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Master Herald: Adam Lambert Says He is No Stranger to the Feeling of Not Liking Himself and Explains Why

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Posted at : Saturday, July 09, 2016

Pop superstar Adam Lambert is one frank individual so much so that he can actually talk and share about his feelings and emotions to almost everybody including his millions of fans around the world.
On July 6, the “American Idol” alum gave everyone a glimpse of some of the challenges he had to go through as a person with the launching of his raw and self-produced music video for his single “Welcome to the Show,” reports Out.

The video also features Swedish singer-songwriter Laleh and focuses on close shots of the “Ghost Town” singer’s face and chest, with some where he was wearing a shirt.
Lambert talked about his inspiration behind the song in an open letter that accompanied the video. He also explained why he wanted to produce the track himself.

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Lam-My said...

I've not that much problem finding/knowing myself; maybe I was not even looking. lol! But as I grew older, it came naturally; in short, I knew my directions fairly clearly but realise in retrospect, made a lot of mistakes; didn't have in-depth guidance in the grey/in between areas where one is at the crossroads...the turning points of a make or break in one's life.

Happy that Adam has more or less emerged from his dark tunnel pretty intact and is now able to lead others out as well. I kind of feel it's a lot harder for a gay person with much more negatives hurled at them.

Anne Marie said...

Adam seems content with his looks now, he puts most of them on his IG. They all look good to me. He has had so many people praise him for being good looking, that he must believe it by now. Although he said
once a few years ago, that it is all smoke and mirrors. I tend to believe that, because the only natural pic we see of him is when he was a child. He looked really nice, but obviously he didn't think so, so he set about making himself into a new person, who in his mind looked more like a rocker. He did a good job, and I think his friend taught him about make up. I am glad he has emerged with a more natural look, even with a load of make up, he is so much more handsome now than he was about 6 years ago, JMO. I know some people liked his look with all the eye glitter, not me. He still hides behind the veil, we don't really see the real Adam, might be only a very few of his most closest friends sees that. For us he is the celebrity that he gives to the public.

Lori Williams said...

I agree I like/love the way he looks now and I think as he grows older he will only get even better inside and out😃

Anonymous said...

I thought Adam was handsome when I saw him on American Idol & I think he's handsome now. :-)

Anonymous8 said...

Think Adam has arrived at his sweet place, stylistically he is elegance with a touch of rock & roll, a perfect fit. His "cool factor" is off the grid. He is comfortable with his looks, but probably does not share the public perception of the high level of his looks. Nothing is more attractive than an unassuming highly attractive man.

JAK said...


Nanbert said...

Anonymous8- I could have used the same description-- "Elegance with a touch of rock and roll"!
He has lovely erect but relaxed carriage and graceful movement, and a great frame to show off clothing... broad shoulders, nice height and long legs. He has a good sense of style.. except for those dropped-crotch pants and occasional "skirty"shorts with "army boots" (both of which are SO unflattering) IMO.

The earlier(Idol-Glee) Adam (black hair/clean shaven/eyeliner) looked... to me...almost more beautiful than handsome... yet still managed to seem masculine.

Now, the no-makeup/lightly bearded Adam is definitely more handsome and rugged than beautiful...and more masculine. BTW, when I say no makeup, of course SOME stage makeup is always required while performing.

Last, but definitely not least.....Adam is amazingly photogenic (lucky guy)... and yet he somehow seems to look "different" in various photos... not cookie-cutter.

I'm sure his friend, photographer Lee Cherry, would tell you Adam is a photographers "dream" subject. I've known many people who are beautiful or handsome, but do not photograph well.