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Fan Art! New chibi " butterfly"

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Monday, July 25, 2016

Posted at : Monday, July 25, 2016

 Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Nanbert said...

Free advertising... again. I still don't feel this is quite "kosher". "Fan Art", in my mind, implies amateur artists. But CreativeSharka is a polished commercial company with over 30 websites of its own.

IF Adam sometimes forwards something of CreativeSharka's that he finds amusing, FINE! But that does not mean that thereafter everything produced by them about Adam should automatically be allowed on this website.

I'm sure all you Chi-Bi lovers will jump all over me.. But it's just my personal opinion.

Magiclady said...

I love the chibi's! and I want to see everything that has to do with Adam.
This one is very cute in my opinion...

Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...
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JAK said...

I am definitely "over chibied".

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Admin Fan for posting this gorgeous chibi. I love it. Creativesharka's inspiration in this one comes from the snapchat of Adam's jetlag which is posted on this site. In this chibi, Creativesharka depicts the lull before the storm, so to speak. ;-D

There are many Glamberts who love Creativesharka's chibis so please keep posting them here. They always make me smile. :-)))

glitzylady said...

I know you've commented about CreativeSharka's fan art before, and that it is "a commercial company with over 30 websites.." And you wonder why we give them free advertising.

To be honest, as far as I know (and I've researched it out of curiosity because of your comments..), CreativeSharka is not a commercial company and she does not charge for her art, with the exception of artwork that is commissioned by someone, for instance Chibi Art created from a Meet & Greet photo with Adam Lambert, in which case it makes sense that there is some charge, which from what I've seen is very nominal.. Otherwise, the art is free to whomever wants it.. On her Facebook page there is no mention of selling her art, and Twitter page (to which I subscribe), there is a very specific notation that "GRAPHIC arts are 4 PERSONAL USE".. I have seen no commercial sites selling her artwork.. If I'm wrong, I apologize, but honestly, I don't see any conflict of interest here, or free advertising for a commercial company.. It's fan art, pure and simple..

Some like it, some perhaps not so much.. Adam is certainly a fan.. as he follows CreativeSharka on Instagram..

Nanbert said...

Glitzylady...In visiting some of their websites, I've seen prices quoted for their work, and therefore have come to the natural assumption that they are a commercial firm. The number of websites they have has led me to think that also.

I know I am not alone in my thoughts on this subject. However, I stand corrected, bow to the majority, and will CEASE my comments on Chibis -- AND dolls-- for the sake of harmony.

I guess I'm probably overly-sensitive to possible "exploitation" of anything Adam! Also, I have to ADMIT that they do not appeal to me personally. But I promise to behave -- and will learn to live with Chibis and Dolls -- since they seem to mean so much to many of you.

glitzylady said...

I wonder if you could email me at

I'm curious to know more about the websites you've seen.. Because I've honestly never seen any.. And I looked! I have seen her artwork on but I don't see anything for sale..

Nanbert said...

glitzylady... try example:

NAUGHTY-ADAM-HAPPY-NEW-YEAR-- $50.00 plus shipping (this is exploitive uses Adam's head on a nearly-nude body-- Is that even legal? The artist admits that the body is NOT Adam's. Surely Adam wouldn't sign a release for that!)

GlamSanta-Lambert 27167525.....$50.05 plus shipping
The above two are $7.67 each plus shipping.

There were more on that website, but you can get the idea. I'm sorry if the link may not work for you. I don't know how to transfer links, so I tried to copy them by hand from the website and then transfer/type them here. This is all I've had time to check for the moment.

glitzylady said...
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glitzylady said...

I've been to that site before but didn't see that some are available for sale.. But yes, there are some items that can be purchased on the DeviantArt site: mounted on canvas etc.... thanks for doing the research..

Probably the biggest concern in this particular case (selling images of a celebrity for profit) is the possible violation of "Right Of Publicity" laws, which vary from state to state in the US.. The artist we're discussing is in Europe so I don't know how those laws might apply i.e. if someone from California buys the art, do the CA RIP laws, which are fairly strict, apply??.. There are also some variations and exceptions to the copyright laws (specifically of copying or slightly changing photos into artwork for artistic purposes) pertaining to copyright laws i.e. copyrighted photographs, AND "Right of Publicity" laws that apply to "known" people & celebrities.. I'm not going to go into much detail here but the info is easy to find. It's hard to say exactly in Adam's case personally how those might apply in this particular case. Some very well known celebrities, both living and deceased, own their images i.e. are copyrighted, all rights including images of any kind, so that ANY use without permission/license is a violation of the copyright and/or "Right of Publicity".

As for the art being exploitive.. I guess we'd have to ask Adam and his management team/label/publicist how he/they feel about it.. I've stumbled across a fair amount of fan art, suggestive and otherwise, over the years since I've been a fan and I don't know of any that has been officially criticized by anyone from Adam's team, but then I'm sure there is much that goes on that we aren't aware of, behind the scenes... It's common for celebrities to have fan art of all types out there.. Selling it for profit is however probably something that might get some attention depending on quantity, images used, etc.., based on the laws I listed above .

I would also point out that many of the paintings we're discussing here are not for sale.. And can be downloaded for "personal use"..

As Adam becomes more famous this may certainly become a bigger legal issue in certain cases...

In the meantime, I have to say the artist is talented. Perhaps she could at some point become a licensed distributer of "Adam artworks".. In which case he would get a kickback from sales..

To be honest, I would have preferred to have this conversation in private, but those are the basics of the issues you brought up.. And again, feel free to email me at the address I listed above..

Nanbert said...

Glitzylady, by now you've received, via email to you this time, the working links to some actual pages I referenced above showing artwork by creativesharka of Adam that was offered for sale.

Sorry I did not email you as you originally requested, but as you know, I did follow it up with an email after I realized my mistake, and was later able to send working links.

I agree, the artist is VERY talented. Your idea that perhaps the artist could "become a licensed distributor of "Adam artworks", in which case ADAM WOULD GET A KICKBACK from sales" is excellent.... and, in fact, has ALWAYS been the basis of my ongoing objection in the first place.... Adam should have input and share in the profits of a enterprise selling his image!...or, in the case of Chibis, using his name to identify the images as him.

I appreciate your time and thoughtfulness... and patience... in discussing this with me.

glitzylady said...

And I do want to add a personal note regarding CreativeSharka's art (not the commercial aspects of it), but the "Chibi" art in particular.. I enjoy them, they're cute and she can sure turn them out in a hurry!! As for her other more traditional art, that we've seen in "unoffiicial" poster art for instance, including those for Adam's solo shows, and also for Queen + Adam Lambert concerts, I can only wish that I had that kind of artistic talent. I don't, sadly..

We all have our special gifts in some form or another: Adam has his incredible voice and performance skills, to name just 2 of his gifts, not to mention his natural charm, his generous heart, his incredible ability to make us smile whenever we see him, whether it be live on stage, watching him on TV, watching a video, listening in on an interview....etc... etc....the list goes on.., and it's wonderful when those gifts, our and Adam's, are shared with others..

I do assume that we'll continue to share fan art here on this Adam Lambert 24/7 News fan site. The art of CreativeSharka and other talented Adam Lambert fans who feel inspired to draw something for Adam and his fans.. It's obviously created out of love and respect for him. Because he DOES inspire us, doesn't he??

Just had to say that.. Because he sure inspires me!!! (as you can tell :))))))

Off my fan-girl soapbox now :))

glitzylady said...

Our comments here crossed in the mail, so to speak!!! Like minds and all that.. Thanks for your response.. Much appreciated!!