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Adam Lambert on Snapchat 'Jesus' 8-12-16

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Posted at : Saturday, August 13, 2016

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS



Lam-My said...

Adam posted the picture of a dagger across his forehead (above)...Yes that picture conjured up my first long story, Psychobert parts 1 to 8 and my dear pal Kindred followed my story every step of the way from part to part. I would have stopped probably at part 3 if she hadn't kept telling me she liked the story, part by part. Now, that was June 2013. Now, looking back, I think the intensity of Adam's expression sparked the story and the dagger matched his ferocity.

Fast forward...Michael Phelps (shown above) the all-time Olympic Champion! And not just that, he was sooo gracious and took his defeat in Rio, to Joseph Schooling with so much admiration for Schooling and said: "I'm very happy for's all up to him now..." And Joseph didn't mince words either. He said it was Phelps that spurred and inspired him.
Well, Phelps and Schooling have fostered a rather deep bond in the pool in Rio. For Singaporeans, we witnessed Olympic history first ever Gold medal.
Joseph endearingly addressed as Jo by Phelps smashed the existing Olympic Record for 100m Butterfly. I don't know much about swimming techniques but people who know say the Butterfly is the most strenuous which may comprise the speed of a swimmer; fairly obvious as the 10-year younger Schooling pounded his way leading by a body length from start to finish in a new 50.39s Olympic Record.
Somehow, I felt Michael Phelps found a sense of completion; he smiled so broadly and seemed so happy on the podium receiving his Silver medal with long-time rivals from South Africa and Hungary...a triple Silver tie. It reminds me a little of kung-fu, with one flying kick, Joseph diminishes 3 opponents. lwl! But Schooling says: "I'm not as good as them."

Thanks AdminFan! for bringing these pictures.

Kindred said...

Hi Lam-My!

Congrats for Singaporeans first Gold medal and what a way to do it too!:)

I'm back to my own routines and home from summer vacay. My family is home all together but my sons are willing to start their own separate lives somewhere else. So I'm thinking, how precious present moments are and the time we spend together. This site is different too from the start I came here and it's cool to see all the familiar names still here from time to time. Your stories Lam-My have gotten their inspiration from Adam's life and they'll remain as heroic short stories in my memory, thankey for them!:)))Hopefully we can share new ones in the future too.
It is really incredible, how Adam continues to be an artistic force and his career has new horizons almost every day, at least so it seems from a fan's point of view. Something surprising on its way all the time!:) It's just me I'm growing older faster than anybody else, soon my teeth fall out of old age!!!P I hope to be able to see the many things, where Adam is heading into and what his music will be like, please no rap! hehheh
Have a nice continuing fun time in Adamlandia!:D Kindred

Lam-My said...

Helloo Kindred! Sooo nice to hear from you; so you just crawled back from under your summer rock! You're so lucky to be so close to nature and it shows up in your natural ability to connect with people; your positive thinking.
Thank you for sharing in our first ever Gold Olympic medal joy; and you hit it right in the centre when you said: "and what a way to do it too!:)"
Once again, Thank you for sharing in my stories, every step of the way! And yes, Adam did enlighten me with regard the enjoyment in writing. All my working life, I wrote and wrote reports/appraisals but never felt the joy; that's quite sad now that I know what real writing means!
All the best to your sons' endeavours and your family. Thanks! again for being the effervescent spirit you aurora borealis. lwl!