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Unofficial Poster For Queen + Adam Lambert Isle Of Wight Festival, England 6-12-16

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Posted at : Saturday, June 11, 2016

 Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Lam-My said...

Striking poster, fills up the whole space; Adam's name needs a bolder print or a gold print. If he wears a crown, why is his name a little faded; inconsistency...a poster must have a message that is holistic.
By the way, Queen Elizabeth looked so tranquil, radiant as she was driven on her gilded horse-carriage, yesterday, to celebrate her official 90th birthday; her actual birthday 21 April 1926.
Well, I've been to Buckingham Palace, the peripheral ground only...even took a picture with the dome-hat horse-guard. I recall I was more interested in the horse than the guard. lwl!
Singapore has journeyed with Queen Elizabeth from, before and after our Independence, till now. As I looked back at the photographs of her 3 visits, I noticed the Queen smiled a lot more effervescently in Singapore than when she graces the ceremonies in her own country. Yea, a change of air is probably good for the spirit.
Oh by the way, little Prince George has actually made his first Singapore kingly visit already! We might have been the first country to have noticed that her Mommy was not taking a single sip of wine when she and her husband Prince William attended the Singapore Istana/Palace dinner on Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee 2012.
Prince George and her little sister Princess Charlotte were the most natural on their palace balcony to greet their people; the others looked rather grim with little to no smiles; but rather spectacular in their elaborate ceremonial adornments.

Lam-My said...

Should be "his Mommy"...oh nobody knew then; too early to confirm gender.

Lam-My said...

Story time: Grandma June Part 2.

Grandma June was out in the woods once again picking those regenerative/aphrodisiac herbs to make her dinner soup. Now, she had to pick a lot more in case those aliens came to teleport her to their futristic kitchen to boil huge drums of her special soup for their army of aliens, like in the previous encounter.
She was reminiscing the good times she had with Red Hair, the woodcutter's son who visited her almost every day; but since he saw Grandma June turn alien-like, he was too scared to return; especially when her eyes shone like flourescent lights, exposing the outline of her skull!
I wonder how Red Hair is doing? She murmured.
She missed him because Red Hair addressed her as Grandma and that was so endearing to her.
Helloo Grandma June!
Grandma June turned, startled! Her thoughts through space seemed to have reached Red Hair via telepathy. She immediately got up and gave Red Hair a long, warm hug.
Don't run off again... she muttered.
Grandma June, what a nice haircut you have.
Well well, Red Hair was back to normal all right, firing questions at Grandma.
I am looking for a beau to spice up my life.
What's a beau?
A handsome maan!
Oh oh, that beam of light from behind a tree was peeping at them again.
Red Hair, Run ! Get back to the house!
Red Hair ran for his life. Swift as lightning, the beam of light swirled around him in a spiral halo and lo and behold, Red Hair disappeared, teleported! enveloped in the beam.
Grandma was devastated, screamed at the top of her lungs. Alas, Red Hair's Dad had gone to town to sell his farm produce. Grandma June consoled herself hoping those rather benign aliens whom she had encountered, wouldn't harm Red Hair.
Grandma June walked slowly home, kept looking for any sign or beam behind a tree. She opened her cottage door and sat down, close to tears; turned on the tv; the Adam Lambert show was on and he was singing:

Saw all of the saints
Lock up the gates
I could not enter
Walked into the flames
Called out your name
But there was no answer
And now I know my heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town...

Knock! Knock!
Grandma June rushed to open the door.
Red Hair!'re back so soon! Thank goodness!
Oh no... Red Hair's eyes glowed a blue hue! His red hair stood on ends. As if that was not fearful enough, Red Hair's voice sounded robotic/digitised.

What did they do to you Red Hair?
I'm not Red name is Zook.
You look so much like Red Hair! Where is Red Hair? demanded Grandma June curtly.
I was fashioned to look like Red Hair. My alien father likes his red hair and blue eyes. Don't worry, Red Hair is happily playing with his alien brothers out in the galaxy periphery.
Grandma June stared at Zook, the unbelievbale resemblance. A clone! ...flashed through her mind.
So why are you here, Zook?
My mission is to get your aphrodisiac soup recipe. You see, after taking your aphrodisiac soup, somehow, we don't know why, many more alien babies were born!
Grandma was quite confused but calmer now. They sat at the table and she wrote out the recipe, explaining step by step regarding the proportions of herbs to the amount of water and heat.
Zook interrupted: We use condensed vapour crystals for water.
Grandma June was very worried about Red Hair, let alone if they used water or crystals to make soup. Would they clone him? Zook looked so much like Red Hair.

Lam-My said...

Knock! Knock!
Grandma's me Red Hair.
Grandma got up hastily and opened the door.
Lo and behold! She couldn't believe what confronted her. Which one is Red Hair?
There were so many Red Hair...clones!
Grandma flung her hands up in desperation. They were identical copies of Red hair; dressed, walked and even talked like Red Hair.
Grandma, why are you looking so worried...your woolly lip is twitching.
And all the clones repeated the same question, with the same voice and mannerism.
Grandma June was getting really agitated...what if she could never know who her real Red Hair was!
She scrutinised each and every one, even sniffed at them...still couldn't be absolutely be sure which was the real Red Hair.
Grandma turned on the tv as she always did when she was anxious. Adam Lambert was singing on his show:

You know I have a veil
All covered up, to myself
It's always there
Now they wanna know
How does it feel?
Gonna let it show!

At this point, a melodic angelic voice joined in the chorus:

So welcome to the show
Bring on all the lights
Let it shine on you
We're together here tonight
Welcome to the show
Welcome to my life-i-life...

Grandma June's eyes immediately zoomed in on the Red Hair singing the chorus and what an ethereal voice.
She knew she finally found her real Red Hair! right under her nose, by sheer elimination. Perhaps, his clones didn't learn to sing yet. lol!
Grandma hugged her Red hair and wouldn't let him off this time.
As twilight set in, that ubiquitous beam of light flashed from behind a tree outside.
Zook and the clones teleported into the twilight, leaving a brilliant trail of silver lining in the woods as they zipped off. lwl!