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Fan Art! New Chibi Adam Lambert "Jacket"

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Posted at : Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


The Dark Side said...

Sharka is f**king cool IMHO!

Nanbert said...

There's almost as much "Chibis" on this website as Adam news. That said, I have to admit that the Chibis leave me absolutely cold-- too kootchy, kootchy coo -- for a website devoted basically to, for and about adults, IMHO.

Please don't be offended, Chibi lovers. If that "cute" cartoon character remotely resembled Adam .... instead of being a stock cartoon figure dressed in clothes similar to Adam's current wardrobe, with his current haircut and color, I would find it "slightly" more interesting. As it is... I simply can't relate. It's almost "exploitive".

Forgive me if I've "stepped on anyone's toes" but I've got to get this off my chest, as these things are being churned out at a faster and faster pace. I'm just requesting that they STOP BEING SO PROMINANT AND NUMEROUS on this ADAM LAMBERT FAN website.

Nanbert said...
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glitzylady said...

I'll pass your comment/request on to the other admins.. Although to be honest, they're posted on other sites as well i.e. other Adam Lambert fan sites, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc... And since Adam started posting some of them on his own official pages, and is now following @CreativeSharka on Instagram, I assume that we'll be continuing to see them here and elsewhere, selectively perhaps.

Some fans love to see them, others like yourself, perhaps not so much..

Nanbert said...

P.S. I am NOT suggesting that the Chibis be omitted from this website. Obviously, there are many here who find them charming... and that's fine. I'm just pointing out the fact that they are beginning to become TOO prominant and numerous.

Oh boy, I'm probably going to get a lot of flak for these comments! Although there may be some of you who feel like I do.

Nanbert said...

Me again. I forgot to point out that I have thought most of the CreativeSharka POSTERS were splendid, and have pointed that out on numerous occasions.

Magiclady said...

On the other side, I love the Chibis and I think they are so cute! It's no wonder Adam loves them.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I like them too ... kind of 'teen' ADAM ... and the details are very 'spot-on' ... that's why I like this fan site ... not same old .. same old ... always someone creative willing to share with the rest of us. I too LOVE the CreativeSharka posters ... they are really GOOD!! Wish I had her talent ... even 'stick' people suffer from my "creativity" ... yikes!!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

JAK said...

I agree; can get too much of a good thing. Too many chibis.....too many dolls.,

Nanbert said...

Jak...yes, I feel exactly the same about the dolls, too.

I just didn't mention them because I felt I was already treading on "sacred ground" and didn't want EVERYONE to think me a scrooge!

But, I was a "tomboy" growing up... and never played with dolls! At 83, guess I'm not ready to start now. I had two sons, two grandsons and a tomboy grandaughter, and we all spent our times together outdoors hiking, fishing, stream-walking, catching frogs, minnows, snakes, bugs and getting dirty....heaven!!!

fluttsp said...

WHOA! Such vitriol! I LOVE the Adam Chibis. They are absolutely ADORABLE & Adam has indicated that he likes them too. They're not harming Adam nor anyone else & they're certainly not exploitive. CreativeSharka is extremely talented & I'm thoroughly enjoying his/her creativity & talent. I'm not the only Glambert who enjoys seeing the Adam Chibis so Mods, PLEASE CONTINUE POSTING THEM. :-)

fluttsp said...

This Adam Chibi is gorgeous! Adam's new jacket is depicated so well. :-)

fluttsp said...

Oh dear, should read "depicted" not depicated.

Nanbert said...

fluttsp, your use of the word "vitriol"to describe my comments is certainly a lot harsher than I believe I deserve. By definition "a vitriolic comment is to say something nasty and cruel" .. "caustic and biting"..."harsh, insulting language"... implies intent to hurt.

That was never my intention... if I hurt someone's feelings, I'm sorry. I tried to couch my comments as gently and as honestly as I could.... but I do feel as though each of us has a right to their opinion without arousing the ire of someone who disagrees.

After all, we are only discussing cartoons and dolls...charming and cleverly made... but still only cartoons and dolls. Some of us will like them better than others. To each his own.

sugar buss said...

Keep them coming, so cute.

Nanbert said...

I Googled's a big business! And this fan site is, in effect, a "free showroom" for CreativeSharka art.

Sooo...maybe Adam should get a percentage of the CreativeSharka sales generated from this fan site? Or... this fan site could collect a "showroom or billboard rental", per month or per artwork displayed, to be donated to a charity of Adam's choice instead.

Just thinking. Maybe small change for Adam, but every bit counts! After all, that's what Macy's did to sell clothes -- and why that MLK(?) company is taking on Adam as a client!

For example, when Adam sometimes identifies the manufacturer of clothing he's wearing, I imagine he's getting paid or getting the clothing free... that's often done.

Nanbert said...

Scrolling through this website for the past week, I counted 8 CreativeSharka artworks. Since CreativeSharka is a COMMERCIAL ENTERPRIZE, and NOT one of our talented amateur Glamberts, this seems to be exploitive to me.

After all, CreativeSharka has over 30 websites of its own on Google! It should PAY for advertising space on this website.

So, I have a good idea. When I visit this website, I am deluged by advertisements on the page, dresses, shoes, etc. Why couldn't it be arranged so that, instead, CreativeSharka could advertise and display its Adam Lambert line on this website and pay 24/7 or Adam an advertising fee for the use of the space? Seems to be the best of both worlds. Both would benefit by the arrangement.

How 'bout it, guys? You'd get to see even MORE Chibis and Posters that way!