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Adam Lambert Tweeted: "Right when we met, you made me forget that my heart was ever Broken"

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Posted at : Thursday, August 11, 2016

 Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Marion M said...

Just bought it! Is it exclusively Adam's vocals on this track? I'm wondering about 22:39 in the track, where he (?) sings the tweeted line...

Loooove it!

Marion M said...

I mean at 2:39...

Lam-My said...

This tweeted line is powerful, loaded and poetic. For a moment, I thought he finally found the love of his life.

Lam-My said...

The featured Tritonal butterfly seems too heavy to fly with the orange stuff loaded on its wings; butterflies have to be light enough for it to flit and flutter from flower to flower to pollinate them.
A real situation of my butterfly design in my one-year art program where I had to make a design for a piece of fabric. I had absolutely no inkling where or how to start. As the art lecturer, Mr Choy, a very talented artist walked round, he could tell I needed help, so he said...Draw a butterfly. I thought, well...that's easy, so I drew a small insignificant butterfly somewhat like the featured one, with two protrusions at the base of the wings. Lecturer came round again, not happy about the unattractive-looking butterfly. lol! He pointed to the two protrusions and said...Draw them longer. So I drew the two protrusions longer and curved them to add drama lol! The whole design was about 10cm in length. Lecturer smiled and said...Okay, not terribly excited though. lol! I then transferred it onto a silkscreen, in a repeated design and finally got my mauve butterfly flitting on a 2m by 2m bluish fabric. Yep, Lecturer was quite satisfied now and put it on exhibition at the end of that course.

Lam-My said...

Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly
Stage by needs to survive
Before it breaks out and takes to the sky
Now the Adam butterfly says:
Welcome to my colourful life
Fluttering far and wide
To pollinate flowers of mankind
With goodness and receptive mind
Our cup runneth over
When he sings and brings a rainbow
Of a broad spectrum of crescendos
To light up the darkness lurking in murky shadows

Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...

Well well, my psychic vibe haphazardly made me write a poem about Butterfly; lo and behold, Singapore got our first ever 100m Butterfly Gold at the Rio Olympics in the form of Joseph Schooling who beat his Idol, Michael Phelps whom he met at age 13. Simultaneously, he beat 2 other Silver Medalists (3-way tie) in a new Olympic Record of 50.39 seconds. Now that is some high wire he was treading, er water.

Joseph Schooling pounding his way
A powerful water butterfly
Swims alongside his all-time Idol, Michael Phelps
Never in his wildest dream, thinks he would
He knows he can't lose
Decisively he smashes the Olympic Record
Setting a new 50.39 seconds 100m Butterfly
It's Singapore's first Gold victory
Our Flag raised, making history
For the first time, at the Rio Olympics medal ceremony

Lam-My said...

Michael Phelps was all smiles and said he felt okay to be beaten by Joseph Schooling as that was a good feeling of defeat; that a new generation of swimmers is carrying the torch forward. At the same time his time tied with those of two arch-rivals, 2nd placing/Silver; triple Silver winners. As for Joseph Schooling, he encourages Michael Phelps to carry on 4 more years as he wants to race him again; to which he says: "No no no nope..." .
I could tell Schooling was awed by Phelps during the walk after the medal ceremony; he kept talking to Phelps and vice versa.
It seems at the post conference after the race, the reporters kept asking Phelps a lot of questions. Phelps jokingly told them they should post all the questions to Schooling, and added: Joe just won a Gold medal. lwl!