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Gay West Hollywood Tweeted: The fun things that happen at @TigerHeatLA @DJRayRhodes @AdamLambert Avalon Hollywood

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Posted at : Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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Nanbert said...


Nanbert said...

FYI.....Above was the sound of me having my breath taken away!

Anne Marie said...

Beautiful. How come his snapchats don't look like that?

Nanbert said...

Anne Marie-- this photo is really quite special... even though Adam is always photogenic. However, I've noticed over time, how different he looks in various photos. Maybe that's what you've noticed about the snapchats.

Alternatively, since snapshots are such close-ups, maybe they are a bit distorted because of that.

Lastly... and this is only speculation, I sometimes suspect Adam prefers to have a slenderer jawline and a more oval face. In order to photograph that way, he often drops his chin (separating his teeth)..which makes his lips seem fuller and slightly "pouty... and which lengthens his face and makes a more oval shape.... an old modeling trick. He may have started using that trick when he was heavier and had a fuller, rounder face.

But he rarely does that in more "candid" photos like the above.... WHICH IS WHEN I THINK HE LOOKS HIS ABSOLUTE BEST!!!...with a much more masculine jawline!

I'm probably all wrong. I think too much.... but this observation keeps returning. What do you think?

Anne Marie said...

I think the most obvious difference, is that this photo is Adam in full makeup, and the snapchats almost never. He has always said it is all smoke and mirrors, and he is a professional at makeup, and enhancing his eyes. I do love this particular photo.

Nanbert said...

Yes, you're right.... there is the eye makeup, but much more subtle than the old (hard, black) "guyliner" of yore.... thank goodness. But he usually wears some these days.

Also, his hair down, instead of piled so high, and that hat perched back on his head is really attractive.

Whatever... it IS a great photo!

Nanbert said...

Anne Marie... scroll back a bit on this website ... to where the photo of Adam in the Poll for the Handsomest American Man is. That's the type of expression/pose I was trying to describe to you above here at 8:33.

With all the wonderful photos available of Adam, why would they pick that one?

Hey, if THIS photo had been in that poll, nobody would have been ahead of Adam now!