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Adam Lambert Instagram: The crew! #Mykonos #scorpios

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Posted at : Monday, August 22, 2016

A photo posted by ADAMLAMBERT (@adamlambert) on
A photo posted by ADAMLAMBERT (@adamlambert) on
A photo posted by ADAMLAMBERT (@adamlambert) on
A photo posted by ADAMLAMBERT (@adamlambert) on

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Anne Marie said...

Are they going home today? Adam is heading to UK next, for his hair appointment on Thursday, according to his hair stylist.

Nanbert said...

Have you ever wondered how Adam packs for all his traveling? He has to almost need to be an organizational genius... there are so many and varied needs to plan for. He often does not have the time to return home and repack.

Is it possible that he has an "organizer" back home that sends clothing "ahead" for him? Sure, he could purchase clothing when he needs it, but often he may not even have time to do that.

P.S. I hope his hair stylist does not cut/shave Adam's hair so short on the sides this time!

Dee R Gee said...

Love that last pic with the fussed-up hair and the eyeliner. I love his current look but I also it when he puts on the glam.

choons said...

yes that last pic - he's such a beauty.

Anne Marie said...

Not wishing to use a name to annoy anyone, but it was Sauli who showed Adam how to pack, so that at least twice as many clothes, could fit in a suitcase. He said there is a system if done right. It is possible that Adam would send ahead for some of the tours, at least as they are first packed, his clothing suitcases are like a mini closet, a place for everything, even hanging up shirts, and drawers for jewelry and gloves and shoes. Very organized. For trips like this one , I don't think anyone had to take much, because they were not wearing much.LOL
I am hoping that for the Asian tour with Queen, that he has a new set of clothes, I really did not like this last time out, looked like he just grabbed a few things from his closet. Even though I happen to know that some of them were very expensive. If (and I hope he does) sing a Hebrew song in Israel, I would like to see him in a simple black, possibly with a white shirt.

Nanbert said...

Anne Marie, I agree with you about Adam's clothes the last time out with Queen. I especially did not care for the tattered blue jeans with the shiny, palm-tree decorated jacket, however much it cost!
I bet Sauli's method of packing involved rolling the clothes up, instead of folding them... and using those "packing cubes" to keep different types of clothing together. Surprisingly, they do not get as wrinkled. I learned it on the internet. It's great.

Also, I hope too that Adam will sing that Hebrew song (even in translation) in Israel. It is so beautiful and perfect for Adam's voice.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics. I hope Adam had a SPLENDID holiday. :-)

Nanbert said...

Anne Marie, your description of Adam's suitcase being like a mini-closet, makes me wonder if it is basically like the "steamer trunks" that used to be more common. They would have hanging space... and drawers too. Just thinking.