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Adam Lambert on Snapchat 'Haircut' 8-13-16

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Saturday, August 13, 2016

Posted at : Saturday, August 13, 2016

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Anne Marie said...

Wonder if Adam is getting his hair cut, because he is going somewhere? He has had some time at home now, it was speculated before, that he might go on a small vacay, to some tropical island or something.

Lam-My said...

Which tropical island? with whom? I would need some bare essentials to write a love story. lol! Let me speculate a bit...somewhere in Finland lwl! Grand Canyon perhaps, Bora Bora to check on that floundering shark. lol!

Anonymous said...

Burning Man?

RoRo said...

Won't he be going to England soon to rehearse with Queen?

Anne Marie said...

Terrance spoke a few weeks ago about several of them going to Greece and rent a villa. Adam has mentioned that he has wanted to go to Greece, since with all his world travels he has not been there. And it's only a 3 hour flight from Finland. So much speculation , as usual LOL.

Lam-My said...

Wah, only 3 hours to Lapland, that's a good lead. We're getting closer one step at a time. lol! Let's see, need to give my confidante Sherlock, a courtesy call.

Ringgg...Helloo Sherlock!

Yes, Sherlock speaking...I know who is calling. What's up this time?

Hey Sherlock, this is a difficult case...we don't have much to go on. You see, Bert is going to Greece with a group of friends, to rent a villa, on vacation. My problem is do you think he would be having some er juicy good time with his all-time soulmate Saul?

Those are just bare details; hardly any substantive circumstantial evidence.

Lam-My: Well, it's just a 3-hour flight to Finland.

Aha! That's a strong lead. Finland, isn't that where Bert's soulmate, Saul lives? So, he rents a villa in Greece; sounds like romance is in the air. My intuitive seventh sense rings loud and clear. Yep, Saul to his rescue once again. You know what I mean...

No, Sherlock, I don't know what you are configuring, you're always so many steps ahead when it comes to nabbing the crooks! lol!

You are way off Lam-my! These ain't no crooks! These are the never-ending Romeo and Romeo. Start from that premise!

Come on Sherlock...we are running round in circles. You have not answered my question.

Now, put all the evidences on the table: You got two Romeos, just 3 hours away from each other, a beautiful villa in Greece...What do you think happens?

Line cuts off...

Hey Sherlock...Hello hello, are you still there...looks like he has something urgent to attend to. Got to go have my breakfast, 3 slices of toast and coffee...that is what will be on the table. lol!

Anne Marie said...

Sauli just wrapped up his personal trainer stuff. I am sure Adam won't have "another lonely night" but who with is the big question. Just coincidence that
S can have some time off now. I think it will be really nice if a group of Adams friends go too, so much more fun, and S knows them all very well.