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Adam Lambert Instagram: So true. #guncontrol

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Posted at : Friday, July 08, 2016

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Anonymous said...

I agree 100%.

Lam-My said...

This gun proliferation problem is more deep-seated and goes beyond gun-control. It may stem from the very bedrock/culture of American democracy. Freedom of expression and freedom to stand one's ground, yes democracy is a good thing and I believe strongly in it and have been raised to embrace it. It's a double-edged sword. Democracy must come with solid rules and regulations. People need checks and balances to keep them in line to do what is right, not just for oneself but taking into consideration other people's welfare. Freedom to own automatic machine guns is removing these necessary rules and it sets off a new freedom...freedom to kill whoever is in one's way or for tit-for-tat revenge.
And that applies to the use of words/language; lashing out with abusive words at others, is just as hurtful though you don't see someone falling down on the street or in a nightclub or in a classroom!
And that's why this gun-control problem got to be tackled at its roots, not just gun-control per se, it's the American culture, brain, perception...democracy may have been hijacked! and people are paying the price.

Anonymous said...

ADAM LAMBERT ‏@adamlambert Jun 12

Anne Marie said...

Equal rights is not always a good thing, despite what Adam says, although he didn't mean for equal rights to go this far.

Lori Williams said...

Anne Marie what do you mean by your statement? I've never in my 50+ years have I felt totally equal in this country....I've been looked at differently than my non-black friends...if I had equal rights as a human being...I wouldn't have to go through life with my guard up all the time...I would be able to enjoy it be judge by something that I can't change😐

Lam-My said...

I think Equal rights for all citizens is essential for a stable society to thrive. If some feel they have less rights than others...this is fertile breeding ground for discontent, hate, distrust, violence to take root; eventually getting out of control.

Dee R Gee said...

Anne Marie, I don't understand what you mean either. How is equal rights "not always a good thing?" How is it that Adam "didn't mean for equal rights to go this far?" Your comments make no sense to me. For whom are equal rights not appropriate?

Anne Marie said...

Equal rights, goes along with freedom of speech too. Look how that is hurting people, and the freedom of speech has gone too far, waaay too far. People use the freedom of speech, as an equal right to say what they want, even Adam has said stuff, then laughs and says "freedom of speech", and he doesn't really know if he has offended people by it. I truly believe we should treat other human beings with respect, no matter what their race or religion is. I think my comments got off topic, Adam is advocating gun control, which is a good thing. I agree with him, I just don't see it happening. The people in power, will never pass an unpopular law, because too many people feel they have a right to own a gun. Guns have been a part of America for hundreds of years, they had the right to protect their land and families, it has gone far beyond that now. How do we clean up the mess it has become. I go back to a statement I made yesterday, that as parents or grand parents it is our job to teach children to respect other people, no matter their color or religion, or even a personal affliction that they may have. Teach our children to accept and love other human beings, this will be the beginning of equal rights. Even teachers in school don't expect much respect from the children, if they enforce it , then they have the parents on their back. There is more going on than just gun control, that needs to be changed. Adam has been hurt deeply, with the equal right of freedom of speech, even his fans pick him apart about what he wears, or if he has been using Botox, this scrutiny of his personal life, is freedom of speech, and we don't mean to hurt him, but I am sure he does occasionally get hurt by it. Adam has a right to keep himself looking his best, especially since this affects his career, it is not our business, and we don't have the right to say what we think he should be doing or wearing. I am sure Adam does read these cites, just to see how his fans are reacting to him.

LTA said...

I'm with you Adam!!! Action is louder than voice!!!!

glitzylady said...

@Anne Marie
I understand what you were saying. Thanks for clarifying.. Although, when Adam or others are speaking of "Equal Rights", "Equality" etc.. I think they are referring to "Basic Human Rights" in this particular case: the right to be treated as an equal, the right to marry who you love, the right to be treated fairly regardless of who you are, the ability to live without fear of others treating you badly or disrespectfully simply because of the color of your skin, your sexuality, your gender, etc..... The right to NOT be treated differently because of race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, etc.. Equal rights for ALL people, ALL human beings.

The US Constitutional right to free speech is probably not what is being addressed in that particular context, although Adam is certainly using that right. In the US, we are all granted that right, whether we agree or disagree with what is being said..

Adam is an honest, caring, sensitive, fiercely loyal to his friends and colleagues, man who speaks his mind when he feels it is important, which he obviously does feel very strongly about in this case.. He has certainly become more "filtered" in his public conversation in most cases these days, but clearly he does say something from his heart when it weighs heavy on his mind.

