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BG Fashion Net: Fashion icon Adam Lambert dressed in suits

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Posted at : Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Adam Mitchel Lambert is an American singer, songwriter and stage actor. Since 2009, he has sold over 3 million albums and 5 million singles worldwide. Lambert rose to fame in 2009 after finishing as runner-up on the eighth season of American Idol.
Lambert will be represented in the fashion space by London based MiLK Management modelling agency as of July, 2016.

Known for wearing tight clothes and rock‘n’roll inspired clothes, Adam Lambert is said to be the male version of Lady Gaga. He said that his interior designer mother Leila has always encouraged him to be as expressive as possible with his fashion choices.

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Nanbert said...

That BGFN article's description of Adam's style is not only way out-of-date, but downright "snarky" if you ask me. Some quotes.. "known for wearing tight clothes"..."PRANCED around on American Idol in tight pants"..."eye-catching extras like handcuffs on his belt loops (?), cages on his shoulders....".
An example of another reporter who didn't any research beyond old Idol videos... and is also showing some bias in his NARROW description of what Adam is... "known for".

Has anybody ever seen Adam "PRANCE"? That's a common homophobic remark!

Anne Marie said...

Well he certainly did not "prance" on AI. He might have come close on some of the Queen concerts, I don't remember tight pants on it either, although he did on the AI tour, and several times since. A lot of people did call those "cages" on his shoulders, for lack of a better word description. From what I have heard from people who did not care for him, usually say they didn't like his high tone or screeching, which is actually his signature voice, that I love. He hits those high notes with perfection. Whoever wrote that is definitely not a fan of Adams, and I hate to say it, there are a few out there, LOL.

glitzylady said...

I think it was written by someone who was asked to write something about him and they did the best they could with things they could find.. I don't think it was meant to be disrespectful. But certainly not up to date on Adam's more current styles. He's more classic and even elegant now, and is usually always one of the best dressed at any event..And certainly the most visually stunning.. Many of the fashions noted in the narrative were from his past "stage" and "performance" outfits and accessories.. It's too bad they didn't ask his fans to write an article!! Haha! But either way, it did have some nice things to say.. And he is definitely a "Fashion Icon" these days!!! (For example, in Macys' "American Icons" summer clothing campaign that Adam was featured in this summer). And Adam will be even more "Iconic" in the months and years to come with his newest endeavor: modeling, and possibly beginning his own fashion line...

So excited for him (and for us!!!!).. And yes, about the "prancing" thing... I wouldn't take it too negatively.. A better word might have been "strutting"... or "dancing" because he certainly did that on Idol.. And on stage elsewhere. His usual movements are very fluid and elegant, although he does have his goofy, silly side too.

All in all, it was an okay write-up... Hit or miss, yes, but more promo and recognition for Adam!!!

glitzylady said...

And I just wanted to add, in looking over the photos of Adam's suits, etc.. in the article (again.....for scientific purposes of course :))), I think they did a pretty decent job showing Adam's fashion sense over the years.. And his model good looks.. It was after all, about men in suits.. And Adam wears them very well indeed!

Anonymous said...

Well said, glitzylady.

Adam looks FABULOUS in suits - elegant, debonair, suave & classy - & he looks mighty fine in firm-fitting strides too - very nice indeed!!

American Idol - I distinctly recall seeing him, for want of a better word, "prance" a couple of times when he was singing "Born To Be Wild" although I don't think it would be described as prancing .... moving energetically would be more appropriate.

I remember well the "cages" on his jackets & the "things" hanging from the loops on his belt.

I don't think anyone who attended the 2009 American Idol concerts (or watched the many videos) would forget Adam's pelvic thrusts!!! & he occasionally adds 1 or 2 of them in his solo & QAL concerts - again, very nice indeed!!

Nanbert said...

Of course I remember the "cages"..they were part of the OTT costume for the "Kiss" performance. But I never saw any handcuffs... there may have been.

In any case, I found fault with the writer's assertion that Adam was "known for" that stuff... and "prancing"... which in my experience is a derogatory description used to describe lively movements of a GAY man.

And, fluttsp, during "Born To Be Wild" Adam lunged, leaped, charged... but NEVER pranced! His movements when he performs are very dynamic, forceful, alpha male.

Anonymous said...

Nanbert, as I said in my comment, I used "prance" for want of a better word & then described it as "moving energetically" which it was.

Nanbert said...

Sorry, fluttsp, didn't mean to make it look as if I was jumping on you. Especially since I was only finding fault with nuances in that writer's description that upset me. Maybe meanings have changed drastically during my 83 years, but I have heard "prancing" used so often in a derogatory manner to convey DISDAIN for a gay man, or one who was perceived to be gay. I guess I'm super sensitive to thinly-veiled insults to Adam.