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Press Party: Find out what Queen and Adam Lambert will do after Isle of Wight gig

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Friday, June 10, 2016

Posted at : Friday, June 10, 2016

Find out what Queen and Adam Lambert will do after Isle of Wight gig

Queen drummer Roger Taylor says he will welcome the band and Adam Lambert back to his house after playing at the Isle of Wight festival.

The group will headline the Sunday night (June 12) of the iconic event.

 Speaking to BBC Radio 2 this morning (June 19), drummer Taylor said he will invite the group to his house after the show.

 He said: "Afterwards we’re going to go back to my house, we’re all going to have a few drinks and have a massive curry." The musician was speaking after Queen performed at the Sweden Rock Festival on Thursday (June 9).

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The Dark Side said...

I understand he has a very nice estate. Sounds like a party!

blu said...

Don't let Adam drink too much . . . he gets real silly

Nanbert said...

blu...How do you know that?

blu said...

A few incidents reported here . . . Lady GaGa's birthday party . . .Sauli and him in drunk tank . . . .

Now trying to make Adam look bad . . no big deal

He deserves to have fun . . . working his butt off . . .

Nanbert said...

blu....Oh, those "incidents"... were quite a while ago, and probably embarrassed Adam enough that he is more, umm, circumspect these days.... hopefully! I thought you were talking about something more recent.

I hope they all have a great celebration -- they deserve it -- but especially Adam, who has been going long and hard for more than a year now. Oh, but I'd sure love to see them come back to the States again!