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HongKong Tourism Board Tweeted: Don't forget the amazing Queen and Adam Lambert perform this month in #HongKong

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Posted at : Monday, September 05, 2016

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEW




Lam-My said...

Adam, you may want to use some Cantonese:

Hello / 你好 (lei ho) Cantonese ... 你好 (ni hao) Mandarin

lei (you) ... ho (good)

Long time no see / 好耐冇見 (ho loi mo geen) Cantonese

好耐 ho loi / long time ... 冇 mo / no ... 見 geen / see

Thank you 多謝 (dor jeh) - for a gift ... 唔該 (Mm goi) - for a service

So after a concert in Hong Kong, Adam might want to thank the audience with 多謝 (dor jeh) which is stronger/more formal than 唔該 (Mm goi) more casual.

In reply to a thank you : 唔駛 (Mm sai) No need.
Mm (no) ... sai (need)

Or 冇問題 (mo mern tai) No problem.

冇 mo (no) ... 問題 mern tai (problem)

Goodbye 再見 (joi geen) ... 拜拜 (bai bai)

再 joi / again ... 見 geen / see