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Queen + Adam Lambert Asia Tour Rehearsal via Brian May IG

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Posted at : Tuesday, September 06, 2016

A photo posted by Brian Harold May (@brianmayforreal) on

A photo posted by Brian Harold May (@brianmayforreal) on

A photo posted by Brian Harold May (@brianmayforreal) on

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Nanbert said...

What an amazing and massive organization Queen is! The logistics involved in putting up and taking down the entire operation are staggering-- just keeping track of all the parts and pieces, and constantly adapting to the changing facilities and dimensions at the different venues!

Imagine all the staff that has to be moved, housed and fed... coordinating the travel plans for people and equipment, etc. etc.

There has to be a staff of organizational geniuses behind the scenes to pull it off so seamlessly. They are the unsung heroes! I think about it often and am dumbfounded.

Anne Marie said...

Nanbert, I think you said it all, I believe they use the same crew each time, except for some locals at each town or country. It is unbelievable how much work that is. Wondered if Adam is actually there already rehearsing. We have seen the pictures of the 17 big rigs that they use for the equipment. At least now the backdrop for the stage is already paid, so now it's the venue first, then the workers, then band, then Brian and Roger, and last but not least, Adam. So this will pay for his nice vacation he just had, and his new pool. Hope we hear of something he is investing his money in. JMO, he should invest in his own company of shoes and boots. He has such a personal interest in that department.

Magiclady said...

Can't wait to have more QAL concerts to watch!

Dee R Gee said...

The place looks fantastic! Can't wait for the tour to start. And yes, the crews that put together the staging for these huge concerts are magicians and masters of their trade. They make it all look spectacular.

Dee R Gee said...

The question is out there: Will Adam sing that beautiful Hebrew song that we have video of him singing (pre-Idol). I wish I had looked up the name of the song before I posted this comment. I can't think of it now. Someone here will know. It's so lovely. Adam read the lyrics off a sheet of paper on the floor and sang it phonetically.

Nanbert said...

Anne Marie, what I'd like to know is how they transport all that to Tel Aviv, for example, and then the other scattered Asian cities.

Sea or Air?.. they can't use those 17 big rigs then...well maybe on a VERY BIG SHIP!..and there's very little time between concerts. I don't know why I get hung up on all these speculations, but it really "bugs" me.

If anybody knows about a place that I could find out information like that, I'd love to know.

Just imagine the COST alone for a tour like QAL's! Often when they're on tour, other venues want to book them when they're in the area. Wonder if they'll add any more this time... like Tokyo (added two more). It's probably more cost effective to add performances, since they're already on the road.

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee -- I think the song on youtube is named Shir Lashalom..

They don't have much time to "put it together" by Sept. 12th!... even pros like those guys! Especially since all the equipment and instruments should be "shipping out" ahead of time.

Also, Queen doesn't already have that song in their repertoire. Adam knows the music, but not the words!

But, they might have been working on it separately-- and emailing each other about it.

Sorry I'm going on so much about all this..... I just getting SO EXCITED!

Anonymous8 said...

Queen is probably one of the few Bands that can mount such spectacular shows with high production values on an International scale. No question they are "royalty". Not that Brian, Roger or Adam will be financially hurting - but they may be setting a trend by having those VIP on stage seats to alleviate some of that bottom line. In years to come I can see even big names having to scale back on production values. For big rock bands, Queen may represent an end of an era.

Not that I am a fan, but many reviews of the Demi/Nick Tour noticed and commented on their stripped back, minimal cost production.

Anne Marie said...

Nanbert, there are 2 songs that Adam sang, one is the "the Prayer" which I love the best, and the other one is 'Peace'. I think The Prayer is the one most people have heard, but both are on Y-tube sung by Adam, not alone but either one or two other female singers. IF Adam will sing one in Israel, he certainly can sing it solo, and not even need the orchestra back up. Just a little bit of Brian, and just let his voice do it all. He has had a couple of months to rehearse it at home, and with Skype can rehearse with Brian. I think by the time they actually are there together, it would not take very much rehearsal, as long as Brian's knees don't buckle as he listens to Adam singing. When Adam is in full force, with a beautiful song, we all know how it affects us. Buckled knees, tears and a greater love for the man performing.

Anne Marie said...

Apparently, Adam was doing a photo shoot in London today. Photos coming.

Nanbert said...

Anne Marie.. you said it!..."buckled knees" et al.."the Prayer" is gorgeous, and Adam would kill it! However, it is written by an American, and therefore would not be considered "special and personal" by an Israeli audience, even though it would give them goosebumps!

"Shir Lashalom" is an Israeli song - an anthem for Peace - and therefore dear to the hearts of the Israelis. Besides, that is the song that the Jewish show host (?) played for Roger on his cellphone during their interview... when Adam explained how he sang it phonetically from notes laid on the floor, and looked a little uncomfortable when Roger said they should perform it.

But I feel that surely Adam COULD perform Shir Lashalom in English, and it would still be "special" for the Israelis. And, as you suggested, Adam could sing it alone, with a touch from Brian in support... and everyone will still get their "buckled knees, tears and love"... because that's what Adam does!.... better than anyone else!

Dee R Gee said...

Yes! Thanks, guys. Those actually are the two songs I was thinking of. He probably won't sing a Hebrew song in Tel Aviv, but it sure would be amazing if he did. NOW THAT would get lots of YouTube hits!!

So great to see the QAL rehearsals begin! I think they most likely take all their equipment on a pane to wherever they go. It's the fastest.

Anne Marie, I also saw that Adam was doing a photo shoot! We haven't seen him do one in quite a while. I wonder what he'll look like? He's such a chameleon.

Just caught the end of AGT tonight. (I'm not watching it regularly; just catch a moment or two sometimes.) Saw Brian Crum (Adam's friend) finish the show. He's got a tremendous voice. He mentioned in an interview that he and Adam had the same voice teacher in San Diego and were in Wicked together. AGT always puts the strongest acts on last, so there's a good chance he'll win.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Dee R Gee ... I don't know if Brian will win ... he's fantastic but he's also up against the same odds as ADAM was on Idol in addition to the fact that he is also being pitted against a 12 year old who writes & sings?? her own songs (I don't think she should win but you know America) ... but like I said she's only '12 years old'!! She'll get eaten up by the music business ... like ADAM said .. it's a very difficult life & you have to stay focused if you want to succeed!! I think Brian deserves to win but .... I'll just keep my fingers crossed for him!! He's the best singer/performer ... that's for sure ... so VOTE for him!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)