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Just Jared: Adam Lambert Predicted Success of AGT's Sal Valentinetti

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Saturday, September 3, 2016

Posted at : Saturday, September 03, 2016

 Sal Valentinetti is one of the ten finalists who will perform in the America’s Got Talent finale on September 13 and his success was predicted by Adam Lambert!
The 21-year-old crooner auditioned for the 14th season of American Idol in 2015 and performed in front of Adam, who was a guest judge and praised the singer.
“He is really cool, actually,” Sal told Billboard about Adam. “He is a larger than life performer and entertainer, but a down to earth person.”

Link Adam Lambert Predicted Success of AGT's Sal Valentinetti 

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Anne Marie said...

Sal is a very good looking man with a very good voice, and stage presence. If he lost some weight, he would rival Adam in good looks, that dark hair and those great blue eyes, actually bluer than Adams. Hope he goes a long way on AGT, and someone will notice him, remember Adam didn't win on Idol.

Allysa Mentor said...

He's like Michael Buble, but with swag and a lot more persons.ity. I could see him in Vegas.

Nanbert said...

This article (and a couple of others) is quite misleading. The only input Adam ever had regarding Sal was when he was substitute judging on American Idol when Sal auditioned. At that time Adam pressed for Sal to "go through", saying that there were a lot of people who would really like him.

It was just that ONE TIME THING -- not related to America's Got Talent at all. We don't have a clue what Adam's thinking about that. He may even prefer his friend, Brian, who seems to be the current favorite.... or someone else entirely.

Or, maybe he's not even paying attention to AGT right now. I hate how those articles distort the news!