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Queen + Adam Lambert Asia Tour 2016 Map

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Saturday, July 23, 2016

Posted at : Saturday, July 23, 2016

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS



LAMBERT Outlaw said...

So thrilled for ADAM & so very Proud!! Imagine how HE feels!! Bet ADAM never thought in a million years that this would be happening to him with QUEEN when they came to help out on AI ... Thank you American Idol for giving ADAM a platform to show the World his Incredible TALENT!! Thank you QUEEN for realizing what a GEM you have found!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Lam-My said...

QAL is sweeping across the globe, nice map with accuracy; well, Adam zips in and out of Asia; he used to be apprehensive about this exotic far-off domain but feels so at home around here now; there may be more additions.
As for Brian and Roger...I suggest they take a peek at our dear old Sir Stamford Raffles, their forebear, with folded arms.. Well, Raffles literally bought Singapore for a mere $5000 and monthly reimbursements in 1819! A visionary, he loved Singapore the minute he sailed into her deep, sheltered harbour where all the action started. Yes, he laid the cornerstone of Singapore but it took another visionary, Lee Kuan Yew to bring her up to speed, leaving no stone unturned, no question unanswered.
By the way, Adam is a swift driver, swerving in and out to dodge paps when he started much for the Sing Grand Prix.
到时见 See you there.

到时 dao shir / when time comes ... 见 jian / see

Lam-My said...

Got a whimsical eastern story to tell:

Lily White Snake coiled on a branch of an ancient tree; it was her haunt and in the night, she would slither down to the undergrowth to catch a meal or two, swallowed whole.
Ah, but she was not an ordinary python. She was actually a beautiful maiden who was changed into a white python, because she disobeyed her voodoo master who shapeshifted her to enslave her.
One day, Lily White Snake was dangling as usual from her antiquated tree. A lovely pure sound attracted her attention. Someone was singing just below the tree; because of the thick foliage, she was well-camouflaged and the person simply walked by singing.

Gotta get out
Gotta get outside
I gotta get outside of my mind
Before I rip it out
I'm on a drive
I'm on a nightdrive
I gotta take a little trip, get twisted
And ride it out
Always after hours
I'm running red lights
Always after hours
Late night, power
I feel it at the wheel...

Lily White Snake loved the song coming from the handsome Prince whom she often ogled when his horse-driven carriage trundled by the forest. Now, she was not going to let this opportunity of a lifetime slip by.
She shapeshifted back to her human form; a demure maiden of eastern descent, long flowing black hair.

Helloo Prince Bert...she whispered coyly. Prince Bert turned around and thought, what a beautiful maiden and why was she in the forest.
Helloo Madame... Prince Bert reciprocated, followed by a theatric bow.
I would like a favour...could I ride with you on your carriage to the hilltop where I live?
Prince Bert, not only was he handsome but very helpful and always loved connecting with people even strangers; in this instance helping a maiden in distress.
Soon Prince Bert's carriage was winding up the hill-road carrying Lily in the carriage. When it reached the hilltop, Prince Bert stopped the carriage for Lily to alight.

There you go Madame; have a nice day!
He looked into the carriage and lo and behold, she wasn't there instead a white python was coiled snugly on the seat.

Whoa! Prince Bert exclaimed.
Somehow he wasn't afraid as the python looked at him so pathetically. Prince Bert then lifted it up gently and set it free at the base of a tree...and went on his way.
When he finally reached his castle, Prince Bert's entourage of servants came out to escort him into his castle.
Later, he looked out at the breathtaking scenery surrounding his castle home. Something caught his eye.
Isn't she the demure maiden he gave a ride to just a while ago...he thought.

Immediately, Prince Bert got down to the magnificent garden below and greeted the demure maiden who finally confided in Prince Bert, about her shapeshifted existence as a white python, a voodoo spell cast on her by her slave master.
What an astounding revelation...thought Prince Bert and consoled Lily but was at a loss as to how to restore Lily to her real self. Lily White Snake then changed back into a white python climbed slowly up Prince Bert's body and all of a sudden, leapt off from the hilltop, like a flying snake to the floor of the ravine, and crawled back into her cave.

Lam-My said...

The next day, Prince Bert decided to find out how Lily White Snake was doing. The horse-carriage wound down the hill-road and pulled up outside a cave in the ravine. Prince Bert knew the terrain well as he was a very adventurous person and explored the mountainous region often.
He found Lily White Snake sitting on a rock outside, looking scared. At that moment, his voodoo master came out to see what the commotion was. He flew up in rage and jealousy thinking a potential suitor had come to take Lily away. He wasted no time and instantly mounted a voodoo attack with his outstretched fingers, in a twisting motion, directing the black magic at Prince Bert who fell to the ground writhing violently, as if trying to shake off the evil spell cast on him. The voodoo master looked on with a smirk on his face.
Prince Bert summoned up his entire strength, got up, found his balance...struck the praying-mantis Shaolin pose which he had learnt from as young as age ten. He always used it to protect himself but never to attack. Prince Bert made a series of consecutive somersaults and landed right in front of the voodoo master; and before he could even blink his eyes, Prince Bert executed his praying-mantis hook using his two fore hooked fingers to jab his opponent's neck pressure point. He was instantly rendered motionless like a pillar of salt.
Whoa! Lily White Snake had no idea, this Prince she ogled was so lethal. She was overwhelmed. Prince Bert then helped her onto his horse-carriage to take her away from this evil. As the horses trotted off, Prince Bert noticed a large praying-mantis perched on a rock at the cave entrance. So, the voodoo master got a taste of his own shapeshift transformation...but why praying-mantis, he mumbled...perhaps he needed to pray for his soul. lwl!

JAK said...

@tess4ADAM.......Like you, I frequently feel a Thank you Idol...Thank you Queen...bubbling up. They gave Adam his chance at the Big Wide World of Entertainment and he has certainly delivered. Yay!