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From Billboard: 25 Pivotal LGBT Moments In Music "Adam Lambert Glams Up 'Idol,' Debuts at No. 1"

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Posted at : Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Adam Lambert  is one of the featured artists in this new Billboard article honoring 25 musical moments that have had a "pivotal" effect in "advancing LGBT understanding, acceptance and rights" in their latest LGBT Pride Month (June 2016) article. :

"Adam Lambert Glams Up 'Idol,' Debuts at No. 1"

LINK to Billboard article: 25 Pivotal LGBT Moments In Music

INTRO to article:

"Equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people is today's defining civil rights issue, but the music world has always played a significant role in LGBT progress. As LGBT Pride Month kicks off, Billboard reflects on 25 musical moments that have been pivotal in advancing LGBT understanding, acceptance and rights."

Adam Lambert on American Idol Season 8, 2009 (Photo from Rolling

"Adam Lambert Glams Up 'Idol,' Debuts at No. 1"
While Adam Lambert didn't make his sexuality a major talking point while competing on American Idol -- he later came out in a Rolling Stone cover story -- Idol viewers and fans at home knew there was something special about the flamboyant contestant. Lambert was out in his personal and professional life well before he hit the "Idol" stage and made his mark as the contestant to watch. On the show, he fired up audiences with his glam rock stylings, sexed-up stage persona and multi-octave range. Though he finished the 2009 season of Idol in second place, he remained the season's breakout star and has since worked to become a role model for LGBT teens. His major label debut album For Your Entertainment earned him a Grammy Award nomination for the No. 10 Hot 100 hit "Whataya Want From Me," and his sophomore set, Trespassing, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in 2012. --Keith Caulfield

Video "Adam Lambert On Being A Gay Pop Star": previously published 2012 Billboard interview

Screen shot from the video: please go to the link below to view the video from 2012

*This video has been removed due to issues with playback i.e. auto-play. 
 The video may be watched at THIS BILLBOARD LINK OR at the embedded link with the new Billboard article on this thread.. 

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Dee R Gee said...

Adam's impact on the LGBT community's progress will be an important one, IMO. He's proof that it is possible to live openly and honestly. I hope he stay active in the LGBT arena. He's a very good activist in his own way.

Anonymous said...

Is this playing without clicking on anything for anyone else? I can mute it, but when it's done with it's cycle, it turns itself on again. It's really hard to hear any of the other links posted here, like Alison's interview when this is going.

Can it be adjusted to only come on when selected, glitzy lady?

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I'm having the same problem so after I watch the video of ADAM ... I mute it so I can watch the others. This never happened before ... can't figure out why now!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

glitzylady said...

Sorry, I've been away from the site for awhile. Still away from my computer, but will see what can be done as soon as I can.

Anonymous said...

I paged down and found the video that was playing - paused it and all was well. Then after listening to Alisan's video, etc., I returned to that video i had stopped and then listened to it. So, even tho it was weird that it began playing before i had clicked on it, I was able to pause that particular video until I chose to watch it. Just passing along how I was able to 'fix' the problem.

Anonymous said...

It won't play for me at all. :-(((((((

glitzylady said...

Hint: click on "Web version"of each thread on 24/7 blog and you can pause the video at any point.. On the mobile version of the blog, it seems not be able to be paused. Frustrating.. Be sure to click on the main title on each thread to access only that thread, one at a time. Should be a solution to the auto-play issues with this video that some are experiencing....

Anonymous said...

Thanks, glitzylady.

I've gone from not being able to view it at all ... to every time I access Adam's 24/7 blog, the video starts playing immediately without even opening it!!!

Nanbert said...

I complained about the same thing earlier. Can't turn this off permanently. It just keeps starting up annoying!

Lynn Stierlen said...

Didn't see a picture of Adam in the article.. Did I miss it somewhere? His name and the article were there, but where was his picture?

glitzylady said...

@Lynn Stierlen
This article included a video of Adam Lambert only, the one that I just removed from our 24/7 website because of playback issues. i.e. auto-start, etc.. It was disruptive to some readers and we decided it was necessary to un-embed it here. There was no actual photo of Adam in the Billboard article that this thread is about. Only the video from 2012. I added the photo of Adam (from 2009 on American Idol) that is embedded here on the Adam Lambert 24/7 News blog. I hope that clarifies things for you.. Sorry if it's confusing.. The video from 2012 may still be viewed at either of the two embedded links here on this thread. Thanks for your patience!