Anne Marie said...

Going straight there, hopefully will give Adam a chance to get over the jet lag. I believe this part of the show is quite a lot of hours a day, and possibly some travelling to other cities. I am sure he will be paid well, this negotiated with his team or agent, before he signed any contract. Which is another reason I am sure he has known about this for a while.

glitzylady said...

@Anne Marie
The first part of Adam's involvement as a judge for X Factor Australia will begin officially on June 29th in Sydney, AU and will continue until July 6, for total of 7 audition sessions. We posted an article to that effect on last Tuesday (6-21-16) in case you missed it:

"X Factor AU: "The Power Of Three..": "Adam Lambert, Iggy & Guy.. In Person!" Free "Audience Tix" 6-29 to 7-6-16"

(Embedded link below for more info)

X Factor AU: "The Power Of Three..": "Adam Lambert, Iggy & Guy.. In Person!" Free "Audience Tix" 6-29 to 7-6-16

We noted in our post that all auditions will be held in Sydney:

"The AUDITIONS for contestants are being held in Sydney on June 29, 30, July 1, 5 and 6, 2016, for a total of 7 auditions. June 29 and 30 have morning and afternoon sessions, with the other dates having only one session per day.."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, glitzylady. :-)

JAK said...

I think my first apartment was smaller than that.....and not near as nice.

Anne Marie said...

Glitzylady, thanks , yes I have read the articles about Adam's visit to X-Factor. But I am sure your input will help others. I thought the timing before he actually started to work was good, as it would give time time to get over any jet lag. Don't know when their day starts, but if it is before noon, then Adam might have a problem, but he has overcome this before for some of the radio interviews he has done, some quite early. here comes some of those Buzz drinks and coffee.

Nanbert said...

Were those photos "first class" on a plane? I never knew accommodations like that existed. There's not that much room for a plane to have many "first class" passengers at that rate. I wonder if Adam paid for it himself, or if X-factor did. HAD to be pricey.