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Press Party: Roger Taylor says Adam Lambert is 'perfectly fitted' for Queen

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Posted at : Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Queen drummer Roger Taylor thinks Adam Lambert is a perfect match for the band.
The US star has fronted the veteran rock group on tour for the last few years.
Speaking to Time Out Shanghai, Taylor said Lambert manages to both reflect late singer Freddie Mercury and provide something new.
He said: "He does bring himself, but he has a lot of things in common with Freddie Mercury.
"He has an incredible sense of humour, which is very important, and he has an incredible vocal range - and those two things really make him perfectly fitted for Queen. It's a delight really for us.
"Rather unexpected - Brian and I didn't expect to still be working under the name Queen - but this is our fourth or fifth tour [with Adam Lambert] now and we've found ourselves absolutely loving it."

Link Press Party: Roger Taylor says Adam Lambert is 'perfectly fitted' for Queen 

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The Dark Side said...

Roger is such a sweetheart... And add the bonus of having Rufus on tour also is priceless

Nanbert said...

QAL is a miracle for everyone!... Adam...Brian... Roger...the rest of the QAL gang... but most of all, the QAL fans.. especially us! It's Karma.

As Brian also said --"It was meant to be". They are both right, it's a PERFECT match!

How nice... everybody wins!!

A day doesn't go by that I don't watch a concert of Adam Lambert and QAL music combinations on Youtube. I just love both.. Adam alone and Adam with Queen. It feeds my soul!

Anne Marie said...

I love hearing Roger and Brian sing Adam's praises. They don't go overboard, just speak it as they see it, and are in total agreement. Nice for Adam when he is out of town, and country, to be with people who absolutely love him and "get" him. What a blessing for him, besides how it has helped his career, and exposed him to more fans, which is what Brian and Roger want. I hope Adam can fit the Queen tour in each year, for as long as Queen can keep up. So far it all has worked out better than anyone ever expected. I would like a DVD of one of the Qual tours, but not an album. They need to leave all the albums as they are with Freddie, that should never be changed. Queen is also a gift from God for Adam, which I believe he appreciates. Idol and Queen combined launched Adams career.

Dee R Gee said...

I agree that they shouldn't do new material. They tried it with Paul Rodgers with no success. Fans want QUEEN music from Queen. It's their legacy. A new album with new material from QAL probably would not sell all that well, just like what happened with Paul Rodgers. Adam's time with Queen is such a gift to him. He will be in the music history books forever due to his time with Queen. It's sometimes to be treasured. It's a perfect fit. They should continue with their classic music legacy for as long as they want to. Adam is allowing them to finish their Queen career with a BANG and not a whimper.

Nanbert said...

But, consider this, Queen and Paul Rodgers' tour was not successful even with Queen music. Their types/styles simply never worked together it's no surprise their album together was not successful, either.

But I wholeheartedly agree that DVD's should be released of QAL concerts. A very important part of the QAL concerts is the VISUAL aspect. I will listen to the music once or twice, but I will return again and again to the videos... and continue to do so.

As far as Queen and Adam doing new material together... it could work....if they would introduce newly "minted" songs by them in their tours to familiarize their audiences with them, I believe they would have a good chance of being accepted/liked by their fans. Then eventually they might have enough songs for an album ---- and ready-made fans who are already familiar with the new music.

BUT, the best idea of all, imagine a MOVIE made about the QAL PHENOMENON!!! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Queen & Paul Rodgers released a number of recordings .......

One studio album "The Cosmos Rocks" (2008) which went to no. 5 in the UK, as well as 3 live albums plus 5 singles. None of the recordings reached no. 1 but didn't do badly in some countries.

In addition, there are 3 video recordings, 2 of which reached nos. 1 & 2 respectively in the UK.

There's also a film, "Let the Cosmos Rock" in 2008, shown in U.S. cinemas one night only.

So it seems Queen & Paul Rodgers were rather active for several years.

Let's hope there are QAL collaborations of similar kind some time in the future. <3

Dee R Gee said...

Flutttsp, thanks for that info. I didn't read Queen and Paul R. Did that much together.And with pretty good success. But somehow, Adam has the magic they were looking for.

Nanbert said...

Fluttsp --Interesting. I didn't realize that they (Queen and Paul Rodgers) were as successful as that.. since Queen definitely stated that Paul was not nearly as suited to their style as Adam, who is a "gift from God".

On that basis, I would suspect that a QAL album would be quite successful. Just think of all the enraptured people the videos show from their tours who would "snatch up" tour albums if they had a chance! But, of course, they would snatch up DVD's from then as well.

We have to remember that many people have NEVER EXPERIENCED QUEEN WITHOUT ADAM! His is the voice they want to hear NOW....He is the performer they want to see NOW.

I'm prejudiced, of course, but actually I much prefer Adam's voice/presence over Freddie's... although I liked Freddie with Queen well enough.

Nanbert said...

Me again.. with a bit of trivia.

In a 2012 interview, when he heard Adam was going to tour with Queen, Paul Rodgers suggested that Adam perhaps lacked the proper level of experience, stating "It's probably a dream come true for Adam, but I wonder if he has the groundwork to see him through a big tour with those guys".

Boy, was he wrong! I checked around, but could find no comments from Paul Rodgers AFTER the QAL tour had became a huge hit!

Anonymous said...

I love/d Freddie with Queen & I love Adam with Queen - there's room for both.

Lucy said...


I imagine, like so many people, that Paul didn't realize that Adam had a long background in musical theater.
I think many people consider Idol and X Factor contestants as amateurs who just get lucky.

He didn't know that Adam would fit like a glove!

Nanbert said...

I'm sure you're right, Lucy.... nor did he do any "homework" about Adam. Even checking out Adam's Idol performances would have caused him to give a completely different response at that interview..... Adam's voice and stage presence were undeniable.