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Listen To Adam Lambert's Original Demo Track For "The Original High": Different, Edgy, Awesome! + mp3

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Posted at : Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Newly revealed original "demo track" for Adam Lambert's title track on his 2015 album "The Original High", now available for listening on SoundCloud. It's the same in many ways, different in others.. But incredible all the same! And the very beginning of Adam's journey to his newest album TOH!

**UPDATED with an mp3 download link (see the tweet at the bottom of the page) AND the ***LYRICS of the original demo, some the same but also some are different in the original version of Adam's song. See the link at the bottom of the page. 

Some background: As we remember, Adam's "The Original High" was the first song he wrote for his new album:

Quote from an interview with Idolator in June 2015, the week of his album release (*See the "The Original High Track Commentary Video below as well, where Adam talks about the inspiration for writing the song, taking the demo to Warner Music and the making of the final track version of his song "The Original High"):

LINK to full article from 6-19-2015: Adam Lambert Talks Chasing ‘The Original High’ & The Funky, Housey Sound Of His New Album: Idolator Interview
Well, speaking of singing, you’ve got a new album out this week. How did Max Martin come to executive-produce The Original High with Shellback?

Adam Lambert: Basically, after I left [RCA] I started going around L.A. and working with producers that I had heard about and writers that I had heard about, and I had this demo of a song called “The Original High.” Then I arranged a meeting with my management and with Max and Shellback. I played them a couple different demos, and they’re like, “Okay, cool, right on.” Then I played them that one and they’re like, “Woah!” Shellback had all these ideas on what we could do to make the track a hit and make it even better. I started talking about what I’ve been doing and where I was, and they were like, “What do you want to do? You’re in a different place and zone then you were in before. Let’s do the whole album.” We just had a great conversation and reconnected.

UPDATE: The SoundCloud Demo track recording has been taken down, but you may still listen HERE on YouTube LINK

Demo track for Adam Lambert's "The Original High" 
via Rumpelstiltskin on SoundCloud (not currently available for download). Listen for the similarities and the differences from the final track version of TOH.. 

*Adam Lambert - "The Original High" [Track Commentary]: 
Adam talks about the making of the track "The Original High." (2015)

Compare to the final (amazing!) 2015 album track version: 
"The Original High [Official Audio]"

**And JUST ADDED!! Link to an mp3 of the "TOH" Demo Track for download, courtesy of @ScorpioBert (click on the link in the tweet for instant download).

***And also just added: LINK TO the lyrics of the original demo, which are in some places different than the album version

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


broddybounce said...

Wonderful! I like this as much as the final released product -- two great versions! Oh I thought TOH was SURE to be a single and so very sad it wasn't. IMHO, I would have liked to have seen the song be the first single off the album, for last summer, it's such a "summer song" -- and then GT for last Halloween. But, I know, I know, water under the bridge now. In any case, great find, glitzy! <3

hkai said...

Fascinating! There are parts of this that I like better than the final version. Thanks for finding and posting it.

Nanbert said...

Interesting to get a peek at the "inside track" of the genesis of TOH. I like BOTH versions-- the original seemed a little darker and grittier... the final one is a bit more upbeat. I also thought the finale version is a slightly better "showcase" for Adam's voice... more range...IMO.

Couldn't TOH still become a single? Is there an unwritten rule that says you can't make a single after a certain time expires from the release of a song?

Marion M said...

I came across another demo of a song that was not on the album.

I downloaded the demo of TOH^^ it. I hope Adam keeps trusting his instincts...

glitzylady said...

@Marion M
I saw that but won't be "officially" posting it here as a thread on the blog, at least for now..

Shoshanna Stone said in a (deleted) tweet today, in reply to a fan who tweeted her about this original version of TOH, (a tweet that just found out about..) that these leaked songs were not intended to be made public.. Loving them both.. The "Stay Right Here" song is a snippet.. Really like the sound of it..

I'm in a bit of a dilemma as to what to do with this thread.. Waiting for further comment by Shoshanna and/or Adam..


Marion M said...

That's what I wondered when I first saw the Demo and the Snippet: What would Adam think.

It really is a dilemma. We, the fans love it but it's not officially put out, it was leaked. So Adam may not even want us to hear it. Same with "beg for mercy" and "Take one". I'm also torn. :(

Thank you though for the work on this site!

Anonymous8 said...

This may sound self-serving but I think that after all of these years, Adam is never surprised by what fans are able to uncover. He acknowledges that it comes from "a place of love". While the demo was never for public consumption, I think Adam will turn it into a positive and be curious about public reaction, especially since he is on the cusp of new work. No true fan will exploit this situation or knowingly offend Adam, and as demonstrated here - will respectfully await his response.........if any.

On the other hand, I loved the demo and thought it was much more revealing and soul-searching. Can understand why It grabbed Max Martin, and resulted in an interesting evolution of a song.

Dee R Gee said...

The original is so much more graphic in terms of drug references. It's darker and grittier. I REALLY love it but I can see why it was edited for the album. I love when things like this surface. It takes us into Adam's inner psyche.

choons said...

I think this version is better than the final recording - LOVE IT.
Perhaps the powers that be should just let it be out there for others to discover - never hurts to have a "lost tape".

Dee R Gee said...

I agree. I think it should just be out there to all to discover. An underground gem.