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Fan Art! Chibi Adam Lambert #RockyHorror #Eddie

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Thursday, August 18, 2016

Posted at : Thursday, August 18, 2016

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS



Lam-My said...

Hiii! Chibi Eddie sure look badass! So what's up with your motorbike gear-up.

Chibi Eddie:
Well, I am supposed to to crash it through a glass panel into a weidooo party.

Wah! Sounds really fun! You sure know how to make a splash. I like that gleaming motorbike of yours. I even wrote a poem about how Glampire, that's you, fighting with Dracula using a titanium motorbike heaving its headlights to glare at him. Vampires are afraid of light because they thrive in darkness. Hey, that kiss-curl lock of hair dangling on your was a 70's fashion statement.

I know only a little of the Rocky Horror movie but read that you would be annihilated and your body hidden under a table-cloth; oooh-la-la! walah! Anyway, looking forward to your brilliant acting and singing.

Chibi Eddie:
I had such a lot of fun filming Rocky Horror and I think it'll make one helluva comeback. Thanks again Lam-My! I heard that Joseph Schooling of Singapore won their first ever Olympic Gold medal in the 100m Butterfly! Congratulations!

Thank you! It has not sunk in yet because it was so sudden and nobody expected it; though Joseph knew he stood a fairly good chance of nabbing the Gold Butterfly; what he didn't expect, I think, is he broke the Olympic Record and not only that, beat his beloved all-time Champion Michael Phelps in the process.
He went on a victory tour yesterday on a red open-top bus, to schools...whoa! those boys and girls lined the roads to wave at him; they must be thinking...I want to be like Joseph; just like Joseph as a child wanted to be like Michael Phelps.

Bye! for now Chibi Adam...Thanks for all your inspiration mostly in my writings and also your fantastico singing. I see a shade of semblance in you and Joseph...lungs! and power! lwl!

Anonymous said...

LOVE it! Thanks for posting, Admin Fan.