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VIDEOS! Queen + Adam Lambert Bangkok 9-30-16 Part 4

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Friday, September 30, 2016

Posted at : Friday, September 30, 2016

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Anonymous8 said...

This Asian Tour was highlighted by brilliant and ingenious performances on such a consistent level, hope it does not diminish them into just "standard" Adam performances. For all intensive purposes, Adam has entered into the realm of vocalist and frontman extraordinaire, and the HNF (he's not Freddie)requisite no longer has any relevance or meaning to those in the know. We are very close to the day when reviews and critiques should begin with "Adam Lambert's performance........" and writers will shift their focus from the Queen past to the Queen present. It is time.

Also happy that the Asian fans were the recipient of such largesse, they have been steadfast and gracious Adam fans from the very beginning and it is no mystery that Adam had all the right elements to pour his heart out there.

Nanbert said...

Well said, Anonymous8!

Nanbert said...

The Queen and Adam Lambert concerts have brought Queen into a NEW era.. with NEW fans. The QAL tour was the FIRST time those people had EVER seen Queen LIVE.

But there were many "dyed in the wool" Adam Lambert fans ready to receive QAL with open arms.... Adam had already stolen their hearts from his earlier visits.

Now these countries have been initiated by Queen with Adam Lambert...NOT Queen with Freddie Mercury.

I suspect that "he's NOT Freddie" was rarely, of ever, heard during this Asia tour. And, during all QAL's tours together, there are legions of first-time fans who think of "Adam Lambert" when they hear "Queen"... not Freddie.

IF Queen won't record (as Queen) with Adam, then they certainly owe DVD's of QAL concerts to all their fans all over the world. It would memorialize QAL's legacy!....and Adam's!!