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Adam Lambert Retweeted X-Factor AU: Want a sneak peek at your next generation of superstars?

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Posted at : Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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Nanbert said...

Wow...impressive promotion! I hope we'll get to see those programs! Can't wait!

Anne Marie said...

Adam uses a stylist he has said, to help him choose his clothes for his concerts. I would think that possibly this week he is getting together what he is going to wear for the Queen tour, then immediately going to OZ for X-factor, where there must be several changes. Hope he has a few new outfits for Queen. Although I really liked some older ones, if he kept them. It's just a short tour, but a very important one. Everything Adam does is important, and he loves to pick out clothing.

Nanbert said...

Agreed -- the clothing is so important. Adam is a "clothes horse", i.e. (for the younger generation) wears/shows off clothes very well... model-type. On top of that, he looks so great in over-the-top outfits that nobody else can pull off, and it's become almost a trademark for him, especially with Queen.

I hope he pulls out all the stops for this next QAL tour. Give us some Glam and Glitz, Adam! Either bring out some golden-oldies from your wardrobe, or bring in some new pizazz! Black leather is always IN, too. But, please, no shorts.

Anne Marie said...

Nanbert, ha ha ha, I love "the no shorts", I totally agree, but that won't stop him.
SkinGraft (sp), just had a fashion show, I would be very surprised if Adam wasn't in the audience. It looked like mostly black leather, including shorts. You know in cartoons, a persons eyes look like they are popping in and out staring, that is how I see Adam looking at the model wearing the leather shorts.

Nanbert said...

Oh No-No-No! NOT black leather shorts! I can't tell you how relieved I was when he stopped wearing that shorts-set on the TOH tour!

I keep remembering Adam speaking with admiration about Freddie prancing around the stage in very short white shorts--only--his freedom of expression-- and how he just didn't give a damn! That constantly makes me nervous....that preys on my mind!

I'm so sorry you told me that.....I won't sleep well tonight.