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Billboard: Vote Adam Lambert > Who should sing the National Anthem at the 2017 Super Bowl?

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Thursday, August 11, 2016

Posted at : Thursday, August 11, 2016

 Vote Adam Lambert!!!

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Marion M said...

THAT would be so cool if Adam made it for this gig, but lol at these foreign artists on the list^^...

I don't think I'd sing another countries anthem and I'd find it weird if some foreigner, who doesn't feel connected to my country sang it. I think it would take someone patriotic for any anthem.
To be completely honest I wouldn't sing any anthem at the moment. Looking at the world right now, I don't now if it's the time to be patriotic/nationalistic. I think we all need to swallow our pride and ego at the moment. IMHO

Nanbert said...

How often can we vote? There's no mention in the article. I tried to vote several times before I realized it "has already counted your vote". Adam is ahead now, but during that time I was voting ( 5-6 minutes), he lost .04 points while 5th Harmony and Little Mix each gained .02 points.

Glamberts - keep on this! We would love to see Adam singing at Super Bowl 2017!!!

glitzylady said...

Obviously this is just a poll with suggestions but Billboard may have some clout (we hope!) so definitely vote!

ALSO: The poll included a vote for who should sing "America The Beautiful" and although Adam is not listed on that one, there is an "Other" category to vote for other artists at the bottom of that one. Be sure to add his name and vote for him there also.

I truly think Adam would be perfect to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. We know he would do an outstanding job on either of those.

CT said...

Voting !!!! I would so love to see/hear Adam singing in either or both of those categories!!!

JAK said...

I personally prefer America the Beautiful instead of "rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air"........

And...@ Marion M.....presently with world conditions I think we need a global anthem......Earth is only a speck in the vast universe.
Those of us who cling here should be doing all we can to preserve our planet, not blow it and its inhabitants apart bit by bit.

JAK said...

Sorry. I'm feeling kind of glum.....I've GOT to stop reading newspapers and watching news programs.

Nanbert said...

Glamberts - Adam is losing ground... Between 1:15- 6:20, he dropped from 36.57 to 33.20!!!!

Little Mix is moving up fast... between 1:15 - 6.20, it jumped up from 19.16 to 24.97!

Fifth Harmony, the third highest dropped from 15.31 to 14.75 during the same time period.

We have to be watchful, a couple of other times Adam has started out way ahead, and then someone else charges up to take the lead. Maybe we get complacent when we see a huge lead.

Who knows when this thing is over? Who knows how often we may vote? HATE these polls!


LAMBERT Outlaw said...

@Nanbert ... I'm not taking anything for granted ... I'm going to try Voting several times a day ... if it is accepted then all is good but if it says I already Voted then I'll keep trying until it's accepted again!! Good plan??

@JAK ... I feel the same way ... I try to stay away from the news but I guess I'm a glutton for punishment ... it's so depressing!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Marion M said...

@JAK and @Lambert Outlaw: You guys are not alone! As I sayed I feel the same way. Around may it was really bad. Now I'm not that aware of the news anymore? Twitter-Hashtags are how I stay informed^^...maybe I've gotten used to it a little more...or simply numb to it...also my studying scedule doesn't live alot of time to think or breath...probably wanted that way to keep us from devolping personality and questioning things.
In may there was the Euorvisionsongcontest and in the preliminary two songs were written out of the same feeling we have and that's when I realized I'm not alone...

Nanbert said...

O.K. Glamberts -- by 1:29 AM EST, Friday 12th, Adam has dropped behind!.. as follows:

Adam Lambert .....26.56
5th Harmony.......27.01
Little Mix........24.82

I keep trying to vote again, but they keep saying my vote has been counted.

I keep trying to write in Adam next to "other" on the "America" vote, but they say the same thing..."already counted".

Nanbert said...

Fri.- 1:50pm EST - Adam........... 23.58
5th Harmony.....30.39
Little Mix......28.89

!!!!!!!!!!! Vote, if you can. I'm still not allowed to vote again, even after 24 hours!