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Top Mega News: RANK Adam Lambert’s Best Magazine Covers!

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Thursday, September 8, 2016

Posted at : Thursday, September 08, 2016

Score Adam Lambert’s best mag fronts through the years!

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Lam-My said...

I wrote a poem encompassing the various magazines Adam was depicted in. Now, I see some new ones and some old ones still hanging in there. lwl!

Referencing 11 Magazine Covers of Adam...2015

All shades and colours of Covers
Out magazine photo reminds me of Ben-Hur
Fault…makes me recall The Godfather
On Billboard…he looks younger and sexier
Attitude slams home the Queen killer
Frontiers strikes up an effervescent overture
Notion is poetry in motion
Diversity without fragmentation
M titillates with a sexy invitation
Next...conjures a daredevil
With the voice of an angel
The HungerTv vagabond picture
Inspired a Ghost Town story of disaster
These diverse Adam personas
Are wonderful brain triggers
For me to write poetry and stories
On all sorts of characters and enigmas
Latest addition...Glamoholic
Invigorates...You Only Live Twice double 08
Finally, 8 Days...typical Sing academic lwl!

Lam-My ~ October 14, 2015 at 7:32 PM

Lam-My said...

I also wrote a sweet quirky story based on his magazine cover portrayals.

Adam Fiero was drinking at a smoky bar, glancing in all directions; a rather flamboyant-looking bloke. He had just knocked off work, a stint as a model for a magazine. You see, he looked really handsome, tall and sleek with an Elvis swagger; though quite insignificant in the eyes of the townsfolk of the small remote town he worked in. They thought of him as one, scrounging a living in an insipid magazine company, nonetheless his glossy magazine covers raked in the sales.

Soon, a guy came and sat next to him; ordered a drink and smiled...Adam Fiero beamed back a winsome smile.
Suddenly, a commotion broke out in the bar. A hefty guy was beating up another bloke. Fiero looked on and thought, just let them settle their argument. Lo and behold, the hefty guy whipped out a knife and started attacking the smaller guy. Now, Fiero could not hold back any longer...he leapt into the air towards the direction of the gleaming knife which was about to plunge into the other man...and with a high-flying praying-mantis hook and kick...deflected it! sending it swirling across the dimly-lit bar...wheeeeee plonk!
Wah.... everyone stared in awe and the man who was saved, thanked Adam Fiero profusely. To settle everyone back at their seats, Fiero grabbed the mic on the small stage and sang, befittingly Ghost Town and Mad World. Some appreciative folks who loved his singing brought their shoes on stage and laid them neatly in a row in front of him. His powerful, distinctive tenor got everyone up on their feet dancing, and soon everything was back to normal. The knife-wielding assailant was sent out looking downcast but unapologetic, swearing foul words: you son of a .....! as he was led away.

Indeed, Adam Fiero acted like a crouching tiger and his hidden dragon rose to the occasion instinctively!
Soon the townsfolk heard about the incident and wanted to find out who this fine young hero was. Well, he left his job at the model agency as his stint was up. Later, his photos adorned several magazine covers like those shown above. turned out he ain't no scrounging magazine model; he was in fact a billionaire living on his secluded private island...Moral of the story, never judge a magazine by its cover. lwl!

Lam-My ~ August 14, 2015 at 10:26 PM

Lucy said...


Anonymous said...

All of his magazine covers are gorgeous! But I'll always have a special place in my heart for the first one from Rolling Stone. I have the magazine and always smile when I happen to look at it. :-)

Lam-My said...

My favourite of the lot is the Billboard cover; artistic display, like 'Billboard' is written vertically and the soft lighting. Adam looked most natural, young, questioning.

As for his first one, Rolling Stone cover, the little green snake and Adam's expression kind of corroborate; Adam looking a bit scared and the green snake aiming at a particular angle. lwl!