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Adam Lambert on Snapchat 8-25-16

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Thursday, August 25, 2016

Posted at : Thursday, August 25, 2016

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Lam-My said...

Now, whenever I see Adam on Snapchat...I always watch, mainly to see if he has an indirect message for me. lol! Nothing from this one just ha ha ha... lol!

Anne Marie said...

Seems Terrance is taking care of Adam getting back into shape, after the "Dream Vacation". He doesn't have long, before he must hop over to the UK for some rehearsals. May be Terrance is staying with Adam to help, might need it himself too.
This Asian trip might be quite strenuous , part is 3 shows in a row. Good thing it is a short tour. I expect Terrance will be looking for work, because Adam won't need any dancers, until next year sometime, NYE may be, but that's about it. Waiting anxiously for the 4th Album to get started.

Lam-My said...

Anne Marie... Yea I think Adam, a very generous magnanimous person pays out tidy sums to his friends or employees. Adam will be someone worth following; he doesn't let people he sings it; and that's why his songs are actually a manifestation of himself. Terrance being with him longest in the music business knows how hard it is. Terrance too, a loyal friend, someone Adam can lean on from time to time. Actually, they are like real brothers.
Thanks again! for all your help and updates.

Lam-My said...

Aha! I just watched CNN 25 Aug 2016...Sara/CNN said with deliberation..."lo and behold" regarding the Rio Olympics 'lying' case.

A favourite exclamation that I use in my stories such as Grandma June and others. lol! ...originated by Adam's Grandma June Snapchat.


As usual, Grandma June was out picking those regenerative, aphrodisiac herbs. Then, that strange light beamed from behind a tree again.
This time it moved like lightning and swish! *Lo and behold! Grandma June was sucked up in a glowing halo of light. Instantly, she teleported!

Through the *frosted encasement, Grandma June saw a lot of movements but something familiar stood out...that beam of light that she kept seeing from behind a tree in the woods...there were so many! oooh-la-la! Are those alien eyes?

June 11, 2016 at 8:46 PM

So Grandma June has gone to Hollywood where Adam quoted "frosted" from my story and CNN/Sara said: lo and behold... lwl!

LTA said...

DETOX realness!!!!:))) Cuckoo Adam!!!:)

Anne Marie said...

Wonder if anyone else from the trip, needs to detox, to get back to normal, after a week of heavy partying. Most of the pics, everyone looks calm and healthy. But Adam probably went off his healthy diet of 2 meals a day and not much exercising. Didn't see if those villas had a work out room. I think all healthy food was thrown out of the window, and they all just enjoyed the local cuisine. Looks like Terrance either needed it or he supporting Adam to stay with his detox, it is really hard to detox, hope he only does it for 3 days, then switch to just working out, and get back to normal days.

Nanbert said...

Anne Marie, when you say "detox" do you mean from drugs and/or alcohol (as in "addiction")....or to just rid the body of the results of unhealthy eating/lifestyle? Maybe both?

BTW, the local cuisine is probably much like the highly touted "Mediterranean Diet". And they certainly had access to one of the best "work-out rooms" available... the Mediterranean! Swimming is maybe the finest cardio workout of all (IMO)..... great for Adam's voice and physique!

I wonder if he has been singing during his vacation....and if the voice "gets out of shape" if it's not "exercised" regularly.