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Master Herald: Adam Lambert Showcases Jewish Beliefs as He Tours Israel and Performs with Queen in Tel Aviv

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Monday, September 19, 2016

Posted at : Monday, September 19, 2016

Pop superstar Adam Lambert showcased his Jewish beliefs as he toured key parts of Israel recently that are associated with religion.
The “Ghost Town” singer made the tour before his performance with the Queen in Tel Aviv, the capital city of Israel.
It seems like Lambert arrived in the country earlier than his scheduled performance with the Queen so he took time off to make the tour, notes the Times of Israel.
From his Instagram posts, it seems that Adam Lambert was fully taken with his trip of Israel. He shared photos from his tour including those taken in Jerusalem’s Old City and a moment of silent prayer at the Western Wall. He also shared a picture showing him in a sulky pose in front of the Western Wall plaza.
Lambert also visited the ‘Entrance to Jesus’ Tomb’ which is also called as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
As expected, Adam Lambert wowed Israelis when he performed with the Queen in Tel Aviv during their historic concert in the country. He also shared a photo on Instagram showing himself holding a chalice while performing with the Queen during their concert, notes the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

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Nanbert said...

Oh my, is it possible that "chalice" Adam uses in "Killer Queen" might have had some religious meaning in Israel......

I hope no one was inadvertantly offended. I'm still concerned by whatever nasty remarks Adam was said to have received and deleted.

Allysa Mentor said...

I can't imagine anyone saying anything rude or. mean about Adam's visit to The Western Wall. I didn't see any on my feed, and it's disturbing to hear that.

Nanbert said...

Allysa Mentor ....I can't remember who said that here, but I think it was referring to Adam's website or twitter somewhere, where he deleted a bunch of nasty remarks .... I don't think it was from 24/7. We were just admonished to be more circumspect about our comments because of that.

That's a shame, but you know there's a lot of stupid trolls wandering around on the internet -- should be strung up by their heels until they get better sense. Anonymity is the worse thing that has happened in all this wonderful technology-- it "saps"or "zaps" civilization. Most people behaved a lot better when everyone knew who they were! I could cry somtimes to see the vile comments on youtube that Adam is sometimes subjected to.

I'm sure someone here will know where that actually happened.

glitzylady said...

@Allysa Mentor & Nanbert
I was the one who mentioned on a previous thread that Adam deleted the entire list of comments on ALL of his Jerusalem Instagram photos...sadly. The negative comments that I briefly saw before he deleted had to do more with Queen going to Israel and not so much about Adam personally in that particular case, but it's probable that some were directed at Adam as well.. Not everyone was supportive of the band going to Israel in light of the Israeli/Palestinian clashes... It was so unfortunate that those wonderful, beautiful, meaningful to Adam photos attracted political infighting and controversy and nastiness. I saw similar comments on Dr. Brian May's photos as well.

That negativity had nothing to do with this blog thankfully. No one here made those kinds of remarks.

Anne Marie said...

All the nasty comments were on Adam's Instagram. He deleted them. People who had read them said that some were political and or about Palestine or Jerusalem, which there has been a controversy for a long time as to where the waling wall is. Some were directed at him, questioning him about whether he is actually a Jew, or not, just because his mother is part Jew. But all these comments were not nice ones, they were more of an attack on him personally. So he deleted them.

Anne Marie said...

I would be surprised if the chalice was anything more than Adam thinking it was another change from the bottle of champagne. I think it is filled with water, and at that point he can also get a drink, before spitting it out to the audience. Nothing more than a part of costume change.

Allysa Mentor said...

Probably remarks about Queen casting aside the BDS boycott, which a lot of other musicians have ignored as well. As for Adam being Jewish, he is because his mother is a Jew. According to Jewish law, if your mother is Jewish, you are, as well. It doesn't matter who the father is. I'm pro Israel, so happy that Queen+ Adam performed there.

Anonymous said...

Adam's mother isn't part Jew. It's not possible to be part Jew. A person is either Jewish or they're not. Adam's mother is Jewish and therefore her children, Adam and Neil are Jewish.

Anonymous said...

@Allysa Mentor .... our posts crossed. :-)

CT said...

Being Jewish myself, and having visited Jeruselem and the Western Wall several times, IMO, it's a very special and spiritual feeling. I was very touched to see the photos of Adam there, wearing the meaningful, religious Tefilin and prayer shawl (Tallis). The Rabbi with him was guiding him in how to read Hebrew prayers from the Torah. To me, a very beautiful moment and I thank Adam for sharing such a private moment.

Anne Marie said...

I am glad Adam kept the pictures on his IG, so we can still see them, and also glad he deleted any negative comments. Hope he had a special time there. I read he went a day earlier than the rest of the band, so that he could have time for this part, that was of course a personal interest for him.