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Adam Lambert Snapchat Story 7/3/16 part 2

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Sunday, July 3, 2016

Posted at : Sunday, July 03, 2016

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Anonymous said...

I clicked on Adam's snapchats against my better judgement and I actually like the first one.

Lam-My said...

Aha! The Scallop Snapcaht rummages my brain...ting ting ting...

Bert was diving in the pristine South Pacific; so surreal, the labyrinth underwater. He was a keen marine biologist and often explored the ocean floors around the world. He was filming a particular shellfish that fascinated him, the fan-shaped scallop.
All of a sudden, a little sound seemed to be beckoning to him: Please help me... Was it his own imagination...
Bert dived down a little more to the ocean floor. His headlight sudden spotted a giant clam; a scallop, about a metre in width. Wow! thought Bert, he had never seen such a large scallop in all his life of diving. Its two fan-shaped shells were floundering, flapping up and down lethargically and yes the oscillation sounded like a groan, a hiss like someone in pain; emitting from the scallop shellfish.
Bert touched it gently and the scallop clammed up; he examined it closer...oh no, a large part of the lower shell was broken, the broken part was hanging precariously, going to fall off any time.
Bert, an experienced marine biologist knew he had to repair it or it would turn septic and then devoured live!

Bert rummaged his safety-kit which he always brought with him on a dive. He found a tube of super-glue. That's it! Deftly Bert repaired the scallop shell; no more hissing sound was heard. Bert took a few steps back to film the beautiful scallop camouflaged in the coral reef; this would make a real good presentation on wild life preservation under the sea, he smiled.
A few days later later, Bert decided to check on the recuperating giant scallop. He dived to the South Pacific sea floor. No, it wasn't there! He swam around the reef looking for it; he couldn't miss such a giant scallop.
True enough, the giant scallop was basking in the sunlight streaming through the ocean floor. What do you know...there were a few tiny ones surrounding Mama Scallop! lwl!

A side-note: Whenever I ate these scallops in a restaurant, I would get them cleaned up and take the fan-shaped scallop shells home; now I have collected a little pile! from different dinners of time past. Like Bert, I too love those corrugated fan shells.

Nanbert said...

The accent and the dialogue in the "brisket" snapchat are spot on. He's really good at that stuff... an old soul. Would love to "hang out" with him for a few years--- he's a one-man entertainment site! He'd probably even excel at stand-up comedy.