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Access Hollywood: The Voice Winner Alisan Porter Interview: Chats About Friendship With Adam Lambert

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Posted at : Wednesday, June 01, 2016

On Access Hollywood:

The Voice Winner Alisan Porter Interview: Chats About Her Friendship With Adam Lambert

Photo: Alisan Porter & Adam Lambert from a picture posted by Alisan in 2014

Official Access Hollywood You Tube:

‘The Voice’ Winner Alisan Porter: ‘I Had Tried And Given Up So Many Times’ Access Hollywood

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


JAK said...

Good for you Alisan............I always admire people who have 'drive' because I never had any.
But now my family are having a good time heaping "I told you so's" on me.
Folks, it's never too late!
In my 80th year I have had 3 children's books published and selling good enough that 3 more
will come out before my 81st birthday......these are stories I wrote 30+ years ago!
So, you never know......don't be like brave, be bold!
Oh, and it helps to have a pushy daughter who packs up your stuff and finds a publisher!

Dee R Gee said...

Congratulations on your books, JAK! It's not easy to get books published. I can be as tough as the music business. But if you have the talent, the best thing is to persevere. And it's never too late. I love how Alisan gave such homage to Adam for all his help. I like how she made it clear that they were friends BEFORE Idol and had actually worked together. Alisan is definitely a person with real drive who doesn't want to waste her talent and her dreams. BTW, I'd love to know more about those books you wrote!!!

Unknown said...

JAK, are your books on Amazon? Would you give us a link? Or do you want to stay anonymous?

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I Love Alisan & ADAM ... I have also developed a fondness for Christina too. I think her voice is great ... I had hoped Alisan would have chosen one of her songs for the Voice but I loved all her choices anyway .. she reminds me of ADAM & his in-your-face bravery. Glad she WON!!

JAK .. give us some titles of your books .. what name do you write under ... I have a lot of grandchildren & great grandchildren who might enjoy reading them!! Congrats!! for following your dream ... too late for me ... but I love reading about others' successes!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

JAK said...

Let's put it like husband says no info, no name, no titles......but
I say.......if you are shopping for books for children 3 to 6 years of age......AND
you find the dedication page is addressed to Amy, Beth and Jamie .... <3
........that's me!

P.S. My stories rhyme and they are all in the same meter.

Jean Renard said...

@JAK ... please give us some information about your books. I will totally buy them for my grandchildren and will proudly tell them that I know the author "virtually". Congratulations upon this wonderful accomplishment! We really have some artistic Glamberts; among them, artists, authors, poets, and fantastic story-tellers not yet published, plus, probably some marvelous singers. Margarita Lady

daydreamin said...

@JAK I run an elementary school library with over 11,000 books. I will start looking for Amy, Beth @and Jaime but #ineedmoreofahint !

daydreamin said...

@JAK I run an elementary school library with over 11,000 books. I will start looking for Amy, Beth @and Jaime but #ineedmoreofahint !

Dee R Gee said...

JAK, I totally understand about your confidentiality about your books. Your husband is right. This is not the place to give out personal information. You can market your books in your own way. We just feel as if we are all friends here on 24/7. I hope some of us here will "discover" your books and buy them. I'm sure they are lovely.

JAK said...

Hi daydreamin.........that's Jamie (Scottish).

As we have noted before, our lives have in some ways run in a similar stream.
When I retired as a kindergarten director, I volunteered at my nearby elementary
school......I spent hours 'pushing' Caldecott and Newbery award winners in the library.
I was a reading tutor and a substitute art teacher.

I do love kids! How come Fate only gave me one grandchild?.....and one granddog!

funbunn40 said...

@JAK, Congrats on being published! You definitely have a way with words & I hope to discover them for my great grand daughter. I used to donate time to my local library & campaigning with 5 others to prevent closures of several branches in Charlotte. It was successful & the children's books were extremely cherished & used by so many. I used to rollerskate 9 blocks to my local library in Chicago & read every fairy tale in my branch. There's nothing like connecting in a visual way thru' imagination reading a printed word. There's something so special about turning the pages, anticipating what the next page will bring. My children & grand daughter have been after me for years to write & I may, just for them. Scott Turow, who wrote Presumed Innocent,along with other books also encouraged me. His Dad & I were friends & medical colleagues & my son Scott was named after him. He has always inspired me, not to be published, just to put my thoughts & life into words for those I love.

JAK said...

funbunn40....Do it! Once you get started the words will pour out.

I am so grateful for the 'friends' I have made here on 24/7 over the years. I wish I could show you my collection of fairy tale volumes. 32 at last count. Some reproductions and some originals dated as far back as the 1800's. Several that my son in law gave me from his mother's collection....all in German.

My daughters and g'son treasure them. Many are illustrated by the artist Arthur Rackham. My g'son was thrilled with all the gruesome ones.
After all, they weren't written for children, they were Household Tales and Folk Tales and scared the socks off of adults! Blood and gore as often as princesses and fairies.
As generations went by the stories were polished up and became more charming than alarming! Luckily for Walt Disney!

funbunn40 said...

@JAK I also treasure the many friends I've met over the years on 24/7, many of them who have moved on, unfortunately when we went thru' the troll phase which has now abated. I know I would have loved to pour over your fairy tale collections, but my German vocabulary is sorely limited. I've had my book title for years, along with a picture of the book cover. Once I start the words will pour out,too many,lol like here. Adam cuts into my productive, real life time. So much to see & hear, not wanting to miss a thing! :)