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Adam Lambert Instagram: @rockyhorrorfox

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Posted at : Monday, August 08, 2016

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Lam-My said...

Adam looks pretty the way, I seldom use this brand of words. He must be pretty bad-ass for me to use it. lol! Mmm, a bit like the 70's gangster. Wah! smash through glass pane to arrive on scene; but he ain't no Jacky Chan; that's a stuntman on the motorbike. This may springboard him onto other movies...MotorCop! lwl! Let's see if it conjures up a MotorCop story. lol! By the way, when I write these enigmatic stories I don't know how they eventually unravel/end; so that's why I enjoy reading my own stories, appreciate the strangeness and have a good laugh. During the process of writing them, I'm dead serious, no time to laugh. lol! Let's about MotorCop nabs a bank robber. lol! Banks have glass panels etc etc etc...
Adam is real funny and conjures up a lot of weird scenarios; don't know the story-line of the character Eddie, other than he is a rock-n-roll delivery boy and sings.

Kel Wan said...

Can't wait to hear the whole song

The Dark Side said...

So many good things happening for Adam, the more the merrier. Bring em on!