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Adam Lambert Backstage Pics With Queen And Fans in Tel Aviv, Israel

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Posted at : Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A photo posted by Lior Gilboa (@liorgilboa) on

A photo posted by Shirli Opatowski (@shirlikattash) on

A photo posted by Shirli Opatowski (@shirlikattash) on

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Nanbert said...

Adam's eyes look quite bloodshot in one of those close-ups. Usually, the whites of his eyes are startling clear. I hope he's not coming down with something...allergy...cold...pinkeye...hangover...or...whatever?

Artemis said...

Sorry, but I absolutely hate the shaved head. He has gorgeous hair. Why ruin it? FYI, before someone jumps all over me, I hate shaved heads on any man and I'm not a fan of bald heads either.

Kath said...

pyro technics, smoke machine, hot hot weather, stage lights, millions of flashes going off, late night, I would look like this too. :)

Marion M said...

When I see pics like this I always wonder: How do these people get to meet Adam?!
Was this at an after party? Are these people from the on-stage special? Is this some random restaurant, that the crew went to after the show and these people happened to meet them?

I'm jealous AF...and at this point it does NOT matter that I don't know what I would actually say to Adam, if I met him.^^

Nanbert said...

If I COULD say anything.......I'd probably say the same thing a million dolts like me have undoubtedly said already.... "I've been your fan since you first auditioned on American Idol"!

Nanbert said...
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funbunn40 said...

When you see him face to face, your brains go out the window. I never said what I intended to say,just blurted out one idiotic, inane sentence. You don't have time to say anything more at a M&G, which is a shame, when you consider the expense & wish to say at least two coherent sentences. Adam was always gracious & so patient to stand & greet 50 fans at each M&G so pleasantly.

choons said...

Yes, my brain left and I beebled.

Marion M said...

Some more pictures:

Here is a video of the full show! actually very good vidographing!

Nanbert said...

choons... ha ha....that would be me, too.

I just learned a NEW vocabulary word..."beebled".... I would guess that it embodies the best of "babbled","bleeped", "bumbled", and "blurted"....right?

Maybe I should throw in "blushed" for good measure.