A personal opinion: As to the subject of Gun Control, I am hoping against hope that we will finally see some movement with regard to assault weapons and stricter background checks for ALL gun buyers.. There are loopholes in the laws currently that need to be closed. And certainly NO ONE "needs" needs an assault weapon other than military and police. No one. For any reason (IMHO). They were banned by the Republican/President Reagan administration but were allowed again later on.. It is also a fallacy that there is an intent by the Obama administration to "ban all guns", a fallacy/sound bite spread by those who oppose him and his party. I do have hope that reason will eventually prevail in the wake of these recent events that perhaps have finally gotten the attention of the country. I also hope it will finally open up some real conversation including those who have resisted the idea of certain aspects of gun control i.e. banning assault weapons and tightening background checks in all instances. Not to get political here (probably unavoidable in this context), but it also depends who is elected President this fall and who controls the Legislature. It would be wonderful if the country could finally get together on this one very important task, of helping to protect all of our citizens equally..

The Constitutional right of Free Speech gives us all, including Adam Lambert, the voice to let our opinions be known.. His Voice has more impact than mine certainly and this is why I admire his courage to speak out, as he has done on his Instagram page here and on his other official pages: Twitter and Facebook.

Just my 2 cents :))

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

This may sound stupid but ... the NRA needs to step up & SUPPORT .. not .. HINDER ... the #GUNCONTROLNOW .. cause. We're not saying that no one should be allowed to own a gun ... but assault weapons shouldn't be so easy to acquire for whatever reason. WHY does a self-respecting .. law-abiding ... citizen have the need to own an assault weapon?? Certainly not for hunting .. so then WHY?? AND .. WHY should you be able to walk into a gun store & BUY one or more of these "weapons of destruction"?? Maybe I'm too old or dumb or something but I cannot think of a good reason!! JMHO

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

JAK said...

The hundreds of millions of dollars the NRA hands out to be sure they have the, "right candidates",
win elections, comes in unending bushels from gun manufacturers. They have a death grip on this country.
Deaths by the thousands each year. In the last 10 years over 300,000 Americans have been killed by gun violence.
I don't see an end in sight.

Dee R Gee said...

I agree with much of the sentiment expressed here. And I certainly agree that the NRA has way too much power over many politicians. The "right to bear arms" was written in a time far different from now. So much has changed.

I have one thing to say about the freedom of speech. Years ago, I read an essay (sorry, can't remember the source) written by a writer from another country, perhaps China. He said that "freedom of speech" is like a steam kettle. When the water gets too hot, the steam is allowed to escape through the vent in the top. When people are allowed to openly speech their minds, they are less likely to do more violent things. Their free speech is their "vent." In countries without free speech, he said, frustrations fester and grow. People suffer, unable to express themselves for generations. The penalties for speaking out are often extreme, including execution. That "vent" of freedom to speak out helps to control more violent action.

Countries with free speech are not perfect, of course, and violence is still rampant. But our Freedom of Speech is extremely valuable. We cannot afford to compromise it. Which of our Founding Fathers said, "I may hate what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." ????

Nanbert said...

Lambert Outlaw.... I agree wholeheartedly that the NRA needs to HELP..NOT HINDER Gun Control. It is so busy "lining its own pockets" that it is unwilling to exert its patriotic duty to help resolve the gun control problem. It is constantly whipping gun owners into a "lather" by asserting that the government wants to remove the 2nd amendment, and take ALL their guns away. The old "slippery slope" argument!

Nothing could be further from the truth. Neither the government, or the average gun owner.. or non-gun owner... wishes to stop properly checked law-abiding citizens from owning guns-- for home protection, hunting, or target shooting. However, ASSAULT WEAPONS capable of killing dozens within minutes have NO REASONABLE USE... except to kill people. This is only COMMONSENSE!!

But the NRA is so afraid that it will lose control.. and money...that it fights EVERY possible resolution to the situation. For a period of time assault weapons had been banned, but somehow they have sneaked in again (resulting in the loss of many innocent lives).

The influence of the NRA on our law-makers is shameful--- awarding them with huge campaign donations if they support the NRA, and threatening them with awarding donations to their opponents if they do not support the NRA.

As an aside, it also becomes commonsense that groups and organizations should not be allowed to exert so much influence on our government by the use of their great resources to "buy" the officials and laws they want. Their donations should be strictly limited and monitored.

If the NRA was HALF AS PATRIOTIC in helping to shape a sensible resolution in the gun control problem as it is in supporting the second amendment we would all be better off. But, obviously, banning the sale of automatic & assault weapons & ammunition will mean a loss of revenue for them.... and of course they will forcefully resist it. Self interest wins over patriotism every time!!!!

Unfortunately, the law makers "bought" by the NRA fall under the same motto... "Self interest wins over patriotism every time". Shameful.. SHAMEFUL!!!

Where are the Statesmen?